Phagocytosis way “cellular eating” if Pinocytosis method “cellular drinking”. Pinocytosis and also Phagocytosis are the 2 categories of Endocytosis. Both are the active process and requires power (ATP) as adenosine tree phosphate for the uptake of materials. Phagocytosis is an entry of solid particles through the formation of vesicles referred to as phagosomes, if pinocytosis is the input of fluid particles through the formation of vesicles dubbed pinosomes.

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The term ‘Endocytosis’ was given by Christain de Duve in the year 1963. Both the terms describes the input of material through the plasma membrane by forming vesicles which room a membrane-bound droplet situated inside the cytoplasm of the cell. Endocytosis occurs in the pet cell and very rarely in tree cell as the plant cell is surrounding by the cell wall, which causes hindrance in the invagination the the plasma membrane.

Exocytosis is just opposite procedure to that of endocytosis in i m sorry substances room being permitted to move out of the cell, by a comparable mechanism to the of endocytosis and is common in secretory cells. In both cases, endosomes are formed, which is an invagination that the plasma membrane to kind vesicles. This vesicles situate the engulfed particles which can be hard or liquid.

Content: Pinocytosis Vs Phagocytosis

Comparison Chart

Basis because that ComparisonPinocytosisPhagocytosis
Meaning Pinocytosis is referred to as cell drinking, substance is directly ingested as it is in dissolved kind and all set for moving absorption.Phagocytosis is dubbed cell eating, in which particles are broken down into much easier substance with the assist of enzymes because that absorption.
Process of engulfing By Invagination.By pseudopodia (false feet).
Kind of corpuscle ingested Liquid.Solid.
Substrate specificPinocytosis is no substrate particular and cabinet takes all type of neighboring fluids v all solutes present.Phagocytosis is certain in substrate the transport.
PurposePinocytosis is provided for input of materials.Phagocytosis is used for protective purpose through engulfing the international particles.
Vesicles formedPinosomes.Phagosomes.
Role of lyosoms No function of lysosomes.Lysosomes incorporate with phagosomes for the formation of food vacuole.
Types of corpuscle intakeSugars, ions, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, etc.Foreign particles, harmful bacteria and virus, dust, etc.
Where it wake up Pinocytosis normally occurs in secretory cells, cabinet linings that blood capillaries.Phagocytosis is performmed by neutrophills, macrophages and protozoans.

Definition the Pinocytosis

Cell drinking is the another name the Pinocytosis. It is the entry of liquid and tiny particles. Usually, ions, amino acids, sugars, insulin, and also lipoproteins room ingested through this method.


Process– In this the tiny liquid corpuscle which space to be engulfed gain themselves attached come the external layer the the plasma membrane. These little particles affix to the particular receptors located on the external layer plasma membrane. Subsequently, plasma membranes type the membrane-bounded vesicles referred to as pinosomes, i beg your pardon is one invaginated area bordering the particles. These pinosomes lastly travel come the cytoplasm and also the particles space released.

Definition the Phagocytosis

Cell eating is likewise called Phagocytosis. Right here the corpuscle which are to be ingested are bigger in size, for this reason digestive enzymes are required.

Process– Plasma membrane surrounds and also fuses with the particles to be engulfed, wherein phagocytic vesicles space formed referred to as as phagosomes. These phagosomes together with the lysosomes release digestive enzyme which are useful in digesting the phagosomes.


Phagocytosis is most typically seen in protozoan, amoeba, and also in greater animals, including humans, this process helps in engulfing foreign particles, harmful bacteria, virus, and also other garbage materials.

Key Differences in between Pinocytosis and Phagocytosis

We currently discuss, that both the mechanisms pinocytosis and phagocytosis drops under the main process called Endocytosis, given below are the crucial differences between them:

Pinocytosis is the procedure of ingestion of little liquid particles through plasma membrane with the aid of formation of vesicles known as pinosomes; Phagocytosis is the procedure of gulp down of heavy particles v plasma membrane v the aid of lysosomes and also phagosomes, which relax enzymes for breaking the larger particles.The process of engulfing is by Invagination in pinocytosis, and by pseudopodia in phagocytosis.Lysosomes do not pat any duty in pinocytosis, if lysosomes along with phagosomes help in cradle of enlarge particles.Pinocytosis is not substrate particular and cell takes all kind of neighboring fluids with all solutes present while, Phagocytosis is certain in substrate transportation.The function of pinocytosis is used for input of materials, whereas phagocytosis is used for the defensive purpose by engulfing the international particles. The vesicles created in pinocytosis is pinosomes and that of phagocytosis is recognized as phagosomes.The particles taken in pinocytosis room enzymes, hormones, amino acids, sugars, etc. For the function of input of smaller particles; while phagocytosis is perform by neutrophils, macrophages, and protozoans for protective purpose and ingests dust, international particles, harmful bacteria, and virus.


Cells are taken into consideration as a an easy unit of life and also are renowned for maintain it well. Native the unicellular organisms to the multicellular organisms, adheres to the somehow comparable process, they carry practically same biochemical reactions. One of them is Endocytosis, wherein engulfing of material whether that is a solid or fluid takes location inside the cell with the plasma membrane.

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Pinocytosis and also Phagocytosis space the 2 categories the the over process. Earlier one help in eating liquid and smaller corpuscle while the last one helps in engulfing solid particles. Exocytosis is the opposite of process to that of endocytosis, where rather of engulfing, cell helps in relocating out the particles by almost comparable processes choose pinocytosis and also phagocytosis.