If a cradle-snatcher is someone middle-aged or enlarge who has a romantic or sexual partnership with a much younger partner. What carry out we call the much younger human being in that relationship?

What do we call a human who is physically and romantically attractive to much older people?



I think you must rephrase her question. Otherwise, mine answer would certainly be gerontophilia i beg your pardon is probably not what you were looking for.

sex attraction towards old persons. (M-W)


someone that is sexually attracted to old people. (Collins)

I"ve heard the ax "grave robber" being provided that way, back I constantly found the distasteful.

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Urban Dictionary:

The the opposite of a cougar, a woman over the period of 18 who dates older men. Distinguished from a yellow digger since the men the tomb Robber dates are no necessarily rich. Also not taken into consideration jail bait, as said woman is over age, yet if she to be under period she would be thought about jail bait.

"Ick is totally hitting ~ above Jason ideal now..." "I recognize she"s such a grave robber"



A toy boy:

A male lover that is lot younger than his partner. (ODO)

UD defines also toy girl, however it it seems to be ~ to be a less typical expression:

prefer A boy Toy except A Girl Instead. Will execute anything because that the male even though she to know she is just being offered for his pleasure. No intimate connection.
A yellow digger is "a woman who looks for gifts and also expensive pleasures indigenous men" (The American heritage Dictionary, 1973).

The (gender specific) hatchet I"ve heard provided is cub:

A cougar"s lot younger lover. The boy is often referred to as her cub. Cubs room usually sexy young men that cougars keep roughly for company whether it it is in sex or to make her feel young again...cubs are regularly in relationships v their cougars. Always together. He"s more than a young toy come his cougar he"s she cub.

Check the end that good cougar through her cub! RawrUrban Dictionary

Apparently the terminology likewise extends to lesbians with lesbian cub:

For those the you no up ~ above the dating lingo, lesbian cougars and cubs space the exact same as their right counter-parts. Cougars are typically 10 or much more years older than their partner. Cubs space the younger partner, and also prefer a more mature mate. Follow to , “Lesbian cubs are likewise attracted to lesbian cougar females who space poised, experienced, independent and also assertive.”Pride

And additionally reverse cougar is the straight female identical of "cub":

A young woman (aged indigenous 18-22) who is genuinely/solely right into older males (30 and also on).

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Guy 1: Why don"t you try your luck with her?Guy 2: i hear she"s a turning back cougar and I"m in her age group.Urban Dictionary

However, this terminology walk not expand to gay males ("cub" means something else when referring to gay men; watch again UD). Shot chicken instead for that:

a young homosexual masculine seeking older men; see also: Chicken hawk, introduce to one older happy male in search of younger partners.Thought Catalog