Yoroshiku onegaishimasu is a frequently used phrase once meeting someone because that the first time. Is over there a more suitable expression that would an ext accurately convey pretty to meet you? can I say oaide kite ureshii desu?


It counts on what you average by "nice to accomplish you"

a) together the phrase, wherein it tote no / very little definition of actually being happy to have actually met the human (instead of never finishing up meeting)

If a), "はじめまして" is probably the most organic one.

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b) come express actual happiness of gaining to meet the person, e.g as soon as you have been yes, really looking forward for it.

If b), ns can"t come up with anything an extremely good, but maybe "あえてうれしい" or "やっとあえてよかった" (The latter one is stressing more the fact that you have actually been waiting, i.e. Would be prefer "I to be glad I lastly got to accomplish you"

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answered Aug 13 "19 at 7:35

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If the is towards a 目上の人, you deserve to use 目にかかる.


But that"s an ext of "It"s quite to watch you (again)" quite than "Nice to satisfy you (first time)".

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answer Aug 13 "19 at 14:42

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