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Review Questions: Newton"s legislations of Motion


Multiple choice Questions1. The propensity of objects to stand up to a readjust in motion is called: a. Friction b. Velocity c. Inertia d. Acceleration e. Gravity2. And it is measure up by that a. Rate b. Velocity c. Mass d. ...all that these.3. The pressure required to maintain a body at continuous velocity in cost-free space is equal to: a. The mass of the human body b.

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Zero c. The weight of the human body d. The force required to stop it e. No one of these.

Reasoning: For an item to move at consistent velocity (meaning zero acceleration) the net force must be equal to zero.

4. This is in accordance v the legislation of: a. Inertia b. Action/reaction c. Gravitation d. Power conservation.5. In the lack of wait resistance, a boulder and also a pebble to reduce from rest will loss with equal: a. Momenta b. Accelerations c. Kinetic energies d. ...all these.6. The reason that this amount is not higher for the more heavier boulder than for the lighter pebble is that: a. Both the boulder and the pebble loss at the very same speed. B. The initial potential energies of every is the same. C. Gravitational pressure acting on every is the same. d. The higher gravitational force on the boulder acts on a correspondingly better mass.

Reasoning: see web page 62, figure 4.10, in your textbook.

7. A heavy man and a light man parachute together from a high-flying plane. The very first man to attain zero acceleration will be the: a. Light man b. Hefty man c. Both will attain zero acceleration at the exact same time.8. Because: a. The gravitational force on each man is the same. B. The the lesser gravitational pressure acting on the lighter man. C. Air resistance will ultimately counterbalance the weights of both men. d. The lighter male will not have to autumn for as long a time before the air resistance amounts to his weight.9. In which situation would you have actually the biggest mass of gold? If you chunk of gold weighed 1 N on the: a. Moon b. Planet c. Planet Jupiter d. ....would it is in the exact same on each.

Reasoning: The gravitational acceleration ~ above the moon is 1/6 that the earth. To have actually the exact same weight, we need much more mass for the thing on the moon.

10. This is because: a. ~ above the moon a better mass of yellow is forced for the gravitational force to equal 1 N. B. Weight and also mass are directly proportional to every other. C. Gravitational pressure per mass is greatest on the most huge planet.

11. A 100-N small invernessgangshow.net kind hangs ~ above a rope suspended over a wheel as shown. The stress in the rope is:


a. 0 N b. 50 N c. 100 N d. 200 N

12. The is interesting to keep in mind that:

a. The stress in the rope at this midpoint (uppermost part) is 100 N. B. This is a modification tug o" war instance (simply draped over a pulley). C. The net force acting ~ above the rope is in this instance identical to the child"s weight.

13. If one 800-N male hangs motionless from 4 vertical strangds that rope, climate the tension in each strand the rope is:

a. 0 N b. 200 N c. 400 N d. 800 N

14. Which results in a net pressure on the male of

a. 0 N b. 200 N c. 400 N d. 800 N

Reasoning:Since the male is motionless, the net force on him need to be zero.

15. Neglecting wait resistance, friction, and rotational inertia the the wheels, if two the same cars, one empty and also the other with four heavy passengers, begin rolling under a hill together, the heavier automobile will get to the bottom: a. Prior to the north car, b. ~ the empty car, c. At the very same time as the empty car.16. While in the existence of wait resistance, the heavier auto will get to the bottom: a. Before the empty car. B. After the north car. C. In ~ the same time as the north car.

Reasoning:When there is wait resistance, the motion of the heavier automobile will be much less retarded. It will reach the bottom before the lighter car.

17. A 100-newton sack of potatoes drops from one airplane. Together the velocity of loss increases, the air resistance exhilaration on the falling sack likewise increases. As soon as air resistance equates to 100 N, the acceleration that the sack will be: a. Zero b. 4.9 m/s2 c. 9.8 m/s2 d. 100 m/s218. And also the velocity the the sack will certainly be: a. 0 m/s b. 4.9 m/s c. 9.8 m/s d. 100 m/s e. Constant.19. In referring to how much matter a human body contains, we usage the term: a. Volume b. Mass c. Weight20. And also the force of gravitational attraction ~ above a body is: a. Weight b. Volume c. Mass.21. An elephant and a feather autumn through the air. The force of waiting resistance is best on the: a. Feather b. Elephant c. ...the same on each22. Because: a. The feather weighs less. b. The elephant encounters much more air because of his greater size. C. Each is under the affect of gravitational pressure alone.23. If an object has double as lot mass as another, climate it also has double as much: a. Acceleration b. Weight c. Center of gravity d. Area24. This is because: a. That inertia b. Mass and also weight are straight proportional to each various other c. The gravitational force acting on every objects in the very same locality is the same.

25. If a body is relocating at constant velocity along a straight line, it should have:

a. A constant net pressure acting upon the b. Constant non-zero acceleration c. Continuous speed d.

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None the the above.