All of us have had actually the suffer of various other (bastards!) trying come wear united state down. And also every standards fan needs a Latin motto…or at least a Latin email signature! many readers make great use that Wikipedia but we just came across this page and found the fun and also interesting. Id share circumiret, circumveniat.

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Illegitimi no carborundum is a mock-Latin aphorism jokingly taken to median “don’t permit the bastards grind girlfriend down”.


Variants and also etymology

There are plenty of variants the the phrase, such as

Nil illegitimi carborundum.Non illegitimis carborundum.Illegitimi nil carborundum.Non illegitimi carborundum.Nil bastardo carborundum.Nolite car bastardes carborundorum.Illegitimis non carborundum.Illegitimus no carborundum est.Nil illegitimo in desperandum carborundumNil carborundum illegitamaeNoli ilegitimus carborundum

None of the over is exactly Latin. Carborundum is no a Latin word however the surname of a mineral i m sorry is extremely hard and also used for grinding. (See Silicon carbide.) The ending -undum argues either a Latin gerund or gerundive form—and the idea of responsibility (“Don’t allow …”) is much more suggestive that the gerundive—but the word is in reality a portmanteau of “carbon” (from Latin), and also “corundum” (from Tamil kurundam).

Alternatively, the ending “undum” suggests a verb in the second periphrastic tense, through the meaning of “must be” or (in this case) “must no be”, together in Cato’s the Elder’s famed speech-ender, “Carthago delenda est” (Carthage must be destroyed). But this phrase has actually a nonsensical framework — the topic (which is “you”) does not appear (“illegitimi” is no the subject – the definition of the phrase is “YOU need to not be ground under by the illegitimate ones”) — and the verb ending has to agree in gender and number with the subject (“um” is the neuter sex singular ending) — every this is in maintaining with the nature of the expression as a spoof on old Latin.

Illegitimi suggests illegitimate come the English speaker, or bastardo likewise, yet the Latin for bastard is actually nothus (from the Greek word notho (νόθο) meaning not-pure (used when referring come a bastard who father is known) or spurius (for a bastard whose father is unknown). In addition, the gerund/gerundive (“carborundum (est)”) would most likely require a dative (“illegitimis,” “to the bastards”), or even a double dative (“illegitimis tibi,” “to the bastards, by you”), to be there such words to start with. “Nil” or “nihil” is regular Latin for “not at all” or “nothing.” The forms with nil might be formed partly top top the sample of the genuine Latin phrase Nil desperandum.

The phrase originated during World battle II. Lexicographer Eric Partridge attributes it come British military intelligence really early in the war (using the plural dative, or maybe they expected ablative – it’s the exact same form: illegitimis). The expression was embraced by US army general “Vinegar” Joe Stillwell together his motto during the war.<1> It was later further popularized in the united state by 1964 presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.<2>

Use as a motto

The adhering to entities use the phrase as their motto:

The weekly Alaskan newspaper The Nome NuggetThe Frazier Heli-rappelers in North east OregonUniversity of Idaho marine ROTC Drill TeamPortola High School’s course of 1962.

Henry beard in his 1991 book Latin because that Even more Occasions (chapter I) offered some correct Latin for the sentiment, yet did so in a ar “Dopey Exhortations Are an ext Forceful in Latin”, which could be his discuss the merit of the expression.

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Other uses

“No Lite car Bastardes Carborundum – sign over the leave door of ireland pub Kieran’s in Minneapolis, MN.