To maintain brand standards, this product is only accessible for purchase in-store. together dealers, us are required by our manufacture come unpack, prep, and test every unit we sell, and also then take it our customers through a brief training conference on the parts and also controls of the unit both for their safety and also protection and familiarity of the strength tool. This hand on approach has ongoing to serve our company efficiently and also well end 50 years. So we appreciate your understanding when we space unable to ship specific products from our website.

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FS 90 R – Stihl experienced Trimmer

The most popular selling expert line trimmer.

For skilled jobs, landscapers select the Stihl FS 90 R trimmer. The reasons are simple.

Maneuverability – Its short emission engine coupled through a loop handle allows this straight shaft trimmer to deliver the maneuverability important to navigate obstacles and also cut castle down.

Power – The Stihl FS 90 R trimmer has an ext power than the FS 70 trimmer.

Flexibility – A selection of cutting attachments such together steel grass and brush blades carry out greater adaptability for the FS 90 R professional trimmer.

Additional features that make the FS 90 R a an effective trimming tool include:

Electronic Ignition Module – The fully-enclosed electronic ignition provides dependable beginning and is defended from moisture and also debris.

Purge Pump primer – By pushing the bulb, the small fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburetor and also reduces the number of starting pulls needed after prolonged break between uses.

Multi-function take care of - Easy accessibility to all of the controls ~ above one convenient and comfortable handle enables you to finish tasks without ever before taking your hand indigenous the handle.

Reduced emission Engine technology – Caring for Nature Seal – This seal identify its powered commodities that are environmentally conscious, creating zero or short exhaust emissions.

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When it come to picking the right equipment for a job, landscaping professionals choose Stihl experienced trimmers to get the project done quickly and also efficiently and also without hassle. Like experienced landscapers, once your landscaping demands require a powerful, versatile, low exhaust emission, and also efficient skilled trimmer, the FS 90 R is the clever choice. Inspect it out today at Richardson Saw and Lawnmower.