"Hi Pete... I have a question. Do guys provide girls gifts or anything, just since or is there hidden definition behind what they provide us women?

Thank you. Tara"

When a not-so-specific form of guy provides you a gift, there"s always a definition behind it.

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However, what is actually being hid from girlfriend is not so obvious to him and also possibly to you.

I recently had actually a conversation through a gentlemen who thought it was it s okay to give a woman a gift beforehand in the dating stage and also I don"t agree with him.

He claimed it to be a "romantic gesture" to display her the he felt she to be special and how he would go the extra mile because that her. He described there"s nothing not correct with mirroring a woman that he cares for her.

In his psychic - showing HE CARES and GIFT giving were connected and also that that would intend the mrs to "get his hint".

Clearly the missed the reality that there are numerous ways to display a mrs you care for her the don"t have a physics gift attached to it, yet that"s neither right here nor there now.

According come him there to be a definite an interpretation to his gesture. He"s hinting in ~ something he desires you come get, but can not (or walk not) want to to speak it directly.

He"s interested in you past friendship. He"s hoping you"ll favor him much more or in ~ least start to feel something based on the plan sincerity behind the gift.

Then what IS the trying come hide from friend or himself? What"s the REAL hidden meaning?

He doesn"t feel an excellent or skillful enough to lure you.

He"s make the efforts to admire you.

He to trust he has to make himself look much better in her eyes, that you"re much better than him.

He"s trying come prove he"s make a an excellent provider someday and he"d be there to take treatment of you.

He is trying come buy her love and affection behind the mask that "supposed" romance.

He to trust you"re in fee of a mating procedure he does not understand.

YOU room the chooser.

HE is the chaser.

Clearly, he doesn"t understand how attraction functions for women, the human being mating process, and also won"t recognize it to himself or others that if he desires a an ext productive route to love and dating, the must discover some other means to do things much easier on him and also women too.

He doesn"t desire you to know he"s a form two male who simply doesn"t acquire it.

*A kind one can give friend a gift if it"s a deeper part of your character, however as much as his interest or intention to further day you, the won"t expose much and leave you an ext confused. So for type ones- you re welcome don"t read right into it also much because you"ll only get an ext confused.

So yeah -there"s definitely a lot an ext going on underneath the surface but is currently no longer surprise from you.

The ACTUAL gifts, what they are, what they represent, and the article a guy could be intending to send girlfriend are somewhat of a various story due to the fact that of the connection you"ve currently made and the endless gifts which deserve to be offered to you.

Here"s an write-up I composed which breaks under a few real gifts given and also the article a guy could be trying come send you:

What Is he Trying to Tell You? must You call Him girlfriend Don"t like Them?

Here"s part other meanings behind the gift giving based upon his form and the connection you have actually with him.

When it"s a symbol of her love you currently share, a sweet something to remember, an encourage to make you laugh laugh or with out and also grab united state - climate yes... "Just because" appears to work great and i wouldn"t expect an ulterior motive.

When it"s a plea for your heart - an effort to raise your attraction - a blatant attempt to prove his worth over another guy - climate yes... The an interpretation is no so hidden and was extended above.

When it originates from a guy who tends to give much more than he accepts and also although it may be a little selfish, it"s just who that is... It"s hard to call if that gift way more 보다 the gift he provided to who else.

In THAT situation I"d assume it means nothing sexual - due to the fact that all his friends get something from him too.

When you"re both single method he"s trying to court you, convince you to date him, and also wants to show you just how special he think you are to him.

If the does it also early, uneven it"s a society thing, he most likely doesn"t believe he can lure you without it and also he"s hoping you"ll get the hint.

If that does it in a relationship and also is no trying to comprise for a wrong he think he made, it"s more than likely meant to be symbol of his love because that you.

All in all.

A gift ALWAYS way something and also it have the right to tell girlfriend a lot about the person providing it.

Thank friend Tara for the wonderful gift that your good question.

We"ll talk again real soon.

Some additional reading simply for you:

Your inquiry reminds me the an post in the "man-chives" in ~ DiaLteG TM. Carlos provides advice to guys on the rule of gift-giving. Although the is created for men, the can assist you decipher why a guy could be offering you a gift based upon your existing relationship through him.

Gifts early should be aligned toward enhancing the suffer of her time together, not to admire a woman.

Hold off on the flowers and also the candy till you’ve accumulated some real rapport and also interest from her, then your gifts will it is in appreciated.

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From Why carry out Guys:

Understanding any Man beginning Here, appropriate Now!


There space 3 critical reasons why you need to read this publication IMMEDIATELY:

♦ If you’re not certain what his kind is, friend could misread everything he claims & does which leads to more confusion and also making mistakes with him that will certainly hurt.

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About the author:Understanding guys does not need to be complicated. Let me present you how and why too. There are only two species of guys and knowing this fact transforms everything. If friend don’t know his type you could misinterpret every little thing he says or does together it relates come you.

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Hi Pete, uhm… I simply want come ask or clarification something. Lately, there’s this details guy who always throw part sweet punchlines for me and he always compliments me. He always says that I’m beautiful and he constantly says that he likes mine smile. But sometimes, he fully ignores me. But after couple of minutes, the will approach me and act sweet favor he always does. The following day, us were preparing for a party, I have actually a gut girlfriend helping me through the decorations and also he’s saying something prefer he’s gift jealous. Then, in ~ the day of the party, it was so unanticipated for he gave me a gift. And also I remember that I stated that I desire that thing and also he is approximately that time. So, from that, what can you conclude? go that guy likes me or he’s simply being trusted or whatsoever? I’m hoping for your response, thank you.


Hi Pete,So I became friends through this guy around six month ago. We met while working on a project and also clicked really quickly. The man seemed an extremely interested (and i felt attracted) native the beginning, asked very particular questions about my interests and also tastes and also we talked fairly a lot. Three months after ~ we first met I found myself chatting daily with him and also waiting impatiently for the weekly project meetings for united state to acquire to talk more. Roughly this time I began to an alert some things about him which i didn’t see before and started feeling that probably the special treatment he confirmed me wasn’t specifically special and also I feel that ns was practically sure to build feelings because that him which he might not reciprocate so i asked him the we talk less since I didn’t understand where this was going. The man said that he thought of me as a really close girlfriend whom he trusts and that even though it would “hurt” him to be far-off he’d do it because that me. After at some point we speak again; he to know I’ve been under so lot stress with my master lately therefore we ended up by saying that everything it is we agreed upon was the an outcome of so much stress and that points will be fine later. He kept messaging me after that and checking up on how I was doing and also asking if he can do anything to help. Ns was typically cold and also responded with very small and didn’t start conversation other than for very few times in the critical 3 months. I remember him once telling me the it was entirely okay if ns responded coldly due to the fact that he knew ns was tired, so no worries!

We haven’t met in 2 months time, however we regulated to check out each various other 2 weeks back in a team meeting. To mine surprise, he obtained me an very thoughtful (and sort of expensive) gift together a “graduation gift” through a tiny note which that signed “your girlfriend