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2PAC text - High SpeedStrike wit' a cannon and also blow her muthaf**kin' earlier out ... Us all about our past, blast if he rest the rule ... Whatcha gonna do once you acquire outta jail?
Tom Tom club - Genius of Love invernessgangshow.net What you gonna do as soon as you obtain out that jail? I'm gonna have some fun. What do you think about fun? Fun, organic fun ... If you see him. Please remind him...
MACK 10 text - just In CaliforniaWhere niggaz pull heat and also run up on ya (get your grind on) just in ... What you gonna do as soon as you acquire out of prison (speak on it) ... For this reason peep video game If you could
Foxy Brown - Whatcha Gonna Do
text invernessgangshow.net come 'Whatcha Gonna Do' by Foxy Brown. / Yeah, uh ... What friend gonna do once you acquire out that jail? ... Phone call me if girlfriend drinkin' with me (what friend drinkin'?)
MARIAH CAREY invernessgangshow.net - Fantasy (Bad young Fantasy Remix)Darlin', if you only knew. Every the things that flow through mine mind 2PAC invernessgangshow.net - Heartz of Meninvernessgangshow.net to "Heartz that Men" tune by 2PAC: Hey Suge, what ns tell you, nigga when I come the end of jail, what was i gonna do? ... Hey Quik, let me gain them binoculars, nigga, the binoculars ... My weapons bust and, if friend ain't one of us, it gets worse
50 Cent - Players round invernessgangshow.net i can't let you in pimpy! / Players round ... I'mma tell friend what girlfriend wanna do as soon as I get out that jail, I'm gonna get my gun, cause if a nigger snitch ~ above me, I'm right here to...
WIZ KHALIFA text - Get
the Zip Offinvernessgangshow.net to "Get that Zip Off" track by WIZ KHALIFA: Uh, what is girlfriend saying? my money insane I'm ... Sipping on that Kris, certainly going come jail if i take a piss. The ain't nothin' to obtain that reminder off. Arm out the window, that ain't nothin' to acquire that clip off
PETEY PABLO text - Get
Me Out the JailYou have actually a best to an attorney. If you cannot afford one. One will certainly be appointed come you by the state. Could you get me out of jail? (You can't be severe right? You...
Z-RO invernessgangshow.net - Platinuminvernessgangshow.net to "Platinum" tune by Z-RO: Bout time, they opened up up the do' because that Z-Ro ... If i can't obtain it legal, come the edge I go ... And also ain't nobody gonna block the end my light (shine-shine) ... Mine city saying Z-Ro, what friend gon do once you acquire out of jail
KEVIN gates invernessgangshow.net - Perfect ImperfectionI wear my emotions on my sleeve you understand what I'm saying. I've constantly been ... If ns fuck v you, I'm all the method out there. If i don't fuck ... Obtain him payed off and also you still go to jail. And also that ... Going with your mood v a nigga girlfriend don't argue
KODAK black color invernessgangshow.net - InstitutionTrying to acquire to you yet I'm in institution. I'm in institution ... Reason I won't readjust on you even if I obtain a record deal. I'm a rip my heart out my chest, I'm a put it in this envelope. They obtained me ... And if lock send me come jail can you send me a pack?
KEVIN entrances invernessgangshow.net - IDGAFAs a wise man that think if ns possess the video game in mine mind. The reason I wear shades friend can't see the pains in my eyes ... In the dark room every prayed out, ns ain't never sat in no Bentley ... Seem to me that ain't 'bout that, nigga let me get a thrill juice. Friend don't ... Let me slip and go back to jail ... Bitch I'm walk hard
ICE CUBE invernessgangshow.net - Bop pistol (One Nation)The bop gun have the right to do you no harm. ... The end of mine constriction ... If you hear any kind of noise, it's simply me and the boys ... Therefore whatcha gonna do once you obtain outta jail?
COOLIO invernessgangshow.net - Bring ago Somethin Fo Da HoodThis document goes the end to every you fake ass,gangsta baller bueschwa-minded ass ... (What'cha gonna do as soon as you gain out the jail?) gain that nigga fo da hood You have to remember dis if you're black and also you're rich. One push come to...
EAGLES text - brand-new York MinuteSomebody's going come jail. If you discover somebody come love in this world. You far better hang ~ above tooth and also nail ... Girlfriend can gain out that the rain. In a new York Minute
KEVIN gateways invernessgangshow.net - MYBinvernessgangshow.net to "MYB" song by KEVIN GATES: dear Heavenly Father, I concerned you seeking lull in depression times, This ... If you overcome can't take it a loss, ns can't walk far (I can't), ... Don't answer my phone from rap niggas, I obtain calls means more frequently from jail (hello), oath it was so warm out on mine block we all believed it to be hell,
LIL' WAYNE invernessgangshow.net - Nightmares of The BottomEverybody wanna be fly til girlfriend swat 'em ... If i knew i was going to jail ns would have fucked mine attorney. If you ... I touch the sky, acquire the clouds the end my fingernails
YELAWOLF text - go To Jail
Cause dude'll speak to me out and I'll be damned if i don't touch him. View that dude? ... As soon as you get up, walk right ago to him, and tell him come come over below too
T.I. Text - i Don't KnowIf I went to jail (If I had actually to, would you love me) reason I had actually to death me a nigga Disrespect me and we need to shoot it out in the street. Fuck that that's just...
Ice Cube - Bop pistol (one Nation) invernessgangshow.net the end of mine constriction. Gonna be ... If friend hear any noise, it's simply me and also the boys. Playin' with our ... Therefore whatcha gonna do as soon as you get outta jail? I'm gonna...
EMINEM invernessgangshow.net - InsaneWe're going the end back, I desire my penis sucked in the shed. Can't we simply ... After ns fuck you in the butt, obtain some head, Bust a nut, gain some rest. The next ... If you could count the skeletons in mine closet Under my bed and also up under my faucet. Then you ... (yeah), fine then phone call me would certainly you rather gain felched or execute the felching?
YELAWOLF text - Catfish Billyinvernessgangshow.net come "Catfish Billy" tune by YELAWOLF: Pa's just obtained a most things to execute Like what? Doesn't matter, ns ... Doesn't matter, i don't desire Pa come skin me alive choose he's gonna execute to girlfriend if that finds out ... Going come jail 'cause I'm drunk at Piggly-Wiggly (dagnabbit) ... Catfish on my shit, fuck through me you gonna acquire dropped
2PAC invernessgangshow.net - Out
top top Bailinvernessgangshow.net come "Out on Bail" song by 2PAC: Oh, ns posted bail? I'm the end this ... Niggaz ain't going earlier to court friend stank ass bitches ns stuck in jail the DA's tryin' to burn me. I'd be out on bail if I had a good attorney. Wanna brand me a criminal ... Thuglife niggaz (Y'all Blow the shit - gain me up the end this) Thuglife niggaz...
DEVIN THE DUDE invernessgangshow.net - Can
't Waitinvernessgangshow.net to "Can't Wait" tune by DEVIN THE DUDE: ns can't wait 'til you get out my brotha It's hard to put it in a letter and ... I don't recognize if this letter's gonna with ya before I shot to come view ya ... Some niggas get shot, some go come jail and some die
recognize What lock Do To men Like us In Prisoninvernessgangshow.net to "You know What They do To men Like united state In Prison" song by MY chemistry ROMANCE: In ... Well, they're never gonna obtain me, ... But nobody cares if you're shedding yourself...am I losing myself?! ... Do you have the keys to the hotel?!
CITY HIGH text - What would You Do
invernessgangshow.net come "What would You Do" tune by CITY HIGH: Boys and also girls, wanna listen a true story? Saturday ... What would you do if your son was at house ... In and also out that lock down, ns ain't obtained ... Obtain up on mine feet and also let walk off every excuse
WAYLON JENNINGS invernessgangshow.net - Out
that Jailinvernessgangshow.net to "Out the Jail" tune by WAYLON JENNINGS: ns sat in ~ a bar having actually a beer trying to host down the stool as soon as a stranger ... 'Cause girlfriend talk about ugly once she it s okay mad ... Seven and also going top top eight ... If I shot leavin' she has actually me arrested
RODNEY ATKINS invernessgangshow.net - If You
're Going v Hellinvernessgangshow.net come "If You're Going v Hell" tune by RODNEY ATKINS: fine you ... And also then they execute ... You could get out before the adversary even knows you're there
DMX text - X Gonna
offer It come Yainvernessgangshow.net come "X Gonna offer It to Ya" song by DMX: Arf arf Yeah, yeah, yeah (grrrr) Uh, ... If the just thing you cats did is come out come play ... Ns ain't obtained it so friend can't obtain it. Let's leave it at the 'cause i ain't wit it. Hit that wit complete strength. I'm a jail nigga
KEVIN gateways invernessgangshow.net - die Bout It... Might do somethin' In the club with like 30 bands, going tough til' like 2 somethin' ... Carry yappas out, pass by her house, December feelin' prefer August Pullin' increase on ... And also if girlfriend disrespect me nigga, girlfriend gon' have to kill me. Bitch, I'mma die ... As shortly as that nigga went to jail you start doin' shit the a busta do. You don't...
Johnny Cash - Starkville City Jail
invernessgangshow.net invernessgangshow.net come 'Starkville City Jail' by Johnny Cash: Well,thirty 6 dollars because that picking ... I assumed my guitar was out of song at first. Girlfriend ... You want to hear the one? You desire to listen "a boy named sue"? I do too. ... Friend know, walking to acquire me some cigarettes or something ... No informing what they'd execute if you pull an apologize or something
ICE CUBE text - Hood MentalityNow i wanna beg for mercy, should have actually took my ass to Berkeley If girlfriend don't wanna shake the hood mentality. Just how the fuck ... Fuck school nigga, if I flourish a tiny taller ... I don't recognize what else I deserve to do to keep my ass up out of jail
PLAN B invernessgangshow.net - What girlfriend Gonna Do
invernessgangshow.net come "What you Gonna Do" tune by setup B: girlfriend can set me totally free or bang me up simply stop torturing and tell ... Tryin to occupational out if i've been tellin the fact ... I can sing forever acquire up, its choice ... With the prison gateways like girlfriend did before ?
YO GOTTI text - genuine ShitLook, my brother back in jail, my song leaking the end ... Me out. I've been going v a many shit, fucking through this design bitch ... See when You heard me doing the money maker shit, nigga ... I present these niggas how to execute this shit I'm the blue print nigga ... I'm a real nigga 1st, obtain money 2nd ... If that is all good its all good
DMX invernessgangshow.net - Party UpIf i gotsta bring it come you cowards climate it's gonna it is in quick, aight. All her mens increase in the jail before, suck my dick and all them various other cats you operation with, obtain done...
THE video game invernessgangshow.net - 300 Bars & Runnin'I'm saying if friend gonna retire, then hand me the crown. Nah, permit ... You have the right to hate me or love me, however now the cops the just homies that got. Once it's ... And I expect you black out prior to you see the cops. I ain't warm ... I'm 10 years younger 보다 Yayo, I obtain out, I'm fine. Then i go .... Chip on my shoulder choose I'm new outta prison
Talking top - Genius that Love invernessgangshow.net... And also it's a killing weapon / coming at you right now ladies and gentleman, The Tom Tom Club, for this reason check. ... What friend gonna do when you acquire out the jail?
SLIM THUG invernessgangshow.net - Chuuchinvernessgangshow.net to "Chuuch" tune by SLIM THUG: I want to speak to you today about the right people. ... You can't hangout with chickens and also expect come soar with eagles. ... If your friends are going places, have a spirit of excellence, kind, generous, ... Dealing with jail favor it's “in and out” and also every time you acquire out you acquired your hand out.

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50 CENT text - 21 concerns (Remix)You are currently rapping...with 50 Cent you gotta love it... I simply wanna ... Would you love me if ns was down and out? would you still ... I'd gain out and peel a nigga cap and also chill and drive. I'm questioning ... Your sexy format got me walk crazy. I wanna feel...


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