Asked by sharon1966 Jul 31, 2022 in ~ 10:58 AM around the 1987 Buick Century tradition Wagon FWD

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Well, the course, you can get a replacement gauge, there"s areas online that specialize in old automobile parts, perform a Google search. Or, just calculate her fuel intake by the variety of miles driven. Ns imagine her odometer still works fine. So, if you gain 15 miles per gallon and also drive 150 miles you"ve provided 10 gallons. See, girlfriend don"t need to run out of gas, wasn"t that easy! On together an old vehicle as this, I could just skip fixing it and save the money towards a new vehicle.

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If the gauge swings previous the fuel mark it is informing you over there is a open circuit in the fuel gauge circuit, it could be a broken wire yet usually the sender is the problem, check aftermarket, they might make a instead of by now, or have a global that can be do to work using different resisters in the wiring to exactly the ohms to your gauge. Friend could try a dealer, but that old that is unconvinced that lock can get it. You might take a chance on a provided sender native a wrecking yard if every else fails.

My fuel gauge to my 2002 buick century keeps going up in down favor I will fill up and also then the goes down to E and also goes back up come fuel what"s bring about it and also how lot will it it is in to solve it

Jtbird, you need a fuel gauge sender, it maybe avaliable aftermarket together a finish fuel pump assembly for about 200 bucks however if your stuck with a dealer component it will certainly be in ~ least twin that.

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I have actually a 2002 Buick Century with the very same issue. I am not going to salary to get it fixed since I will be gaining a different automobile soon. It"s no worth it. What I carry out is usage my credit/debit card and also fill my tank completely. That way, I know it is full and also I am not running the end of gas. I likewise calculate mine trips with the odometer. It was a hassle at first, but I got used come it. Friend will also start becoming much more aware that your usage anyway, therefore it can be a money saver lol. I never ever let the gas get low. These 2 things allows me understand I"m no running out of gas and I have the right to drive with confidence. Well, i hope this helps.

Oh gosh..listening come ya"ll simply answers all my questions...I am making use of my expedition odometer come calculate as soon as it"s time to to fill up. Once I park mine car, ns make sure I"m no on an incline due to the fact that it sends my fuel gauge right into "you"re empty." Are any type of of united state eligible for a recall event?

I just put in a "new" sending unit w/ fuel pump and also it tho does the exact same thing, fuel to empty fluctuations, I"m starting to think it"s the gauge itself, might shot to solder in a new diode and also see if that fixes the issue

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