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follow to Gatsby, Ewing Klipspringer is a distant relative that a well known composer, return Nick is dubious around the authenticity that this claim. Klipspringer basically shacks increase in Gatsby’s mansion ~ above a quasi-permanent basis, moving into a guest room and also serving as Gatsby’s personal pianist top top occasion, such as...

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According come Gatsby, Ewing Klipspringer is a far-off relative the a renowned composer, back Nick is dubious about the authenticity of this claim. Klipspringer essentially shacks up in Gatsby’s mansion on a quasi-permanent basis, moving into a guest room and also serving as Gatsby’s an individual pianist on occasion, such together Gatsby’s reunion through Daisy in chapter Five.

However, ns think the most important detail about Klipspringer comes near the finish of the novel, together Nick attempts to notify civilization of Gatsby’s funeral arrangements. Nick unexpectedly receives a phone speak to from Klipspringer to Gatsby’s home throughout this time; in ~ first, Nick is delighted the someone has actually reached out to ask about the funeral. However, it becomes clear to Nick end the course of their short conversation the Klipspringer does no care around Gatsby no one plans to to visit the man’s funeral.

When Nick presses Klipspringer to say hell be there, the pianist remarks that he is mandatory to to visit a picnic of sorts v the human being with who he currently resides and also that the just reason he called was to see if someone can send end his tennis shoes.

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Hanging up prior to Klipspringer has the possibility to end up saying the address, Nick realizes the Klipspringer and others prefer him only took benefit of Gatsby’s kindness and hospitality. People who attend his parties, and also even one for whom Gatsby had listed lodging, to be nothing yet leeches enjoying the free booze and also fun. This realization sparks Nick’s epiphany about the soulless character of the East, as it quickly becomes “haunted” for him.