Test CodeQSTA Alias/See AlsoQuick Strep, Streptococcus A, team A, rapid Strep, Strep screen CPT Codes 87430 IncludesRapid fast Strep A test with an unfavorable and inconclusive outcomes reflexing to society (CXGRA). Extr charges apply. Preferred SpecimenCulturette (X/M) 2 Swabs from neck or nasopharynxDo not use swabs v wooden shafts, calcium alginate, or noodle tips. InstructionsThroat Swab Collection:Materials needed:Swabs: choose Aerobic swabs (red capped twin swab) or may use 2 white swabs.Tongue depressorProcedure:Have the patient open up his or she mouth widely.Depress the tongue v the tongue depressorFirmly and quickly rub the swab end the earlier of the throat and the tonsil area. Specifically rub on any red, inflammed area or area v white blotches or bands. Perform not touch the swabs to the within of the cheeks or other locations of the mouth ifPlace swabs into the swab carry tube.Label and send to the laboratory.

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