"When you"ve do a girl grab her hair, screaming as she comes, now and then, ns do have actually a cheeky tiny smirk come myself together I think "Yes, ns did that.""

In this week"s Sex talk Realness, invernessgangshow.net speaks to 4 anonymous men about what it"s really favor going down on a woman.

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How old are you? Man A: Twenty-three.Man B: Twenty-six.Man C: Thirty.Man D: Forty-two.

How frequently do girlfriend go down on women? Is the voluntary or do they typically ask? Man A: I go under on my girlfriend regularly. We don"t do that every time we have actually sex, yet I"d say a pair times a mainly on average. Ns don"t need to be asked due to the fact that it gets me turn on to do it, but sometimes she"ll put in a distinct request because that it if she"s an especially in the mood.Man B: I have actually been through my existing girlfriend for 2 years; it"s one of my favorite parts of foreplay/sex. Ns go down on she pretty lot every time we have sex. If I"m through someone that doesn"t ask, then ns usually execute (enthusiastic consent FTW!). I"m shocked that the variety of women who have actually said no is higher than zero. I don"t think any guy has ever before turned under a punch job.Man C: As frequently as ns can. It"s something i love doing. It can both it is in voluntary and they have the right to ask as well. It"s supplied a lot as soon as a tiny bondage is in play. Both ways, if I have actually her tied up and vice versa. She can demand a certain number of orgasms or I deserve to tease for a long time, preventing just prior to she comes.Man D: I"m in a steady relationship, and also I"d say about once a week. It"s always been voluntary, although ns wouldn"t it is in offended if a woman asked. Women shouldn"t feeling embarrassed come ask.

Have you ever gotten feedback from a mrs you went down on? to be you offended or motivated?Man A: The optimistic feedback has ranged from vocal ("That to be incredible!") come non-vocal, prefer thighs spasming with pleasure and also gratified moaning and so forth. Ns haven"t gotten negative so much as constructive feedback from women I"ve gone down on — if ns was walking in too difficult she might tell me to slow-moving down, or if she wants me to shift my focus, she might guide my head in the direction. I discover that more motivating because it helps me gain on a far better track.Man B: Yes, particularly when i was beginning out, i asked for feedback to discover out what worked and also what didn"t. It provides me motivated, never offended. It"s nothing personal, it"s just what lock like.Man C: i have gained feedback, both an excellent and bad. An unfavorable feedback is usually along the present of, "Don"t lick so hard, kiss the there, usage your fingers." It never made me feeling bad. The whole allude is to make her feel good. So ns never had a trouble being command or told to perform it a different way. After ~ that, I generally think, "OK, let"s put those tips to great use." I have actually done something comparable at times once she has actually been going under on me.Man D: most of the ladies I"ve gone under on have actually been good at saying what they liked and didn"t like. A couple of partners felt choose they were being pressured into having actually an orgasm since I to be being quite persistent, but it"s tough for a man to understand with a brand-new partner how much stimulation a ladies needs and also how much is as well much, or if it"s simply not going come happen. Ns wouldn"t be upset if someone ruffled my hair and also asked me to stop.

Do you mostly use it together foreplay? Man A: It"s always a great way to begin things off, gaining her down on the bed and also pulling her garments off and also sticking my challenge down in there. Occasionally if I"m an extremely excited and feel choose I could come soon, I"ll perform a the majority of clit suck to obtain her every aroused, make the efforts to keep us top top the exact same pace. It"s likewise a great interlude between different sex positions, whether I require to record my breath or just want to litter in a quite surprise prior to moving to a various setup. And sometimes she"ll wake me up by sit on mine face and also we jump into it that way. That provides her control of the pace and lets her type of grind up against my beard, therefore it"s got a various vibe.Man B: It"s largely a component of foreplay.Man C: the is normally part of sex, however I do love it as soon as the girl I"m v comes the end of the shower v her towel about her. It"s a an extremely sexy sight. And I start kissing her neck. I would certainly go under on she then. After that, i follow her lead. If she desires more, wonderful. If not, I"m happy v that.Man D: It deserve to vary a lot. Periodically it"ll be part of foreplay and a rather nice way to assist my partner acquire really turn on in a different means from touching. Various other times, it"ll be towards the finish of sex, as a different means of helping her climax, together it"s miscellaneous that renders her come deep and long. Occasionally, it"s a useful method to take it a (physical) rest from sex, without shedding the mood, back I tend to feel that when you"ve began to offer oral sex, friend ought to offer your companion the possibility to reach a climax if they desire to.

What do you favor best around giving oral? Man A: i like how happy it renders her. I"m likewise proud of how my ability in it has grown — she"d been v a lot of guys prior to me yet says I"m hands down the best at going down on her. And also actually that sounds choose a lot of men would give shitty excuses to not perform cunnilingus, like, "No, that smells under there," or, "No, it"s dirty," also when they expected blow jobs. For this reason I like trying come nudge the people just a little toward dental sex parity in the small way that ns can.Man B: The amount of pleasure I"m maybe to offer my partner and also the manage I have in teasing her.Man C: simply making she feel the good. Once she is writhing and moaning, climate coming against me, understanding that I"m making she feel prefer that is a good feeling. It"s likewise incredibly intimate and shows a most trust. And also I would certainly be a liar if i didn"t speak it is fairly an ego boost. As soon as you have actually made a girl grab your hair, screaming as she comes, now and then, ns do have a cheeky tiny smirk come myself as I think "Yes ... Ns did that."Man D: It"s an extremely intimate and really trusting. I favor being surrounding by mine partner, and also running my hand over she breasts, stomach, bottom, and also legs.

Is there anything girlfriend don"t like about it? Man A: On rarely occasions, ns encounter some small bits of toilet record residue under there and that litter me turn off a bit.Man B: sometimes my companion doesn"t want to make out afterward; it"s likewise a pain having to keep my face an extremely clean shaven.Man C: ns genuinely can not think that a thing. It"s something i love act and constantly have done.Man D: I"m no blessed through the longest tongue, therefore it"s tough on mine neck and I occasionally get a an extremely sore frenulum (the bit of skin under the tongue).

What is it choose to have your face buried in a vulva?Man A: I find vaginas aesthetically fascinating, however you rarely obtain a opportunity to yes, really look in ~ them increase close. I favor that cunnilingus creates the opportunity. The taste can be really tangy, particularly if the woman is really acquiring aroused and an ext juices come out. Then there"s the issue of isolating the clit through your tongue — you can"t actually watch it as soon as your mouth is on optimal of it, therefore you need to really build a tactile understanding of the terrain and also be attuned to how focusing your energy yields different results.Man B: commonly my eyes are closed. Ns love the method it feels, I have a difficult time relenten it because I can"t think of anything to relate it to. It"s a small bit like running her tongue along the within of her cheek, at least the smooth/wet parts.Man C: i love it. Spring up in ~ her, nipples perkily up, and also her moving about uninhibited. Taste is never ever an issue, except one woman who was exceptionally bad-tasting. Ns still did that though. After a couple of seconds, taste i do not care irrelevant. The is very sexy, as you usage your tongue, lips, and fingers. The totality act is extremely sensual.Man D: I"ve never ever gone down on someone and also found it repulsive. Mine saliva will have tendency to make it every taste fairly neutral quite quickly. The skin within the crease is extremely smooth and supple and very enjoyable come lick and kiss, and also there"s the structure of the opening to the vagina that"s nice come flick and also tease a little. It"s an extremely immersive and enveloping. I choose to placed my hands roughly my partner"s waist, and hug her right into me.

Do you have opinions about vulvas? Like, if you acquire down there and it has particular qualities, are you excited or rotate off? Man A: I"ve never encountered a vagina i didn"t like. man B: I"ve been with women of multiple races and different shapes; ns think they"re all an excellent and beautiful in their own way. Being shaved offered to it is in a large turn-on for me, but it doesn"t issue to me anymore.Man C: Over the years, I have actually seen every kinds the vaginas, and also if ns am gift honest, i don"t really have actually an opinion. I"d it is in the shallowest asshole in the civilization if I quit sex or damaged up with a girl because she had a big labia or she wasn"t shaved or she taste a tiny funny, things favor that. If I"m through someone, it"s since I prefer them and also not simply their vagina.Man D: some pubic hair is fine, but it is difficult if it"s incredibly bushy. The hairs have tendency to get captured up in the action, which renders it sore because that both civilization (on the tongue and also the vulva), quite difficult to breathe, and leaves a little bit of a mouthful of pubic hair at the end.

What execute you prefer women to execute while you"re going under on them? Man A: When I"m nose-deep in pussy, i don"t have actually a entirety lot of attention to spend on what the woman is doing — I prefer to emphasis on mine efforts. Yet I like once she renders noises to interact how she"s feeling, because that helps overview the physical conversation. If she responds an ext vocally come a particular kind of contact, then I"ll spend much more time on that, or if I"m coming on also strong, I"ll readjust accordingly.Man B: ns like once women call me what"s working and assist me lug them to orgasm. My main goal is do it together pleasurable for my companion as possible. So anything they do to assist themselves gain off is great. If they want to lie back and close your eyes and also be silent, that"s OK; if they want to pull my hair or take an ext control, that"s good too.Man C: As long as she"s enjoying it, she have the right to do every little thing she likes.Man D: The an ext vocal a mrs is, the less complicated it is to understand what come do more or less of. It help if your partner deserve to angle your pelvis in about the way they want you to walk — it"s very daunting to tongue the entrance to the vagina as soon as it"s pushed down right into the bed.

What carry out you not favor them to do? Man B: Fart. I"ve never had it occur to me. Do the efforts to save that streak alive.Man C: at times, a girl has had actually her hand in my hair and getting an ext excited, began to traction it hard. The hurts. But it"s normally not deliberate, therefore it"s difficult not to take it as a compliment.Man D: If you"re straddling me, please don"t in reality sit on my challenge — store a little of load on your legs, otherwise my excitement is more than likely me gasping for air.

When you offer oral sex, perform you mean anything in return? Man A: ns think a sense of disappointment in ~ not gaining something ago reveals a transactional approach to sex the I discover pretty gross — "I"ll suck you because that 10 minutes however then you have to suck me for 10 minutes, I"ll start the clock." for us, the sex evolves organically. If I desire to simply pleasure her under there for fun and also go read a book, that"s cool. If we"re both really right into it and also want to go for more, we go for more. Usually at a specific point she says, "I require your dick inside me appropriate now," and also that pretty much settles the question of what comes next.Man B: ns honestly simply enjoy going down on my partner and also would it is in fine v going down on her without acquiring anything in return. Since it"s usually component of our foreplay, it"s normally followed up with penetrative sex. Periodically I get oral in return.Man C: When i was younger and I went under on a girl, ns usually supposed something in return, even if it is it was full penetrative sex, or her to go down on me. Yet I haven"t feeling that means in a many years.Man D: Nope. Sometimes I"m happy going under on my partner as soon as I"m not even an especially desiring of sex myself, so it"s very much no a bargaining suggest or around keeping score. If she"s in the mood and also I"m in the mood, I"m down.

Describe the finest time girlfriend went down on a woman and also why it to be so great. Man A: ns can"t really isolate a certain experience as ideal or worst — there have been so many times, and practically all indicate a an excellent deal of similarity: darkness, a bed, a vagina, my face.Man B: i massaged mine girlfriend"s entirety body with oil and then gradually massaged her vagina. By the moment I went down on her, we were both therefore turned on that it was some of the best oral ns have ever experienced. It"s a closeness and an intimacy that"s hard to match.Man C: the wasn"t planned. Us were having sex and it started to get a tiny rougher. Ns lay top top my ago and pulled she up till she to be riding mine face. This girl has exceptionally intense orgasms, and also I hosted onto her and kept going until she come an awful the majority of times. Her totality body to be shaking and also she was brief of breath. My face was soaked, and also when i let go, she collapsed onto the bed she legs to be still shaking.Man D: i don"t think there"s any kind of one more comparison time, however it is an extremely satisfying once a woman has actually a really long, deep orgasm.

And the worst and also why it to be bad? male B: The worst is when I"m with a partner that gets self-conscious and asks me to stop. I feel choose I"ve failure to set the the atmosphere right and make lock feel as beautiful together they space to me.Man C: ns was 19, had met a girl at a heavy metal club, and we snuck out the back together. The rear yard of the club was covered with gravel and after some pretty inept fumbling, she lay earlier and I started to go down on her. The combination of dancing all night, and also going in and out that the bathroom, had actually not mingled to develop a satisfied aroma. She was soaked v sweat and unfortunately did not taste the nicest anyway. I finished up through gravel cut on mine hands and also on mine chin as soon as I slipped a little. She to be shivering due to the fact that of the cold, and also I was beginning to realize that I would not have the ability to perform. In the end, we gave up and also went ago into the club.Man D: Probably at an early stage when ns emerged, dripping, indigenous under the duvet to discover a partner who"d unable to do from tipsy to asleep. I assumed she was just getting very close .

Do you need to be in ~ a particular point in the relationship to go down on her partner? Man A: the really relies on just how each person feels, yet if you"re currently having sex v someone, I can only imagine great things happening if girlfriend proactively go down on her or ask if she desires that. The very first time I had actually sex through my girlfriend, us didn"t get to it, mostly because we to be so busy having all type of other an extremely passionate sex. Climate I got home and also was like, "Shit, i forgot to go down on her." So i knew I essential to watch her again and also that was very first on mine list.Man B: If I"m in ~ a allude where I"m interested in who sexually, I"m usually open up to oral.Man C: The first time going under on a partner, ns follow her. I"ve never ever pushed for it, or at least I hope i haven"t. If we room playing around, and I start making my means down there, to me it"s an extremely simple. If she starts come tense increase or seems uncomfortable, etc., ns stop. ~ above the other hand, ns have also been with girls who just cannot wait to press your head down there.Man D: because that me, no. I"ve had actually partners because that whom it"s an especially intimate act, and also they"ve inquiry me not to go under on them. Ns respect the feeling, and for some of them, we"ve never reached the point. Ns think there"s still some stress and anxiety from women around what males will think of them "down there," and I assumption: v that"s since there room some men who don"t enjoy it but do shot and usage it to "score points."

Do you talk around it with your man friends and also trade tips or anything? Man A: ns haven"t done much of that, no. I have tendency to be an ext private about my sex life.Man B: No, ns haven"t gone under that route myself, yet I"ve overheard lot of of locker room talk … yet that"s for a various column.Man C: No. I have two near friends who room in secure relationships, and also one has never gone under on a girl in his life. His girlfriend has actually never let him, so talking to him would be pointless. I couldn"t offer or trade tips as they would certainly think it the height of arrogance or cockiness. In ~ the exact same time, if they tried to sell me tips, ns think my ego would flare up and also ignore them.Man D: Whoa, never. I don"t think my friends and also I have actually ever also talked around it, permit alone discussed the information or technique.

What"s the secret to giving an excellent head, in your opinion? Man A: Hmm, I"d say listen with your tongue and also your ears. You have to feel roughly with her tongue to make certain you"re navigating the folds of skin and also landing top top the clit, and then hear to her responses come gauge her intensity.

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Man B: It"s not around the head, it"s about the develop up and the teasing leading approximately it. If you do a good job setup the mood, and also keeping the mood, then most of your work is done. As far as actually offering head is concerned, save things interesting. Lick, suck, and kiss anywhere and everywhere. Don"t be afraid to try something brand-new or other that can seem a tiny strange in ~ first. If that feels good, then nothing else will matter.Man C: monitor the girl"s lead. Begin slowly, kiss and lick lightly first. Then read her reactions. People who speak they have "guaranteed techniques" are either liars or just deluded. There is no such thing.