Near the end of Constantine, before John is interrupted by Gabriel, that is hold his forearms with each other chanting "Into the light ns command thee!". Why; what to be he trying to do? it seems favor Mammon was pushed earlier (for the moment?), therefore the instant danger was resolved.

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Mammon wasn"t gone, and also John knew that. Mammon to be not proactively trying to claw his means out, at this point, yet the danger was still there, together we saw as soon as Chaz, flush with pride after ~ the evident victory, took pride in their accomplishment and was eliminated for his troubles.* however despite the fight, Mammon couldn"t come the end on his own, he had actually to have help.

But man wasn"t functioning on Mammon at the moment; john was do the efforts to lug forth everything that "Help" was.

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We know from the prophecy in the Hellish holy bible that Mammon would need help; the heroes assume the the Blood top top the Spear will execute the task. What lock don"t know is the it requirements a heavenly agency to actually perform the freeing. The photo that goes with the prophecy mirrors the Spear, however if girlfriend look, it"s being used by one Angel. (The audience watch this, but because John and Angela space driving and having info relayed come them by Beeman, this necessary bit of details is missed by our Heroes. Beeman observed it, but never had actually a chance to phone call them.)


Whatever being (Gabriel) to be helping to be doing so from the shadows, remaining unseen. John ultimately realized the there to be someone else helping Mammon and also was attempting to force the "helper" into the light. Gabriel didn"t intervene, as it would show up at very first look, so much as John forced him to show himself. Note John"s first comment as soon as Gabriel appears: "Gabriel... It figures."

Also, if girlfriend notice, while man was giving his "command", you check out a shadowy pair of wing appear and eventually coalesce into the kind of Gabriel. Gabriel comments that "Your ego is astounding" when he appears; the idea that John can in any method "command" him to appear seeming come amuse him. (More foreshadowing; per tradition no one conserve God might command an angel (unlike demons; they might be commanded by invoking God"s power), however shortly afterwards, Lucifer comments the "Looks like somebody doesn"t have your back anymore...", when Gabriel tries to smite him through God"s power/support. John may well have required Gabriel to display himself, and Gabriel just thought that he had actually chosen to execute so top top his own.)

Gabriel"s fate is foreshadowed, as well -- the first picture we check out of Mammon in the Hellish scriptures shows the same numbers as the 2nd (above; poised with the Spear that Destiny),.. Other than the Angel displayed once Mammon is complimentary no longer has wings.