Target selling a variety of toys and products for family members to enjoy, however if you desire something spookier for a sleepover or Halloween party, you may be looking come enact the old heritage of utilizing an ouija board to speak to spirits.

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So does Target market Ouija Boards? I’ve excellent my research, here’s what I found out!

Does Target sell Ouija boards In 2021?

Target walk not currently sell Ouija Boards either in-store or virtual as of 2021. Target did previously stock Ouija Boards, however they no longer sell them. Instead, customers can buy Ouija Boards at Walmart, Amazon, Hasbro, Barnes & Noble, and Toys’R’Us.

To learn more about why Target doesn’t offer these mystical board games and alternative places come buy them, save on reading!

Why no Target sell Ouija Boards?

Target has not stated a details reason as to why your stores perform not sell Ouija Boards, but as they have previously sold various brands and themed Ouija boards this may not be down to mythological beliefs.

Local shop may pick to not sell Ouija Boards to respect the religious community roughly the keep as it is well known that plenty of Christian Americans perform not grant of Ouija Boards.

Local Walmart stores have actually been known to do this to avoid problem with the community, therefore Target may have additionally taken this approach.

Alternatively, Target might avoid selling Ouija board simply due to the fact that there isn’t much demand for them exterior of the Halloween season.

While part stores might stock lock online like Walmart, demand may not be enough for Target to keep them obtainable all year round.

Why space Ouija Boards so Controversial?

Ouija plank were very first created in the 1890s, together a toy for kids produced and later mass-produced through Hasbro.

Hasbro right now owns the patent because that the surname ‘Ouija’, though this have also been recognized as heart Board or talk Board.

Mysticism has long adhered to the Ouija Board; however, this mysticism has actually led to multiple objections from Christian and also Catholic communities, top them to either advise against people making use of them or merely forbid the usage of Ouija boards altogether.

Though science has shown that Ouija Boards work-related from an ideomotor response, some believe using one Ouija Board would certainly invite demons and spirits to own them or reason havoc top top people’s everyday lives.

Target options To Ouija Boards


Target does not currently sell an alternative to Ouija Boards, however they carry out stock a number of different Hasbro commodities both in store and also on

They may likewise reintroduce Ouija Boards at a later date, depending upon the season and demand because that the product.

What Stores market Ouija Boards?

Multiple shop will market Ouija plank online, yet may not stock lock in regional stores early out to neighborhood feelings top top the matter. Stores that market Ouija Boards and Spirit Boards with their website(s) include;

WalmartHasbroAmazonBarnes & NobleToys’R’Us

Local board game and also tabletop gaming shop may likewise sell Ouija plank – simply examine by looking ‘stores that market Ouija Boards close to me’ with your search engine of choice and either go into your place or permit your internet browser to check out your location.

Where Else deserve to I buy A Ouija Board?

There are a number of small businesses and also sellers digital which offer personalized or thematic Ouija plank on the web; some through their virtual store and some v websites such together Etsy or large Cartel.

These online sellers will have the ability to offer a more comprehensive variety of spirit boards to usage as they deserve to be personalized v your preferences before being sent off to your home.

You can choose from published spirit boards on cardboard to totally etched wooden soul boards in lot of shapes and also sizes.

It is worth noting the these sellers may charge more than stores execute for consistent Ouija Boards as they are custom-made.

For an ext information on products, you have the right to see ours other guide on whether or not Target selling MacBooks, if Target sells Nike, and also if Target sell Yeti.


Target walk not market Ouija Boards, one of two people in-store or via

This might be down to need for the product, or perhaps to avoid conflict with the local neighborhoods of your stores because of the controversial nature the Ouija Boards.

However, a variety of stores will certainly still offer Ouija Boards v their website, such as Walmart and also Barnes & Noble.

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Small businesses and sellers on website such together Etsy can also create personalized and thematic Ouija Boards come suit her tastes, though these will come v a an extremely different price range.