Louis Hynes (L) as Klaus Baudelaire, Malina Weissman together Violet Baudelaire, and also Allison Williams together Kit Snicket are pictured in a quiet from "A collection of unfortunately Events" Season 3. The show"s 3rd and last season debuted on Netflix ~ above January 1, 2019.Netflix/Eike Schroter
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A collection of regrettably Events"s took its final bow on new Year"s Day as soon as the beloved series debuted its third and final season ~ above Netflix. Season 3 invited the addition of new characters like Kit Snicket, who is played by the talented Allison Williams.

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Williams, 30, is finest known because that her functions as Marnie in HBO"s Girls and also Rose in the Oscar-winning attribute Get Out. It was announced in march 2018 that the Yale graduate would certainly tackle a mysterious role in Unfortunate events that was later revealed to be Kit, who is the sister the Lemony and Jacques Snicket.

Unfortunate Events centers around the Baudelaire orphans—Violet (Malina Weissman), Klaus (Louis Hynes) and also Sunny (Presley Smith)—as they collection out to resolve the mysteries neighboring their parent"s untimely death. However, castle run right into obstacles follow me the way by way of former guardian—and supposed distant relative—Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris). In writer Daniel Handler"s publication series, Kit theatre an integral part in help the Baudelaire children. With this in mind, Williams aimed to put in the work-related to make sure she did the part justice.

"It was intimidating, I"m not gonna lie," Williams called invernessgangshow.net. "Kit, herself, is a formidable, awesome, badass woman. For this reason there"s just the an obstacle of playing that character, but likewise it"s a character fans know and love. Ns really want to make sure I obtained it right because they will tell you if you miss the mark."

Williams continued, "I simply wanted world to feel favor she was Kit, prefer she"s the sister of Jacque and also Lemony, and that she"s someone the Baudelaires have the right to trust. She"s among the an initial people to ever listen to and take castle seriously. You want to make sure you acquire that personality right, to start with."

In play Kit, Williams said it "took a most practice" for her to discover to it is adapted to the tone spoken by number of of the show"s characters. She had to learn exactly how to journey a stick change for scene that forced Kit to usage a taxi; a ability she was forced perfect through lessons prior to each shoot. If she had actually no problems flying as result of her component in Peter Pan Live!, she discovered it challenging to undertake a prosthetic belly because of Kit"s pregnancy. However, among the hardest obstacles she faced along the way was concealing that she landing the part.

Williams couldn"t disclose she"d be play Kit, a component she got months after a run-in through creator Barry Sonnenfeld in ~ an plane lounge, for about a year"s time. Williams spilled the news to she parents Brian Williams and Jane Stoddard Williams during that period, but she asserted that "that didn"t typical anything come them." She was, however, "relieved" as soon as her large secret was lastly announced.

"I had actually to be yes, really under wraps to the degree that i still don"t know how much I deserve to say about anything. I"m constantly scared I"m walk to acquire in trouble v Barry Sonnenfeld around it," she said. "I think now that it"s out, it"s OK. But, yes, ns was for this reason secretive for so long. I have actually a lot of friends that watch the show and also a many friend"s kids who watch. Ns couldn"t tell any of them i was playing Kit. They kept guessing in between Beatrice and also Kit, and I just had actually to store a straight face the totality time."

"I think it"s much better to store the secret because you"re not claimed to understand who she is, if you can trust her, what she"s up to when you very first see her," she added.

Critics and also viewers alike have dissected the Season 3 final episode together the display hit the streaming gigantic on January 1. Pan of the book, however, likely noticed just how the collection expanded upon the ending featured in A collection of unfortunate Events: The finish by combining storylines from The Beatrice Letters, which to be an accompaniment novel the debuted ~ Handler"s thirteenth book. The Beatrice Letter"s cover, in fact, attributes the tagline: "suspiciously connected to publication the Thirteenth."

Williams, who is also collection to star in Netflix"s upcoming movie The Perfection, said the series "did a really an excellent job" in pull close its conclusion.

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"You don"t desire to finish on a question note in every way," she began, "There have the right to be some an enig remaining, but because so much has been unsure the whole time the the present I think answering a bunch of castle is really satisfying because that the viewers who have waited very, very patiently for their inquiries to be answered."

A collection of unfortunately Events periods 1 to 3 are now streaming ~ above Netflix.


Allison Williams as Kit Snicket in a quiet from Season 3 illustration 3 that "A series of unfortunate Events." The Netflix show"s third and last season debuted on January 1, 2019.Eike Schroter/Netflix