Are girlfriend in love with an Aquarius man but would prefer to know more about what he might be spring for? here are some useful hints around what kind of women an Aquarius man likes (and no like) so the you can figure out if she what he is looking for.

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Likes elevation Women

This is a male that is totally driven by his adoration for his an individual freedom. He’s typically driven and is virtually obsessed through his very own career or desires he’s in quest of.

Since he’s a column of obtaining things done and of independence, he also wants his partner in life to be the very same way. No that she needs to be precisely like him however finding her own way, striving for much better in life.

Aquarius man likes a woman who knows what she wants and is doing every little thing she can to accomplish her goals. The appreciates this drive and willpower. He additionally loves a woman that is into her very own interests, hobbies, or friends.

If his lady is out having a good time without him, he is happy about it! He desires to watch that she doesn’t require him to it is in at her side at all times. Women that take care of themselves and also don’t need to be glued at the hip is his preference.

Likes Brainy Beauty


When you check out photos of females looking smart, glasses, and also still gorgeous, this is what that is yes, really turned top top to. Not anyone looks like a supermodel the course and also he’s no unrealistic.

He is attracted to clever women that are additionally beautiful. the does look because that inner beauty also so if you throw on some makeup and a pair of glasses, you far better be ready to ago it up v intellect.

This male wants a complete package. He desires a partner that deserve to captivate him with her wit and ability to joke at the appropriate moments. it’s what he’d perform if the instance were reversed.

Having a wonderful mrs that deserve to keep up through his intellectual pursuits will aid him feel you’re the right enhance for him. An ideal day would be to walk to a city reading, bookstore or cafe that has books.

Upbeat Happy Women

This male really likes being in a happy environment to keep him in line. He has actually his moods similar to anyone else and can it is in a little bit cold if he’s not happy. As soon as he has actually a woman roughly him that is positive, he feels better.

He loves a mrs who can stay optimistic about life no matter what kind of tough times she may encounter. It reflects that she’s solid and she deserve to still whip life into shape. This is a complete turn on because that him.

The Aquarius man additionally has an appreciation because that the inspirational form of females as well. He likes the kind of mrs who have the right to inspire other human being to live happy, fulfilling, and amazing lives.

The an ext positive the woman, the more positive he is likely to be. she moods can rub turn off on him so what far better type of woman to have around than a really positive one?

Dislikes Clingy and also Needy


Again, this man is very independent. The Aquarius male likes live independence women due to the fact that they have the right to stand on their own two feet there is no him. The idea that being essential isn’t something he is attracted to.

In fact, because that him, it’s a huge turnoff. If he suspects the a mrs is trying come cling to him; he’ll get cold and pull back. If not, he’ll most likely break that off. The reason is, the sees this together an intrusion top top his freedom.

Aquarius man loves his liberty in his life sufficient to not gain hooked up through someone who desires to steal that from him. He would favor to be through someone that will let him be who he is without providing him a hard time.

If that doesn’t message a woman back within an hour, 2 or even a day, he doesn’t desire to gain the 3rd degree. That was most likely busy and should be provided some slack and trust.

It absolutely will not go well for someone who wants to continuously examine in or message him all day long. he will watch this as being as well glued to him and he will likely pull earlier or avoid talking entirely.

Dislikes Predictable Women

When the Aquarius guy is do the efforts to gain to know the mrs of his interest, he will certainly dig at she and try to discover what the can. However, the doesn’t desire to know everything up front together this would take far from the mystery.

He likes to find out one thing at a time so that way he deserve to savor it and get to recognize his lady of attention over time. Aquarius takes his time once he’s fallout’s in love or gaining to know someone.

If you’re smart, you’ll leave some mystery about yourself and also let him find it over time. If you come to be someone he to know through and through in a fast amount the time, he’ll obtain bored and it will certainly end.

Dislikes wild Women

Remember the likes a mrs who deserve to go v the flow and also be positive. Gift aggressive is almost the the opposite of this. That method that she’s trying to invade his space and time.

I’ve already mentioned the he’s a liberty lover and likes ladies who space not going to try to strip him of his personal time. He likewise doesn’t choose to it is in chased. Being chased indicates a woman being “possessive”.

Aqua guy will not enable himself to it is in a possession that a woman. He wants to be an equal partner that has actually the love for numerous things in life. He wants to be able to spend time with each other but also to spend high quality time apart.

If you shot to push him into a meeting or act aggressively toward him in any type or fashion, he will certainly dump you like a warm cake. Video game Over!

What You need to Do Now

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