Bird baths can be decorated with paint to entice birds, however using the right type of safe paint ensures the birds are not harmed in the process. In desperation, I search online just to obtain frustrated that i couldn’t find much information, so i did deep research and wrote my own basic answer here:Oil-based, latex, or acrylic exterior paint is safe for paint birdbaths. Latex and acrylic paints are safe for use on the insides that the basin once they room dried up, yet not oil-based paint. Oil-based paint is an ideal for use on other parts the the birdbath. All paint need to be dry before applying a new coat.

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While these space safe paints to paint your birdbath, there are more details that should be taken keep in mind of and other caveats and tips that will certainly play crucial role in paint your birdbath. Read top top for an ext details!

The importance of picking Safe Paints for Bird Baths


A safe repaint job is essential for birds to it is in a mainstay in her birdbaths in your backyard. The olden days of old and drab-looking concrete birdbaths are lengthy gone and also a basic fresh coat of paint have the right to really lighten increase the mood and also even attract much more birds to your birdbath. However, we have to ensure the paint we use for birdbaths is safe for birds’ consumption and also contact.

1. Birdbaths room Subjected to Outdoor Elements

Birdbaths are likewise constantly based on outdoor facets as castle are kept outdoors. Outdoor elements can wear the end on the wrong kind of paint chosen, producing toxic chemistry that will be unsafe because that birds’ usage and accidental consumption.

2. Repetitive Avian Usage

Repeated avian intake such as droppings, feathers, and other contaminants can cause inappropriate paint to be damaged, requiring an ext maintenance or potential harm to bird themselves.

Choosing The Safe and Right kind Of Paint


If she looking to repaint your birdbath, i’m going to it is in assuming you will be painting ~ above concrete come freshen increase its watch from that drab-looking grey, right? having said that, us would also want our bird to it is in safe using the birdbaths we set up.Please keep in mind the when picking your desired paint, shot not to scrimp top top the cost due to the fact that durable paint have the right to save more effort for maintenance in the lengthy term. As such, so your value as whole will be higher!To make things simple for your reference, i summarized the different safe paints you can use for your bird bathtub in the table below:Type the PaintPropertiesCostMaintenanceWhy you Should select ItOil-Based– Durable and more resistant to low temperatures 보다 latex paint– Smooth applications (no need for a second coat that paint)– Requires much less pre-paint cleanup: can be used to dirty surfaces– great for extending up imperfections– Looks lot richer than latex paint– CANNOT be used for within water container of birdbathMediumMediumYou prefer rich colors and you want to paint uneven, dirty surfaces. You just want to paint the non-basin area the the bird bath.Latex– easy application– Cheaper than acrylic paint– Cleanup is fast with soap and also water– Producesfewer attention fumesRequires fewer coats come cover a surface– CAN be supplied for within water container of bird bathLowHighYou want a cheap paint option and easy application. You weaken on durability.AcrylicGreater elasticity allows for good expansion and also contraction at different temperatures that stop flaking– Expensive but durableHighest resistance to the sun’s damage contrasted to latex and also oil-based paints– CAN be used for inside water container of bird bathHighLowYou don’t mind spending an ext money for far better value and durability.
As suggested earlier, there are 3 categories of external grade paints that are safe because that birds and also robust against the outdoors. Below are much more details:

1) Oil-based Paint


Oil-based repaint like that is name, oil-based. Oil-based paint is an ext durable 보다 latex paint but requires a longer period of time to totally dry off and its cleanup needs turpentine or paint thinner use.Oil-based paints space made through either alkyd (synthetic) or linseed (natural) oils. Alkyd paint is more common since it is less expensive and also tougher.Do keep in mind the the oil-based repaint that you purchase need to NOT be supplied on the inside of the container of the birdbath, as it is no safe because that bird consumption when it is worn down by nature end time. However, feel totally free to usage oil-based paint for painting other parts that the birdbath.Now if friend are ready to pick oil-based paint and also be favor Bob Ross, climate you deserve to go on front to repaint the exterior surfaces that the bird bath. If you have some oil-based repaint of her own, then walk ahead and also use it! However, for those of you who require some indict to discover oil-based paint, below are some referrals on Amazon:Recommendation #1 : lock Art provides Oil Paint set (24 tube of 0.4oz/12ml)

Latex repaint is water-based repaint and is comparable to acrylic paint, i beg your pardon is synthesized from acrylic resin. Latex paint is much simpler to work with than oil-based paint because it dries much more quickly, yet it is not as durable. Typically, latex is advantageous for huge painting projects for walls and ceilings. You have the right to use latex repaint for her birdbath if you have some to preventive from painting your house.Latex paint is an ideal for use on the insides the the water basin of her bird bath, as well as the various other exterior surfaces.Recommended Latex Paint: RUST-OLEUM’s 1938730 Painter’s Touch Latex Paint, Gloss Hunter eco-friendly (8 Oz/236ml)

Acrylic repaint is chemical-based and not water-based choose latex paint. As result of this trait, the requires paint thinners to be removed.An essential note as soon as using acrylic paints: it requires mindful handling once in use because there needs to be enough ventilation in her area due to the dangerous chemistry fumes the produces.Be careful! I indicate that you carry out this outdoors therefore you won’t inhale any type of nasty vapors.Acrylic paint is an ideal and for sure for usage on the insides that the water container on her bird bath, and the other parts of the bird bath.Recommended Acrylic Paint: Magicfly out Acrylic paint (set that 30 bottles of 2oz)
Metal, concrete, and also ceramic bird bathsI’m sure you’re now practically an expert on bird bath paints! However, you’ll additionally need to take into consideration what kind of repaint to usage for various bird bathtub materials. Metal birdbaths, concrete birdbaths, and also ceramic birdbaths have different surfaces so you’ll require different types of repaint for them.Here’s are some assets with their respective bird bath products they work-related well with:Recommended PaintType that PaintBird bath MaterialAmazon LinkRust-Oleum: painters Touch Latex, Gloss navy Blue, 32 Fl OzLatex/AcrylicWood, metal, plaster, masonry (concrete), and ceramicLinkRust-Oleum: stop Rust Brush top top Paint, Satin Hunter Green, 32 Fl OzOil and enamel (rust-resistant)Wood, metal, concrete, masonryLinkRust-Oleum: universal Enamel Spray Paint, Gloss Canary Yellow, 12 ozOil and also enamel (rust-resistant)Wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass, concrete, wicker, vinylLink
Great! currently you know that the form of repaint that functions for your birdbath. Now let’s talk around preparations needed prior to your painting project.

How to Prepare The Bird Bath for Painting

1) Cleanup

If her birdbath has been around for a while and you’ve not invested some time clean it up and dust that off, make sure you do so prior to you paint. In order for the paint to stay on well, the is important that you carry out a ideal clean up prior to we also get top top to any type of other steps.You’ll an initial need to prepare part soapy water and a stiff-bristled brush. Place a drop cloth on the bottom the the basin to collection all the debris. Climate you’ll require to shot your finest to eliminate all dirt and also debris that has actually probably accumulated on your birdbath basin. It is important to be thorough in ~ this step since it have the right to heavily weaken the top quality of your paint job later on on. Friend can also choose to include some trisodium phosphate systems to the soapy water come remove any type of old oils, grime, and mold. Climate rinse off all the residue. Then enable it to totally dry before continuing to other steps.

2) How To apply Concrete Sealers, Primers, and Paint

Applying a concrete sealer

Concrete sealers space coats the are used to the birdbath before even setting a primer. As concrete is porous and absorbs paint, it makes it complicated to apply paint. They serve the objective of sealing the concrete to avoid it from soaking up too lot of the paint. Girlfriend can get this one from Amazon here.

Applying a primer

A primer have the right to then be applied using one of two people a brush with bristles or a spray painter. The primer must be brushed on through even and also slow strokes for even application and also the ideal coverage. Climate it must be permitted to be fully dry before including a topcoat, then it is prepared for a cloak of paint.


In picking primers, make sure to use a primer that is ideal for the type of repaint you space using. If you room using latex paint, usage a latex-based primer. If you are using oil-based paints, use an oil-based primer. You can find an instance of one oil-based inside wall on Amazon here.

Applying the paint

Once the inside wall is fully dry, friend can add your preferred paint. I would suggest that you usage a clean brush and also thoroughly clean the insides that the sprayer if needed, prior to starting. As many paints will take at least two ring of coats of paint to finish, enable the an initial coat to dry fully before beginning on the topcoat.

3) Post-Paintjob Considerations

Once you’re done with the painting, you’ll want to think about some facets before you start filling the birdbath up and getting started. Right here are several of them:

Apply Concrete Sealant

This sealant is different from the concrete sealant as pointed out earlier. Sealant applied after paint permits for boosted UV protection and also the avoidance of the buildup of dust on the paint itself. When dirt drops onto the birdbath, the sealant protects the paint from it and also is quickly cleaned off. Ns would also suggest using a non-yellowing sealer to protect against an unwanted yellow tint on your repaint job. I have the Amazon link here again if you need it.

Make sure it dries completely

Not providing your birdbath ample time come dry completely can be a huge mistake in this repaint job. Make sure to offer it plenty of time come dry completely BEFORE you move it come its intended location in your backyard. Make sure the drop cloth, paint brushes, paint, and primer cans are sealed or disposed of accordingly. Remember that some of the paints have actually dangerous chemical fumes if inhaled in excess.

Keep your Bird bathtub Clean

Now you’ll desire to maintain and keep her birdbath clean together it will normally start to construct up with dirt over time. Ns wrote an additional article in detail on this so examine it the end here!

Additional principles For your Painted Bird Bath

I indicate going for a solitary color paint coat, climate pair the with various other decorations and ornaments. Or friend can also go because that a an ext colorful look with brightly colored repaint to make it stand out from the green vegetation in your backyard or garden. I would indicate going for red, orange, or yellow together these administer a really nice comparison from green. I actually wrote an additional article on the best colors for paint birdbaths here. I had a handy chart that details which color attracts what bird species. She gonna uncover it useful!One means to gain really an innovative with paint your birdbath would certainly be to squeeze under a diluted repaint from a sponge native the edges to the center. This is an example I discovered on Pinterest.
If you’re more artistic and want to go for a real painting, you can consider painting flower on the top to make it look prefer a flower. Ns found an example of this on Pinterest.

What Spray repaint Is safe For Bird Baths?

Spray paint that oil-based, latex, or acrylic is safe for paint bird baths. However, just latex and acrylic paint must be pce on the insides of the basin, not oil-based paint. Oil-based paint can be sprayed onto the other parts the the bird bath. Pce paint must be dry prior to spraying on a brand-new coat.

Is It safe To usage Spray repaint On A Bird Bath?

Spray paints are safe for painting bird baths. Bird baths have to only be spray painted through oil-based, acrylic, or latex paints, and oil-based paint should not be offered on the basins of bird baths. Rustoleum spray paint deserve to be provided for bird baths. Here’s an example:


This RUST-OLEUM Gloss Orange spray repaint is a mix that oil and enamel-based repaint that’s good and safe for paint bird baths. Girlfriend should also check the end this video on just how you can set up to spray paint your bird bath! can’t be loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: Spray paint Concrete Bird Bath….result is amazing!!!! (

Final Thoughts

Using bird-safe paints is extremely crucial for decorating and revamping her birdbath. I’m sure we all don’t want our feathered friend to get sick from using our birdbaths, nothing we? In this article, us have discussed how we have the right to do for this reason using various kinds the paints the have various strengths and weaknesses. So don’t delay if you’ve been thinking around doing this because that a lengthy time; the time come revamp her old concrete birdbath and also start attracting birds to her backyard!Happy painting!
JustinJustin is a hobbyist birder that hopes to share his birding knowledge with the world. His favorite bird is the Large-tailed Nightjar and he yes, really loves potato chips!

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