In the post for SCP-231 it says that the continuing to be girl have to go through this terrible procedure dubbed 110-Montauk. But what specifically is Montauk? it’s implied she’s brutally raped yet that wouldn’t explain every one of the complete revulsion or disgust from the staff and the reality that one physician commit suicide after observing the procedure, therefore it needs to be more than just rape. The foundation does worse things without even flinching, but this is therefore awful? Why? What do they execute exactly? any type of theories are welcome. And also if yes sir a attach to record 231-110-Montauk I would appreciate that.

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Oh. And also one much more thing. Why? What is the function of it. In what means does 110-Montauk help contain her?



It's simply a hop come the left, and also a action to the ideal Hang onto her crucifix, and bring your bees in tight yet it's the that really cd driver you insa-a-a-a-ane LEEEET'S perform THE MOOONTAAAAAUK AGAAAAAIN~

The entire point of 231 is that the leader asks these questions. What the procedure in reality is and why it's needed is left out so you can imagine what the answers mght be.


110-Montauk doesn't actual suggest rape anymore, and hasn't for almost three years: look at the modify history, over there is an edit in which Clef removed every one of those references dated january 7th, 2015.

It very well might be that, but right now the SCP is just "horrible, awful thing".

But because you won't it is in satisfied with that answer, here's the explanation that Montauk:

Late answer (got right here through google), but this comment ultimately put my mind in ~ ease. I could've sworn I formerly saw parts of the article implying it was rape, particularly the part where ns think the said class D personnel assigned to carry out the procedure had to it is in high-level sex offenders, and also reading it again recently and not seeing any of that was throw me for a loop. Many thanks for the confirmation.

There's a tale where the procedure is revealed to be completely innocent, however designed to show up to all foundation personnel no directly associated to be horrific, due to the fact that the belief in the horribleness is all the structure actually needs.

There is more, however at some suggest you'll still have to make a Head-Canon Decision top top what "your" reality is.

What is 110-Montauk? that was the murderer in the movie Clue?

110-Montauk is a MacGuffin.

In essence, it's a procedure that's indescribably horrible, but it is done to maintain the status quo and not cause the (expected) end of the world.

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The point is, that doesn't matter what exactly 110-Montauk is. What you require to know is that it's horrifying, it demands to be done, and the foundation are the type of human being to carry it out. What the says around what girlfriend think the the foundation is left approximately you.