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Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Lucas arts Publisher: Lucas art ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: April 8, 2008

You deserve to use jedi Holocrons to find artwork and sometimes ceats throughout the game, you can find Holocroms by damaging stuff, going to concealed areas, etc. Girlfriend can obtain a Hlocron by simply walking through it. That will display the # the Holocrons you have actually out that how plenty of there space in the game, which is 200. Holocrons space in every level, including the prologue.

Rahm Kota is a difficult old man, however you"re gonna placed him the end of his misery anyway. First, ns would imply jumping approximately like a maniac and also attack that every 5 mins. If girlfriend don"t wanna execute that, lock onto him, and also unleash the complete power the the dark next on him. If you gain into a lightsaber battle, if girlfriend overpower him, electrocute him so he"ll know who he"s dealing with. Every when in a if I"d suggest running turn off to acquire health, since it"ll take it awhile to kill him. Use the saber throw for long-distance attacks, and also repulse or every little thing it is to reason an earthquake top top Kota. And also if the works, litter stuff at him. Follow this, and also he"ll be blind in floating out into room in no time.

On the death Star you have actually to ruin the tractorbeam. You an initial must break the force ar infront of tractor beam by making use of your pressure pushagainst the force field generator, i beg your pardon is onthe left sheet of the force field and also on theopposite side. After ~ breaking pressure field, threelarge generators will certainly be in prior of you. Forcegrab and also throw all 3 to destroy. There willbe TIE fighters paris by you on the platform.look throughout their paris zone and you will check out twosmall generators on the left and also right. Forcegrab a TIE fighter as it flys by and also force throwinto the generators to totally destroy tractorbeam.

When facing a adversary who has a lightsaber it canbe difficult to fight them with your lightsaber. Whenyou room in a saberlock or a forcelock madness thebuttons top top the display over and over. Payattention due to the fact that sometimes they will change.Once you win the saber/force lock her opponentwill be stunned. Use the pressure sprint (R1) andattack them then easily press square. Carry out thisover and also over and you will certainly beat bad guys quickly.

Reach a checkpoint the is just before a largegroup of enemies. Purposely die throughout thebattle. Every time girlfriend respawn in ~ thecheckpoint, your Force suggest total will remainintact. Repeat the battle to build your ForcePoints.

In the cheats menu, go into these codes:AAYLA - Aayla Secura suitBENKENOBI- Obi WanCHOSENONE- AnakinHIDDENFEAR- Darth PhobosHOLOGRAM- ProxyJEDIMASTER- Mace WinduPALPATINE- The EmporrorMRISBROOD- Maris BroodTOGRUTA- Shaak TiT16WOMPRAT- LukeYELLOWJCKT - Yavin 4 LukeNERFHERDER- Han SoloMARAJADE- Mara JadeECLIPSE- Juno EclipseACOLYTE- Asajj VentressMAVERICK- Qui- Gon JinnSCOUNDREL- Lando CalrissianTK421- StormtrooperSITHLORD- Darth VaderZABRAK- Darth MaulLEGION- Clone TrooperBONUS CHEATS:HURRIKANE- every lightsaber crystalsCORTOSIS- endless HealthSPEEDER- 1,000,000 pressure points

Enter "JEDIMASTER" in the cheat codes sectionon the rogue shadow,and you must haveunlocked mace windu.

After you defeat the rouge Jedi the second time, friend will be able to upgrade your forcepowers come a greater level.

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