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Jealousy and also Regret through rasengan_welch
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Spring,the season the love was in progress.Red and also white can be seen anywhere the village,shaped together hearts and also other lover things.This supposed that Valentine"s work was getting near.Only a week far at least.Almost everybody who wanted to walk to the events had a date:Shikamaru:Temari(forced)Kiba:Hinata (he begged for it)Neji:Tenten(she bugged him to death)But the only civilization who quiet didn"t have a date was Ino,Naruto,Sasuke,and Sakura.But Sasuke was much less likely to go at all.And mentioning Haruno and also Uzumaki,they to be in one of their everyday conversations.Consisting that Naruto popping the question over and also over again."Sakura?" Naruto pleaded,following his woman team member anywhere konoha,"No,Naruto..." "Sakura?" "No.." "Sakura? please?" "NO!" "But it"ll be fun!" "I said no,I"m going with Sasuke!""But the show-off isn"t also going!" "I"ll make him come,then." "If that doesn"t,then will certainly you go with me?" "NO!" she yelled out,being heard halfway across the district they were in."But.." the begged also more,people then started to group them,wondering why a girl would certainly say "no" so many times."Hey,come on! offer the guy a chance!" a man dubbed out,"Yeah,you speak no,but you might like it." a younger woman agreed.Then even more people came over to shot and convince Sakura."It"s nearly Valentine"s Day.How can you speak no?" one more man said,Sakura growled come herself and had already lost her temper.Everyone around her was talking and wouldn"t stop.Now she had finally snapped."NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!" she screamed,"I"M not GOING OUT v NARUTO!! HE"S ANNOYING,FOOLISH,AND STUPID!" she climate pointed at him in great anger,"JUST LOOK at HIM,WOULD YOU ever before WANT TO be ALONE WITH...THAT?!?!"Everyone looked under at Naruto that was ~ above his knees,hands clapped together,pouting through puppy-dog eyes,and whatever else needed."Mmm,I don"t view anything wrong with "em." a woman commented,"Agreed,he looks choose he"s the form to law a girl nice." a old male mentioned."FOR THE critical TIME,NO means NO,NARUTO!!!" everyone left the two v groans and also their very own remarks *yes,everything the you"re thinking*Sakura turned and left the rotate down,and drooping Naruto.He make the efforts hard,even got assist from the various other villagers,but nothing worked."Sakura.." he believed to himself,a zero then extended his position.He turned about to check out Ino behind him."Hi,Naruto.why space you on the floor? did you lose something?" Naruto arose and looked away with no emotion shown,heartbroken,"The only thing i did shed was my spirit." Ino had actually put on a concerned look,"Why? What happened?"Naruto looked in ~ her and then in ~ the floor,"I don"t wanna talk about it.." "Come on,you deserve to tell me." Naruto looked in ~ Ino once more,since she proved that she cared about his troubles and also feelings."It"s..Sakura,she won"t perform anything with me for valentines day,no matter just how much i begged.." "So that"s why you to be on the floor? but anyway,why would you want Sakura? You know you wouldn"t have a possibility with her.She"s also violent."He continued to remain at his post,"..." "I average really,it"s like she has no feeling of emotion for anyone yet Sasuke.So that"s why i realized just how stupid ns was come love someone that doesn"t love me back.Poor Sakura.." she ended,shaking she head in pity.Naruto quiet hasn"t moved,but was lost in thought,"Maybe Ino might..".He got her hands and brought castle up between them both as he walk closer."Will you spend Valentine"s Day through me? ns promise I"ll do good" Ino turned pink as she stared right into Naruto"s deep blue eyes,"I..." "Is this..Naruto?" she thought."Well..Sasuke isn"t going to any of the events so i guess ns could.I"m no doing anything rather on that day,anyway." Naruto grinned at her from ear come ear,"Thanks,Ino! I"ll do our Valentine"s job a time friend won"t forget!"He hugged her and ran off through a wave.Ino stared together her human body was shedding balance.She slumped under onto the floor,confused."Naruto just..hugged me?" she claimed to herself.Much like exactly how Hinata would certainly be at any time Naruto gained near her,Ino"s cheeks walk red and her challenge got pinker in ~ the believed of castle on a day for the an initial time.But first,they had actually to get to know each various other better.
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