When you require your preventive tire, the last thing you want is to find that girlfriend can’t accessibility it because you don’t know where the an essential is to relax your spare tire hoist. This can be of specific concern if you have a offered Ford F-150 whose initial owner lost the vital or failed come hand that over throughout the sale.

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If you’re trying to take the end your preventive tire only to find you absence the crucial you need, there’s an excellent news. Getting around the spare tire lock is a simple process that requires simply a couple of basic auto repair tools. Follow this steps and you’ll have actually your spare tire free and on your truck before you understand it so you have the right to get earlier on the road.

1. Gather your Tools

Before acquiring started, it’s beneficial to gather all the crucial tools together so they’re readily accessible for accessibility while working on the car. When picking a socket, opt because that an cheap variety. The removal procedure requires the socket to contort around the lock, so choosing a cheaper socket provides it just as simple to achieve and go not damage your finest 14 mm socket. To eliminate your spare tire, you’ll want:

14mm socketExtender, at least 2 feetHammerRatchet wrenchFlathead screwdriverCrankBlocks (optional)Jack (optional)

2. Park on a level Surface and Secure the Truck

When remove the spare tire, you will must strike your devices in a manner the can cause the truck to rock. If you execute not efficiently secure the truck, this can lead come an accident as soon as it rolls. If possible, park top top a level space. Connect your truck’s parking brake to decrease its capacity to roll, and also consider utilizing blocks top top the tires to additional secure her truck, an especially if you decide to elevate the truck.

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3. Certain the Socket to the Lock

To locate the channel to relax your preventive tire, look because that a little hole in the behind fender of your truck to the left that the license plate. This hole leader to a tube the will overview your devices to the locking device. Although the locks used to secure a Ford F-150 spare tire to the body of the truck space not a perfect match for a 14 mm socket, they are close enough that you have the right to make a standard 14 mm socket work. Attach your socket come as plenty of extenders as you have to reach the locking device.

Using a hammer, tenderness knock top top the other end of the extended machine in order come drivethe socket onto the lock. Due to the fact that the shape of the lock is virtually the exact same as a 14 mm socket, by adding the percussive force of the hammer you can pressure the socket to deform in order to envelop the lock. You have to see and feel your expansion moving in beyond the point where it originally met resistance.

Securing the socket come the lock have to not require too much force. Begin with tenderness taps and also increase the strength of your blows if essential until you feel the socket latch onto the lock.

4. Crank to release the spare Tire

Now that your socket is attached come the locking device, you have the right to use the to release your preventive tire. Affix a ratchet to your socket extension and also begin cranking. If the socket has adhered come the lock, you’ll view the tire start to lower down. Proceed cranking until you have fully released the spare tire and can eliminate it indigenous under the truck. As you pull the end the extension, you’ll an alert that the socket is no much longer attached to your extension and will have to be retrieved.

5. Advanced the truck if Needed

Before relocating on come the following step, girlfriend may pick to elevate the rear of your truck, as you’ll require to get underneath your truck. If you’re able to fit comfortably and safely under her tailgate there is no elevating, you can skip this step and move on to clearing the socket.

When elevating the truck, it’s particularly important to twin check that your truck is steady secured, both through a parking brake and also blocks or various other stabilization devices. Securing her truck before elevating ensures the it will certainly not shake or slip turn off the jack when you’re underneath, which deserve to be dangerous.

If you’re removing her spare tire, it’s most likely that you intend to placed it on on her truck ideal now. If that’s the case, make sure to ease the lug bolts on the tires being removed prior to lifting your truck in stimulate to make it less complicated to obtain the leverage you should loosen them.

6. Clean the Socket

Once underneath her truck, look come the area where you put the extension. You need to see a plastic tube running indigenous the bumper to the spare tires housing. This tubing offer to command your extension into location when inserted and can be moved out of place by hand without any special tools. As soon as removed, look because that the socket and also lock ~ above the spare tire housing. Using your flathead screwdriver, tenderness pry the socket loose.

7. Raise the preventive Hoist

With the lock assembly removed, your vehicle’s crank have to now have the ability to raise and lower the preventive without any special tools in the future. If you’re replacing your spare, ar it on the spare tires hoist before reversing your crank to raise that safely earlier up right into the housing. If you have actually not however purchased her replacement spare tire, simply raise the assembly through no tires to permit for for sure driving.

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Wendle Ford is Spokane’s premiere Ford dealership, so us know how much Ford vehicle drivers love their trucks. We hope this overview has assisted you gain the most out of her Ford F-150. If you’re interested in obtaining a new or offered Ford F-150, Wendle Ford is the location to go, so gain in touch or come the end to see united state today and see what we have to offer on ours lot.

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