We’re being asked to calculate themolarity (M)of a equipment of NaI. Recall thatmolarityis theratio that the mole of solute and the volume of systems (in liters). In various other words:

Molarity (M) = moles of soluteLiters of solution

We very first need to identify thenumber of mole of NaIsince this is the just information missing for united state to discover molarity. Notification that the volume of the solution in liters is currently given.

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We’re provided themass that NaI, 10.7g. We have the right to use the molar mass of NaI to find the moles. The molar massive of NaI is

Themoles that NaIis:

10.7 g NaI (1 mol NaI149.89 g NaI)=0.0714 mol

We know that the volume the the equipment is0.250 L. We have the right to now calculate formolarity:

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Problem Details

What is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 10.7 g Nal in 0.250 L?

A) 42.8

B) 0.0714

C) 2.86 x 10-4

D) 0.286

E) nobody of the above

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