So, you’ve take away a liking to expensive foods? You’ve already ticked off caviar, truffles, and maybe also that nasty feather geoduck. But what you really want to understand is: what does foie gras taste like? In this post we’ll look in ~ this French delicacy, made from fattened goose or duck livers. Fine look at the flavor, exactly how to eat it and also lots more.

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Foie gras taste: the quick answer

Foie gras has a very unique, affluent flavor unlike any kind of other food; the taste vaguely compares to liver pate although its texture is much softer and delicate. Although girlfriend couldn’t compare it to any other type of meat, that does have an intense burst of umami, offering some similarity to a progressively braised beef cheek. The mouth feeling of foie gras is buttery thanks to its very high fat content.

What influence the flavor of foie gras?

To amount up exactly how foie gras tastes in one sentence is a challenge as it can vary significantly. There space two significant reasons why the version you eat this mainly is much various from last week’s.

1. Type of poultry

Flavor, texture, fat content, mouthfeel: lock will readjust depending on whether duck or goose liver has been used. In general, goose has a milder, less intense taste contrasted to duck i m sorry has strong flavor and also less fat content.

2. Preparation method

Bloc de foie gras: this is a block consisting of of at least 98% foie gras. Very tiny pieces space tightly compacted right into a mold. Extr ingredients can be included such together wine or truffles. As you have the right to imagine, this extras deserve to drastically change the odor profile.

Foie gras entier: this is where one or two whole livers are served cooked, semi-cooked or raw. This choice will provide a much better feel for the exact taste the foie gras offers.

3. The final recipe

Although the is perfect fine to eat this delicacy on its own, there are numerous recipes that have been emerged over the centuries. Pan frying, sautéing or searing room all common cooking approaches which add new crispy texture and flavor to the foie gras.

How to serve foie gras

Foie gras is periodically served together a key course, but it is more commonly offered as a starter to placed the taste buds right into overdrive.

It is necessary not come overwhelm the foie gras with various other pungent flavors or aromas. Instead, watch to use subtle ingredients that lift the dish.

Flavors that pair well include

garden saladoyster mushroomscrusty breadfig jamberry jam or saucesweet white wine

Foie gras vs pate

Foie gras is constantly made from either duck or goose liver and also is thought about a delicacy. Because of its scarcity, the is an expensive, high-end food item. Alternatively, pate is easily sourced every year round and also can be made from a wide range of ingredient including: lamb, pork, seafood, beef, poultry or vegetables.

The texture of foie gras can vary from a totality piece that liver come tiny piece of the liver pressed right into a mold. Pate different in texture as it is constantly a floor paste.

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A encourage recipe because that foie gras

Foie gras pairs through salads and also sweet jams and also sauces.

Although there space plenty the recipes that speak to for this elegant ingredient, the is tough to to win the simplicity of foie gras lathered onto new crust bread. Don’t use butter since it will be fat overkill. It’s additionally best to stop bread that has actually extras prefer seeds or olives together they’ll detract native the hero of the dish.

If you favor liver that’s cooked, follow this an easy recipe for sautéd foie gras.


1 lb fresh foie gras, rinsedSalt and also pepper, come taste1 Tbsp butter3 Tbsp balsamic vinegar3 Tbsp plum jam


Slice foie gras right into 1” cubes and season through salt and also pepper.Heat a large skillet ~ above medium heat and add butter. Allow to melt then add half the foie gras. Sauté because that 1 minute, or until browned, making certain not come stir regularly as this will break up the liver. 1-2 tenderness stirs will certainly be enough.Remove from the pan utilizing tongs and also place top top a document towel to remove some that the fat.Tip out many of the fat it is in the skillet and also cook the staying foie gras. When cooked, drain most the the fat out of the pan and include the rest of the foie gras ago into the pan.Add the balsamic vinegar and also jam and also continue cooking until the liquid starts to bubble.Remove indigenous heat and serve v a next of crusty bread.

Is eating foie gras ethical?

Our position on this delicacy is that it must only be bought from companies that use moral production methods. In current years, a spotlight has actually been placed on the approaches used to make foie gras. A technique, known as gavage, requires force feeding the poultry through stuffing a tube down their throat and also pouring in corn that’s been boiled in fat. This is carried out 2-3 time a day whilst keeping the bird housed in confined quarters. The end result? big quantities that fat are deposited on your liver which is what provides that sought after mouth-feel.

Some nations have stopped the gavage process and have adopted more humane methods. Lot of Europe, Australia, India, Argentina, U.S and also Brazil, have actually banned gavage early to pet welfare concerns.


If you choose to savor the finer points in life then, at some point, you may want to try foie gras. The ethically created version, of course! before you shot it though, you might want to recognize what foie gras tastes like? This is a difficult question together the odor is really unique. The an initial sensation you’ll notice, after taking your first bite, is the buttery mouth-feel. Being 85% fat it may be too lot for some. The taste has some similarity to liver pate, but it has actually a more intense umami burst and the structure is an ext delicate.

Foie gras absolutely won’t it is in to everyone’s taste. Carry out you love rich, gamey meat like venison, rabbit or duck and also intensely flavored ingredients favor truffles or black trumpet mushroom? If friend answered yes climate there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy foie gras.

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What to eat your foie gras with have the right to make every the difference in between a great and poor experience. My advice is to simply eat it v some fresh, white crusty bread. Delicious. Friend may also want to include a dab the jam or chutney in addition to an undressed salad. This ingredients aren’t overpowering in flavor. The sweet will help to address the too much umami and as because that the salad, it’ll provide some relief indigenous the gamey taste.