Seventh SonIt has long been believed in Europe and the United says that a seventh child is specifically lucky or gifted with occult powers, and that the seventh child of a seventh son has healing powers. In Scotland, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter was stated to have the gift that second sight (prophetic vision). In Ireland, the saliva of a seventh kid was claimed to have healing properties. However, in Romanian folklore, a seventh son was thought to be fated to become a vampire.

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As at an early stage as the start of the seventeenth century, the Diary that Walter Yonge 1604-1628 (published through the Camden Society, 1847, edited by G. Roberts) had a an adverse reference to the healing powers of a seventh son:

"In January, 1606-7, that is reported from London by credible letters, that a son being the seventh kid of his mother, and also no woman boy born between, healeth deaf, blind, and also lame; however the parents of the child are popish, as so plenty of say as are healed by it. The Bishop the London, physician Vaughan, led to divers come be brought to the kid as aforesaid, who claimed a quick prayer as implemented his hand upon, together "tis said he did unto others; yet no miracle followeth any, so that it appeareth to it is in a plain lie created to victory grace to the popish faction."

Thomas Lupton, in the 2nd edition of his book A Thousand noteworthy Things (1660), noted, "It is manifest, through experience, the the seventh masculine child, by simply order (never a girl or wench being born between) doth heal just with touching (through a herbal gift) the king"s angry , i beg your pardon is a distinct gift of God, offered to kings and also queens, as daily experience doth witnesse."

In France, over there was additionally a legacy that a seventh son had actually the strength to cure the king"s evil. the was dubbed a "Marcou" and branded through a fleur-de-lis. The Marcou breathed ~ above the part affected, or rather the patient touch the Marcou"s fleur-de-lis.

Robert Chambers, in his domestic Annals of Scotland indigenous the improvement to the transformation (1858), stated that in February 1682, a details Hugh McGie, "… offered in a invoice to the Privy Council, representing that, by the exercise of other nations, any kind of tradesman having seven sons together, there is no the intervention of a daughter, is declared totally free of all public burdens and taxes, and has various other encouragements bestowed top top him, to enable him to bring up the said youngsters for the use and also benefit that the commonwealth; and claiming a similar privilege on the stamin of his having that qualification. The Council recommended the magistrates to take it Hugh"s seven sons into factor to consider when they laid their "stents" (trade taxes) upon him."

A tradition in Donegal, Ireland, asserted that the healing powers of a seventh son forced a one-of-a-kind ceremony at the moment of the infant"s birth. The woman who got the son in her arms should location in that hand whatever substance she chose that he have to use to heal in later on life. This substance can be steel (e.g., a silver coin) or a usual substance choose salt, or even hair; when the boy was old enough, it would rub the substance and the patience would use it come an afflicted part for healing purposes. There was likewise an ireland tradition comparable to the Scottish id that a seventh kid of a seventh boy possessed prophetic as well as healing powers.

There to be a general id in Britain that the seventh boy of a seventh son was destined to be a physician and also would have an intuitive understanding of the arts of healing, frequently curing a patient simply by poignant an afflicted part. This belief likewise extended to the saturday daughter of a seventh daughter. A contributor to note & Queries (June 12, 1852) observed: "InSaltash Street, Plymouth , my girlfriend copied, ~ above the 10th December, 1851, the following inscription ~ above a board, denote the profession and claims the the inhabitant: "A. Shepherd, the third seventh daughter, Doctress.""

The belief in the healing strength of a seventh child of a seventh son has actually persisted into the twenty century, and also there are two irish healers of this kind: Danny Gallagher and Finbarr Nolan. Both room "touch healers," back Gallagher additionally "blesses" soil that is to be mixed with water and applied to the afflicted area of the patient; both healers introduce a succession of two or 3 visits because that maximum healing. They are credited with amazing cures. Gallagher is reported to have restored the vision of a woman remote for twenty-two years, and Nolan claims to have efficiently healed injured race horses as well as human beings.


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