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i have a 2001 ram 1500 5.9l i have vacuum currently that are broken and also have no idea wherein they go. Over there is a white and also green lines the come native the optimal of the TC come the engine. Mine headers broke and also melted the lines and also i have no idea whereby they walk to obtain them resolved up. This is resulting in my 4X4 no to work. Any kind of diagrams or details would aid a lot.
that is a great diagram yet that dose not tell me wherein on the engine castle go. I found where the white one walk i was able to find and also trace the back, yet i have actually nothing left that the green one to map back.

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ive acquired it all functioning now, that was a an excellent diagram ns was just thinking come hard around it and also just put a vent in ~ the green tube and it all works great now thanks for the help
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