Key difference – Isomorphism vs Polymorphism  

Compounds deserve to exist in different forms in nature. These various forms can be various morphologies or various structures. The structure of a chemical link determines the physics properties of the compound. Occasionally the chemical properties are also determined by the structure. “Morphism” is a term supplied to name the hatchet “morphology”. It explains the exterior appearance that a compound. The terms isomorphism and polymorphism are used to describe these exterior appearances. Polymorphism method the visibility of a link in more than one crystalline form. Isomorphism is the existence of two or much more compounds having actually the same morphology. The key difference between isomorphism and polymorphism is the isomorphism refers to the visibility of two or more compounds with identical morphologies vice versa, polymorphism describes the existence of various morphologies of the same substance.

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1. Synopsis and key Difference2. What is Isomorphism3. What is Polymorphism4. Next by side Comparison – Isomorphism vs Polymorphism in Tabular Form5. Summary

What is Isomorphism?

Isomorphism refers to the existence of two or more compounds with identical morphologies. This way the existence of the very same crystal structure in various compounds. These compounds are recognized as isomorphous substances. Isomorphous substances have almost the very same shape and also structure.

These compounds have actually the same ratio in between atoms existing in those compounds. This shows that the empirical recipe of isomorphous substances room identical. Yet the physics properties the the isomorphous building materials are various from each other since they have different atomic combinations. Ex: mass, density, chemical reactivity are several of the physics properties the differ in isomorphous substances. Allow us think about some instances in bespeak to know what isomorphism in chemistry is.

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and sodium nitrate (NaNO3).

Figure 01: The comparison of Calcium Carbonate and also Sodium Nitrate together Isomorphous Substances

Both calcium carbonate and also sodium nitrate room trigonal in shape. The atomic ratio of the atoms existing in each link is 1:1:3. But these compound have various physical and also chemical properties. Your molar masses are also different native each various other (Calcium carbonate = 100g/mol and sodium nitrate = 85 g/mol).

Sodium phosphate (Na3PO4) and also sodium arsenate (Na3AsO4).

These compound exist in tetrahedral shape, and the empirical formula of this compounds have actually the atomic proportion 3:1:4. But they have different chemical and physical properties.

What is Polymorphism?

Polymorphism describes the existence of different morphologies of the exact same substance. The problem that mirrors polymorphism is known as polymorphic substances. Here, a certain compound exists in different shapes and crystalline forms.

Polymorphic substance display similarities and also differences based upon the structure. However most the the time, the chemistry properties space the same since it is the same compound the exists in various forms. But the physics properties room different. , CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) exist in one of two people orthorhombic type or in hexagonal form.

Figure 02: allotropes of Carbon

Allotropy is a related term to the polymorphism. Allotropy refers to the polymorphism that a particular element. The compounds reflecting allotropy are recognized as allotropes. Allotropes take place when an element forms a crystalline structure with various arrangements. For instance carbon form allotropes such together diamond or graphite. These allotrope have various chemical and also physical properties.

What is Difference in between Isomorphism and Polymorphism?

Isomorphism vs Polymorphism

Isomorphism describes the visibility of two or more compounds with identical morphologies.Polymorphism describes the presence of different morphologies that the very same substance.
Isomorphous substances have identical shapes.Polymorphic building materials have various shapes.
Isomorphism involves two or much more different compounds.Polymorphism describes the various forms the the very same compound or element.
 In Elements
Isomorphism is absent in elements.Polymorphism is current in elements.
Atomic Ratio
Isomorphous substances have the exact same atomic ration in the empirical formula.Polymorphic substances have actually either similar or different atomic ratios.

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Summary – Isomorphism vs Polymorphism

Isomorphism and polymorphism express two opposite ideas. The difference in between isomorphism and also polymorphism is that isomorphism refers to the existence of 2 or an ext compounds with similar morphologies conversely, polymorphism describes the presence of different morphologies of the exact same substance.


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