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a video game by Rockstar mountain Diego
Platforms: XBox, playstation 2
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 evaluation
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 12 votes
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Arcade gyeongju games fall in and out that popularity yet at the elevation of few of their greatest competitive years, Rockstar Game’s Midnight society 3: DUB execution Remix was vying because that the throne that top-dog. That competition—the much-loved primary adversary in require for Speed: most Wanted. However, through Midnight club 3’s remarkable handling regulate of the cars, encouraged racing wheel functionality, high-octane speeds v night city environments comparable to the burnout series, and also a plethora of vehicles and also music to pick from—this video game was chock-full of hours of enjoyment and quality racing.

Highlight that the Series

Midnight society 3 bring away its ar as a midpoint that the series and also, spring back, the many beloved.


With a stunning mix the open-world plainly inspired by its publisher’s even an ext popular collection of grand Theft Auto—Midnight society 3 blends high-octane races consisting of all way of souped-up cars, SUVs, and also motorcycles; almost infinite customization of all its vehicles; while also carrying you through four main playable fully-realized open up world locations of Atlanta, Detroit, mountain Diego and, details to the Remix version, Tokyo. Every the places have actually their very own feel and also with an remarkable soundtrack including over 120 songs—there is no shortage of contents in this game.

Arcade vs. Realism

Midnight society 3 was originally released previously in the very same year of need for Speed: most Wanted—which debuted ~ above both the PS2 and also Xbox and their following console generation through the Xbox 360 and also PS3. That being said, need for rate was an essential in a readjust of the genre that strayed from totally arcade racers, and also instead combined the likes of realism and racing to different itself. Admittedly, that collection would toe the heat of realism and also arcade, but Midnight society 3 to be a predecessor, and an ext inspired by gamings of the time like the very popular exhausted series. The being said, as opposed to stated driving mechanics like something you might encounter in the Forza or Gran Turismo series, you discover in this video game the capacity to crash right into oncoming vehicles(knocking them the end of the way), or also slowing under time to conveniently maneuver a difficult situation (a distinct move further popularized through Franklin in GTA V). And, that being mentioned, the impetus of this video game that brought over to the GTA series in IV and V is amazing to see.

The complete Package

It’s always exciting come play a video game that shows all the finest the collection has come offer—and Midnight society 3 DUB edition Remix is clearly the high-point of this one. V its follow-up in Midnight Club: Los Angeles, nothing to be diminished but it simply didn’t it seems ~ to exploit the lightning in the party that the predecessor did.

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This game, lot like burnout 3: Takedown, require for Speed: many Wanted, or Forza Horizon 4 is a high-point of a great series by acquisition all the contents that make it famous and turning them as much as 11.

Where music choice, environment, car/motorcycle design, monitor design, customization, and also multiplayer all mesh into one complete game—you have an entry that simply cannot be missed.


Four remarkable open people for racingTons of cars, motorcycles and also SUVs to customize Killer soundtrackGreat multiplayer component and modes because that replayability


Some occasional drops in framerateArcady feel have the right to sometimes diminish immersion