If you room a cat owner, girlfriend probably know that many of castle can’t stand up to yarns, strings, wool, and also so on. Lock love playing v these strings, but chances room they could eat them. Therefore what happened to the cat the swallowed a sphere of yarn

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It is not daunting to see a cat pawing, scratching, fighting, or running after a sphere of yarn. And also if us throw a sphere of yarn in ~ a cat, the is nearly impossible because that him to resist it. Cats have this love-hate connection with yarn. One 2nd you have the right to see your cat playfully fools around with the thread, and the next 2nd he has currently eaten it.

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Swallowing yarn can an outcome in serious health consequences if not diagnosed and treated correctly. Relying on the amount of yarn your cat swallowed and his health and wellness condition, over there are different signs and reactions. Monitor our guide to know what come do when your cat ate a ball of yarn.

What causes Cats to Swallow Yarn?

Cats love playing with yarn. However, the way each cat treats a sphere of yarn can vary follow to your personality and also gene. Some check out the thread together a toy and also play through it contently while some can consider the yarn their “prey.” 


If her cat is the an initial type, he can still swallow the subject by accident. Since the cat supplies his teeth to bite and also chew the yarn, it is common that he could eat part while playing. 

Also, the thread acquired stuck top top his tongue, which contains countless barbs, and also he has no choice but to swallow it. On the other hand, if her cat falls into the last category, ~ chasing and also successfully recording his “prey,” he will eat it. 

Another factor for this event is a medical problem known together Pica. Cats that have Pica are addicted to eating non-food materials. They are most likely to eat wool and yarn. 

Some other items room paper, plastic, string, etc. Everything the factor is, the is physically dangerous once a cat eats a sphere of yarn.

What Is The result When A Cat who Swallowed A round Of Yarn?

The sloop down of long and thin products in cat is so common that it also has an official veterinary terminology – linear international body. When a cat swallows yarn, you can expect 2 cases. 

If her cat is lucky, the yarn will pass with the digestive tract on its own without hurting or affect the cat’s intestines. Your cat will not show any kind of ill effects and will at some point just poop the out. However, this is a rarely case, as many linear foreign bodies are very unlikely to pass naturally.

The 2nd, and also the more common scenario is wherein the yarn will certainly remain undamaged in the feline’s body. Together a consequence, the object can reason an intestinal blockage that avoids food or fluid from passing. 


If sufficient pressure build up behind the blockage, the cat’s intestines will break and lead to a life-threatening condition. 

Besides, opportunities are the yarn will certainly wrap roughly your pal’s organ and also prevent that from functioning, result in inner bleeding, infection, sepsis, and also even peritonitis. These are all fatal complications the require clinical treatment.

Also, the yarn can wap about your cat’s tongue, which will hurt and make it hard for him to breathe and eat. 

The indications Of A Cat Swallowing Yarn

If your kitty has actually been playing through a sphere of yarn and also now several of it has gone missing, climate it is reasonable for you to suspect that that has eaten them. Friend may additionally see a component of the yarn sticking the end of his mouth or bottom. 


If you notification the subject in the cat’s waste, he probably has eaten some. However, don’t assume the he has currently pooped it all out; some might still remain in his body. 

You can watch out for few of the medical symptoms below:

Excessive meowing and also a puffy abdomenStruggling or unable to defecate Blood in poop or urineRefusal come eat or struggling come swallow foodHigh fever and depression

Depending ~ above the amount of yarn her cat has actually ingested and other elements, you will either notification these symptoms in her cat best away or maybe also days or weeks ~ the incident. 

All that the symptoms above can it is in the factors for other medical conditions, so it is finest to keep an eye on the to understand what are the causes. However, if any of these indicators emerge, a visit come the vet is a must. 

What You need to Do when A Cat Swallowed A ball Of Yarn

First of all, if you view a part of the yarn protruding from your cutie’s mouth or anus, perform not try to pull it out. Friend never know where the other finish is hung up inside the cat’s body and also whether it has wrapped around any type of organ. 

Trying to traction it out will damages the cat’s delicate tissue and lead to deadly conditions. Instead, what you must do it gently cut the rest of the yarn turn off to protect against your cat from eating more and take him come the vet as soon as possible. 

If your cat has actually just played with a ball of yarn and shows any of the signs we have mentioned above, you must take him come the vet to operation tests and also receive suitable treatment. In instance you witnessed your furry friend eating the yarn, don’t wait for the symptom to develop. Take it him to the vet straight away.


Even if her cat has actually pooped components of the yarn out, some may remain in his body and cause health difficulties later on. The is finest to visit the vet and also run the exam to confirm whether over there is noþeles left.

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Depending top top the severity of the case, the vet will carry out a non-surgical endoscopy or surgery to safely remove the linear foreign items indigenous the cat’s body. 

If your cat is lucky enough to gain away with an endoscopy, he will certainly go home on the same day. On the various other hand, if surgical procedure is required, the will need to stay overnight for further observation.

How To protect against The sloop down Of Linear international Body In Cats

The best means to save yourself and also your fluffball from troubles is always to supervise play sessions that involve string-based toys. Girlfriend can even stop offering your cat string-based toys and also consider buying them other interactive toys. 


Keep all string, yarn, wool, or thread items the end of your cat’s sight and don’t use them come play with him. 

Final Thoughts

Above is our ultimate guide to provide you details on what happened to the cat the swallowed a ball of yarn and what to do once the occurrence takes place. If it happens to your cat, don’t panic due to the fact that it is an extremely common. 

Follow our guide, and also your fluffball will be just fine. Struggle like and share if you uncover our post helpful!