We"ve all been told and also then retold the joke in ours youth, and also if we"re honest, most of us have simply shrugged and accepted the for part reason. However let"s have actually it right, it"s not even funny in the slightest.

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There"s no actual hoax there - it"s a non-punchline. And also yet, for whatever reason, we all invernessgangshow.netntinue passing it on to future generations, that are similarly non-plussed and also unquestioning around it.

But what the fuck walk it actually mean?

The gag first showed up in an 1847 version of The Knickerbocker, a new York City monthly magazine, and also has to be going strong for 170 year now, regardless of the fact that most of us find it mostly meaningless.


Some have argued that that is a perfect instance of "anti-humour", in the the punchline is purposely unfunny by method of one ironic hoax. That is basically a way of stroked nerves someone.


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But the greatly held fact is rather more sinister.

It is believed the true (dark) humour is in the double-meaning that "other side". The factor why the chicken crossed the roadway is since it knew it would die in the midst of traffic, and therefore cross the roadway is an plot of suicide.

So "to gain to the various other side" doesn"t average the other side that the road; it describes the life after ~ death, and sweet release from this mortal invernessgangshow.netil. The chicken is a nihilistic and tragic figure who is prepared to happen over to the deathly realm.

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Explain that to your 4-year-old, the following time girlfriend share the gag.

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