Joe Ligon, left, in addition to Wilbert Williams, center, and Michael McCowin that the Grammy-winning gospel team Mighty Clouds the Joy.
Reporting indigenous Nashville, Tenn. —Singer Joe Ligon, the dynamic frontman the the Grammy-winning gospel group Mighty Clouds that Joy, has died. He was 80.

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Ligon passed away Sunday in Georgia, his manager, Isaac Lindsey, said.

Ligon to be born in Troy, Ala., moved to Los Angeles and started the gospel quartet in the 1950s. They were affected by R&B teams such as the Temptations, as well as the Rev. Julius Cheeks, a Los Angeles singer well-known for his baritone voice and also onstage antics.

The original members that the band had Johnny Martin, Elmo and Ermant Franklin, Leon Polk and Richard Wallace. They winner back-to-back Grammy Awards in 1978 and 1979 for finest soul gospel performance, traditional, and again in 1991 for best traditional spirit gospel album.

“Steal far to Jesus” was their very first recording in 1960, with their very first album debuting in 1961 on Peacock Records.

With a singing style acquired from southerly Baptist churches, Ligon would certainly shout, scream and jump right into the crowds, i beg your pardon he called “cuttin’ the fool,” and also would supply sermons in between songs. Amongst Mighty Clouds that Joy’s most renowned songs: “Time,” i m sorry crossed end to the R&B charts in 1974, and also “Mighty High,” a 1975 disco hit.

They became the an initial gospel action to show up on the TV display “Soul Train,” i m sorry earned castle criticism amongst traditional gospel music fans.

“We were among the an initial groups come do modern gospel. And we acquired stoned for it,” Ligon claimed in a 1993 interview.

Their crossover success carried them included recognition, and they opened up for the rolling Stones, Paul Simon and also Aretha Franklin. Lock played for President Carter and toured generally overseas.

Ligon told the connected Press the at the age of 56 he can hit every note that he can at the age of 18.

“Gospel singers nothing retire, girlfriend know, they just die doing what castle do,” the said.

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