A. Tiny piece of iron. B. Tiny domains of aligned atoms. C. Ferromagnetic materials. D. Moving electric charge. E. None of these.

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2. Magnetic compasses reportedly were an initial used by

A. Columbus. B. Greeks. C. Australian aborigines. D. Vikings. E. pigeons, climate Chinese.

3. Moving electric charges will connect with

A. An electrical field. B. A magnetic field. C. Both the these. D. None of these.

Reasoning: Moving electrical charges will be acted top top by a force as result of both electric and magnetic fields.

4. If a stable magnetic field exerts a force on a relocating charge, that pressure is directed

A. The opposite the motion. B. In the direction of the motion. C. At ideal angles to the direction of the motion.

5.A transformer can be supplied to rise the

A. voltage the AC electricity B. Strength of AC electrical energy C. Voltage that DC electrical energy D. Strength of DC electricity

Reasoning: Transformers cannot readjust the voltage that a DC (like a battery) source. They cannot readjust the power either.

6. An iron rod becomes magnetic when

A. Confident ions accumulate in ~ one finish and negative ions in ~ the various other end. B. The atoms space aligned having actually plus charges on one next and an adverse charges top top the other. C. the magneic dipoles room in the very same direction. D. Its electrons stop relocating and point in the very same direction. E. Nobody of these.

Reasoning: See page 464 of her text.

7. Like kinds of magnetic poles repel while unlike type of magnetic poles

A. Attract. B. Loss also. C. May attract or repel.

8. Several document clips dangle native the north pole that a magnet. The induced pole in the bottom the the lowermost file clip is a

A. North pole. B. Southern pole. C. North or southern pole - no distinction really.

9. One iron pond is an ext strongly attractive to the

A. North pole of a magnet. B. Southern pole the a magnet. C. north or southern pole - no distinction really.

10. Neighboring every relocating electron is

A. A magnetic field. B. An electrical field. C. both that these. D. Nobody of these.

11. Magnetism is as result of the activity of electrons together they

A. Move approximately the nucleus. B. Spin on their axes. C. both of these. D. None of these.

12. Magnetic domains normally occur in

A. iron. B. Copper. C. Silver. D. All of these. E. No one of these.

Reasoning: Copper and also silver room NOT magnetic.

13. Magnetic field lines about a current-carrying wire

A. Extend radially native the wire. B. Circle the cable in close up door loops. C. Both the these. D. No of these.

Reasoning: See web page 465, number 24.9.

14. The pressure on one electron relocating in a magnetic ar will it is in the biggest when that is direction is

A. The exact same as the magnetic ar direction. B. Exactly opposite to the magnetic field direction. C. perpendicular to the magnetic field direction. D. At an angle various other than 90 levels to the magnetic ar direction. E. None of these.

15. The soot of cosmic rays bombarding the Earth"s surface ar is biggest at the

A. poles. B. Mid-latitudes. C. Equator.

Reasoning: an ext particles are enetering the environment near the poles.

16. If us think the the earth as a magnet, its phibìc (-seeking) pole is nearest

A. The Hudson Bay region of Canada. B. Australia. C. Both the these.

17. I m sorry pole of a compass needle points come a south pole of a magnet?

A. North pole B. Southern pole C. Both of these

18. Neon indicators require about 12,000 volts to operate. If the circuit provides a 120-volt power source, the ratio of primary to second turns on the transformer need to be

A. 1:100. B. 100:1. C. Neither of these.

19. Magnet A has twice the magnetic field strength the Magnet B and also at a specific distance traction on magnet B through a force of 100 N. The amount of pressure that magnet A exerts top top magnet B is

A. In ~ or around 50 N. B. Precisely 100 N. C. Much more information is needed.

Reasoning: based upon the Newton"s third law, they apply equal and opposite forces.

20. The primary of a transformer is the coil associated to

A. The load. B. The Internet. C. the strength line. D. No one of these.

21. Transformers usage ac therefore there will be the required

A. Transfer of energy from coil to coil. B. Voltage for transformation. C. Adjust in magnetic ar for operation. D. Adjust in intake current. E. Magnetic field intensities.

22. As soon as a bar magnet is damaged in two, each item is

A. As magnetic together the original magnet. B. Actually more powerful than the initial magnet. C. In ~ most half as solid as the initial magnet. D. No much longer magnetic.

23. The metal detectors that human being walk v at airports operate via

A. Ohm"s law. B. Faraday"s law. C. Coulomb"s law. D. Newton"s laws. E. Civil laws.

Reasoning: check out chapter 25.

24. A possible cause because that the existence of the Earth"s magnetic field is

A. Relocating charges in the liquid part of the Earth"s core. B. Great numbers of very slow moving charges in the Earth. C. Convection currents in the liquid part of the Earth"s core. D. Every one of these. E. None of these.

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25. A machine that transforms electric energy to mechanical energy is a

A. Generator. B. motor. C. Transformer. D. Magnet. E. No one of these.