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Each that the following are part I offenses, other than ________.

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a. Robbery

b. Murder

c. Rape

d. Fraud

Term embarrassment around the crime itself
Definition The most cited factor why rape victims perform NOT report crime is ________.
Term robbery
Definition The unlawful taking or attempted taking of building that is in the instant possession that another, by force or the risk of force, is known as ________.
Term dislike crime
Definition A criminal offense committed against a person, property, or culture that is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender’s bias versus a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin is referred to as ________.
Term b. Bureau of justice Statistics (BJS)

Which of the complying with agencies is responsible for compiling the NCVS?

a. Office of juvenile Justice and also Delinquency avoidance (OJJDP)

b. Office of justice Statistics (BJS)

c. Commonwealth Bureau of examination (FBI)

d. Global Association of Chiefs that Police (IACP)

Term nationwide Crime Victimization Survey

The ________ is based upon victims’ reports fairly than top top police reports.


Term c. Ladies are much more likely to be victimized by crime than men.

Which that the adhering to is no a fact revealed by the NCVS statistics in the current years?

a. Younger world are more likely 보다 the elderly to be victims of crime.

b. City occupants are around twice as likely as rural occupants to be victim of crime.

c. Females are more likely to be victimized by crime 보다 men.

d. About fifty percent of every violent crimes room reported come the police.

Term have the lowest rate of crime victimization of any type of age group
Definition According come the national Crime Victimization Survey, the yonsi ________.
Term forcible rape
Definition One instance of violent crime is ________.
Term c. Robbery

Each that the complying with offenses falls under the group of larceny, other than ________.

a. Purse snatching

b. Bike theft

c. Robbery

d. Shoplifting

Term detailed for a five-day waiting period before the purchase of a handgun
Definition The Brady Handgun Violence avoidance Act ________.
Term computer crime
Definition Phishing is a form of ________.
Term mass murder
Definition The killing of 4 or an ext victims at one location within one event is termed together ________.
Term statutory rape
Definition Nonforcible rape v a victim younger than the age of consent is generally defined as ________.
Term Individuals
Definition ________ to be the most usual target the robbers in 2010.
Term racial hatred
Definition Most hate crimes are motivated by ________.
Term international
Definition What kind of terrorism describes the unlawful usage of pressure or violence through a group whose activities transcend nationwide boundaries?
Term arson
Definition Any willful or malicious burn or attempt to burn, v or without intent to defraud, a apartment house, public building, motor vehicle or aircraft, an individual property the another, and also so ~ above is termed as ________.
Term rape
Definition Men are much more likely than ladies to be victimized for every one of the following offenses, except ________.
Term Crime Index
Definition What to be the title provided for the an easy aggregation the the component I offenses?
Term dull objects
Definition Most aggravated attacks are committed with ________.
Term crime typology
Definition What term describes a category of crimes along a particular dimension, such as legal categories, offender motivation, victim behavior, or the qualities of individual offenders?
Term c. Self-report data

Which the the adhering to data resources asks respondents to disclose an illegal task in i beg your pardon they have actually been involved?

a. Victimization data

b. Criminal righteousness data

c. Self-report data

d. Crime violation data

Term murder
Definition The national Crime Victimization survey does NOT encompass information about which crime?
Term violent
Definition Murder is thought about as a ________ crime.
Term murder
Definition Among major crimes known to police in 2010, which component I offense had the lowest variety of occurrences?
Term b. Lawful entry where force is used

Which that the following is not a classification of burglary follow to the UCR/NIBRS Program?

a. Forcible entry

b. Lawful entry where force is used

c. Unlawful entry where no force is used

d. Test forcible entry

Term c. Drug use

All of the following crimes room UCR/NIBRS component I offenses, except ________.

a. Murder

b. Robbery

c. Medicine use


d. Forcible rape

Term 1930
Definition The U.S. Conference authorized the attorney general to gather and also publish the Uniform Crime Reports in ________.
Term arson

Law enforcement agencies perform NOT submit consistent reports come the FBI on which crime?


Term d. Robbery

For i beg your pardon of the complying with crimes would certainly you uncover information in the nationwide Crime Victimization Survey?

a. Kidnapping

b. Murder

c. Victimless

d. Robbery

Term b. Burglary

The complying with are UCR/NIBRS violent crime offenses, except ________.

a. Aggravated assault

b. Burglary

c. Forcible rape

d. Murder

Term d. Robbery

Each the the adhering to are UCR/NIBRS home crime offenses, other than ________.

a. Motor car theft

b. Larceny-theft

c. Burglary

d. Robbery

Term 16
Definition According come a 1992 government-sponsored study, only ________ percent of forcible rapes were reported to the police.
Term arson
Definition In 1979, ________ to be the eighth index crime come be added to the UCR’s Crime Index.
Term white-collar crime
Definition What term explains a nonviolent crime for financial gain, making use of deception and committed by anyone having special technical and also professional understanding of business and also government, regardless of whether of the person’s occupation?
Term Brady Handgun Violence avoidance Act
Definition What item of commonwealth gun-control legislation developed a national instant criminal background examine system?
Term main actor killer
Definition A murderer who kills at two or an ext locations with nearly no time break in between murders is a ________.
Term a. Steal a car

Which that the complying with is NOT thought about larceny?

a. Thefts a car

b. Stealing a bicycle

c. Stealing from stores

d. Stealing farm animals

Term stealing motor automobile parts
Definition What is the most common type of larceny?
Term arson of personal items
Definition What was the many common kind of arson report in 2010?
Term racial hatred
Definition Approximately 50% of hate crimes are urged by ________.
Term Office because that Crime Data
Definition The Sourcebook that Criminal righteousness Statistics is published by the ________.
Term 18,000
Definition Approximately how numerous law enforcement agencies carry out crime data come the FBI for the UCR?
Term arrests
Definition Clearances are based mostly on ________.
Term larceny-theft
Definition The theft that farm pets would it is in classified together ________.
Term statutory
Definition UCR/NIBRS terminology may differ indigenous ________ interpretations of crime.

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Definition An incident-based reporting mechanism that collects thorough data ~ above every solitary crime incident is referred to as a ________.
Term cyber terrorism
Definition What form of terrorism, according to the 1996 edge report, is differentiated by just how terrorist groups organize and also by exactly how they usage high technology?
Term information technology crime
Definition What is an additional name for cybercrime?