The fatality of a love one comes with extensive grief. Therefore far, humans host the record for the species that grieves the ns of your loved ones the most.

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But that doesn’t mean other animals simply walk on through their stays in the face of a bereavement, and certainly not as soon as the deceased wake up to be their an extremely own young.

While fatality generally comes through a deep feeling of grief, despondency, and also loneliness, different animals have their unique ways the grieving end the lose of your young ones. And cats room no exception.

Maybe you’ve constantly wondered, what does a mom cat do once a kitten dies?

Now, there are various methods a mother cat have the right to respond come the death of she young. The cat may be overcome by her feeling of affection for the motionless body of she young and start to lick it. The cat may also shot to ask or hide the body of she dead kitten. More strangely, some cats are well-known to eat their dead kitten.

However means your cat reaction to the ns of her kittens, there’s a fundamental reason behind it.

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Various ways Mother cat Mourn the fatality of your Young

But just why execute cats grieve the loss of your young?

Like person beings, cats are extremely protective of their young. That’s why prior to giving birth, you’ll realize the a mother cat make the efforts to find a for sure haven for her kittens.

A mommy cat’s protective nature of her kittens is additionally the factor why the lose of she babies have the right to leave she seriously traumatized and highly aggressive.

It’s not unusual for cat to lunge in ~ anyone the tries to get too close to the dead body of their young. Also their human being parents aren’t immune come this grief-induced aggression.

Read on together we expound further on exactly how cats grieve the fatality of their kittens and also the reasons behind your strange grieving behaviors.


Various methods Mother cat Mourn the fatality of your Young

1. Licking the Dead Kitten

Mother cats, favor all mothers in the world, are extremely loving and also affectionate of your young. The affection no die v the fatality of your kittens. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that licking the bodies of she motionless kitten is one of the methods a mother cat responds come the death of her young.

Licking is an instinctive actions that the cat deploys to try and check if the kitten can move. Licking also helps to wake up breathing, drainpipe liquid native the kitten’s lungs, and remove any type of remaining placenta ~ above the kitten.

However, ~ licking it because that a couple of minutes v no response, the cat will now be persuaded that the kitten is dead. Once the reality of she dead young set in, the cat will prevent licking her kitten and proceed come nurse her other babies.

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2. Cleaning Up the Dead Kitten

This is a usual phenomenon throughout stillbirths. If a mom cat realizes that her baby is stillborn, she may proceed licking and also grooming it even after realizing that the kitten is dead. Having actually watched every one of her other kittens move, the cat simply can’t think that the other one is dead.

You may notification that the grooming is a little rigorous, both come the live and also dead kittens. The convention is no to interrupt the cat. Instead, provide her some time to concerned terms v her sad reality.


3. Hiding the Dead Kitten

Another way a mom cat might grieve the death of her kitten is by hiding the body. There are many places where a cat have the right to hide the human body of she dead kitten.

Some cats favor to tuck the body inside a closet, whereas rather may try to bury the kitten in the ground. Hiding the human body of a dead kitten is a mom cat’s way of do the efforts to do it undiscoverable by predators. It’s additionally a method to stop people or other pets from getting too close to the body.

Most importantly, hiding or burying the human body of the dead kitten allows a mom cat to obtain some closure. It lessens she grief and permits her come go earlier to nursing her other kittens.

4. Stop On come the Dead Kitten

Some mom cats will certainly hide the body of their young to prevent them native being uncovered by predators. However, various other cats will host on to your dead kitten through laying on your motionless bodies. It’s additionally their method of gift protective.

Such cats might not even enable their person parents to acquire too close to the human body of their dead kitten. Together the cat’s owner, you shouldn’t interrupt her as soon as she’s lying on the body of she dead young. Instead, market the cat food elsewhere, or wait till she return to her various other kittens and also then dispose of the body.

Whatever friend do, ensure the your feline friend doesn’t record you. She maternal instincts may get the better of her and cause she to bite or scrape you.


5. Bringing the Dead Kitten come Her human Parent

Imagine your neighbor hauling the body of she dead child and dropping the at your doorstep. That doesn’t issue whether you’re suspicious or not, that deserve to never be an ideal situation. Yet in the civilization of our feline friends, it’s perfectly common for a cat to take it the human body of her dead young come her human being owner.

One of the related questions worrying how cats grieve the ns of their young is, why did mine cat bring me she dead kitten?

Now, there’s no cause for concern if a mom cat chooses to lug her kitten’s dead human body to you. It’s actually the cat’s own method of expressing her love and trust for you. Having actually lived with you under the very same roof for some time, the cat has actually since emerged a sense of belonging. So, through bringing she dead young to you, the mom cat wants you come share in her grief.

It’s likewise worth noting that cats understand that they rank considerably lower 보다 their person owners in ~ the family pecking order. That could also aid explain why some mommy cats like to lug the bodies of their dead young to their human parents.

By virtue the your premium ranking in the household pecking order, your feline girlfriend sincerely believes that you’re much better placed to identify what to carry out with the body of her young. Remember, that’s what they typically do after searching down an animal.

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6. Eating the Dead Kitten

It may sound gross come humans, yet there’s nothing gross around a cat eat the dead human body of her kitten. After providing birth to their litter, cats have tendency to chew the umbilical cord of every kitten. The behavior is critical in help to facilitate blood gerean in the umbilical cords.

Once a mother cat has actually chewed the umbilical cords of she newborn kittens, she will typically lick the kittens in a bid to shot and clean lock up. If she clues a motionless member the the litter, the mom cat may just eat the up.

Most cat are recognized to eat simply one or a couple of of your kittens. However, various other cats can select to gobble up the whole litter. Again, that doesn’t make her cat much less of a mother and also you shouldn’t begin to think that she has actually degenerated right into a savage cannibal.


There are countless reasons why a cat may eat her dead kitten;

✔ it’s a method of protecting she body native being found by predators or other exterior threats, such together older cats.

✔ The meat from she kitten provides nutrients the are dissolved in milk, which the various other live kittens can benefit from. This commonly happens when the cat is under-fed or malnourished.

✔ the a method of to express mercy and sympathy for the kitten, especially if the stillborn or born v congenital defects. The cat doesn’t desire her young come experience obstacles growing, for this reason she decides come devour her.

✔ that a means of pass closure lot faster.

7. Leaving the Dead Kitten

The fatality of one kitten is enough to plunge a mom cat into grief. However, the cat need to soon decide between being consumed with grief and attending come her other live kittens.

On a long enough timeline, the mother cat will leave the dead body of she kitten to its own devices. In the situation of feral cats, this decision is generally made sooner rather than later.

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But also after abandoning the body of her dead kitten, the cat will still revisit the very same spot where she shed her young from time to time. Even though she has actually moved on, it may take part time to gain over the ns completely.