I think it was a woman singer yet I"m no sure. Yes, I recognize Mariah Carey sings it too, that is not the variation I am looking for.

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Harry Nilsson, who likewise did "Put de Lime in de Coconut" and also "Spaceman"--enormous cable of hits for a man who toured little. And yes, Harry could sing genuine high favor a girl LOL

Without You" is a song originally recorded through Badfinger for your album No Dice (1970), and written through Pete Ham and also Tom Evans and produced by Geoff Emerick.

Its city was created by Ham, originally titled "If It"s Love", yet had short a solid chorus. Evans had actually written a chorus there is no a solid verse, for this reason the duo unify the two sections together.

The protagonist of this ballad allows a lover understand that lock "can"t live if life is there is no you". Badfinger"s record of the song, i m sorry is more brusque than its successors" versions, languished as an obscure album track until it to be noticed a year later on by bother Nilsson.

Harry Nilson exit his version in 1972.

It has been extended by many artists

Shirley Bassey,

Cilla black color

Air Supply,

Mariah Carey,

Jade Kwan,

Clay Aiken,

Il Divo, Tito Nieves :


"Without You" was originally written and also sung by Badfinger on your "No Dice" album indigenous 1970.

However, the most renowned cover that this song, the one the most civilization remember, is the one sung by harry Nilsson ~ above his 1971 album "Nilsson Schmilsson", and which ended up being a smash hit single in 1972. Whitney Houston likewise sang this song in the 80"s.

I hope this helps.

Badfinger did the original. Pete Ham & Tom Evans created it.

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They are both dead. Bother Nilsson had actually a #1 hit through it.

Badfinger is the correct very first singer, together several have menttioned...however ns didnt watch anyone point out that TG Sheppard likewise did a covering of this song, so i believed that ns would add it