As a responsible pets owner, many folks desire to know just how much initiative it will certainly take to care for a pet, specifically when cleaning up after ~ them. So, how often should you intend your leopard gecko come poop?Hatchling and also juvenile leopard geckos may poop number of times a day, wherein adult leopard geckos may poop once every few days. Age, metabolism, and also amount that food consumed will all impact how often a leopard gecko poops.

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Just like humans (and other animals), there are a number of factors that influence the frequency of defecation. All people are a bit various in their digestive often does a leopard gecko poop?
When leopard geckos space young, they room eating frequently and also growing rapidly. During this rapid expansion stage the a an easy equation of much more goes in, an ext comes out. Adult leopard geckos might only feed when every 2 to three days, and therefore need to poop less frequently.

Where execute leopard geckos poop?

Just favor we have designated bathrooms, her leopard gecko will certainly usually choose a specific spot in the tank come poop. Typically this will certainly be in a edge of your enclosure.You can keep this in psychic when setup up your tank and also leave one edge clear to encourage her gecko to usage this clues for their toilet.It’s advantageous not only for cleanup, due to the fact that you (usually) know where to find it, and also makes it simpler to track how frequently they walk to the bathroom concerned how regularly they eat.

What walk leopard gecko poop look like?

You deserve to spot leopard gecko poop in her tank by spring for tiny brown and also white swirls. The darker brown part, as you deserve to guess, is the poop. The white part is urates, i m sorry is actually solid pee. You deserve to read much more about that in our post: carry out leopard geckos pee?Leopard Gecko PoopFresh Leopard Gecko Feces

Does leopard gecko poop smell?

Leopard gecko poop is reasonably small, and also doesn’t have actually a noticeable odor. Friend most likely won’t understand that your gecko has actually gone to the bathroom until you actually watch it in the tank (meanwhile ours cat deserve to clear a room after visiting the litter box.) You shouldn’t have actually odor problems with her leopard gecko, especially if she diligent clean up ~ it.

What if mine leopard gecko no pooping?

While it may be perfectly common if a leopard gecko goes numerous days there is no pooping, there may be expanded periods of time without passing part stool. If her leopard gecko hasn’t pooped for more than several days, it might be cause for concern. If that hasn’t to be eating, there won’t be anything to poop out; however you may want come visit a vet that committed in reptiles to find why her gecko has actually lost the appetite. This might be a authorize of other health issues.


Impaction might be one more reason why her leopard gecko isn’t pooping. Impaction way there is a blockage in the digestive system. This most generally happens as a result of utilizing sand together a substrate, and some of the sand is ingested.Related Post: discover out i beg your pardon substrates room safe in our article on leopard gecko substrate and also bedding.

Proper Temperature

Temperature may be one more factor. Leopard geckos rely on warmth from the floor (belly heat) to aid them digest your food. If the temperature is as well low, that will impact their capacity to digest. This is the reason we introduce under tanks heaters for leopard geckos.Temperatures should range from about 90 °F (32 °C) on the warm side of your enclosure ambient temperature, while the cool side have to be around 80°F (27 °C), through a dip into the 70s at night. Friend can discover out an ext about your leopard gecko’s heating demands on our habitat setup page.


Dehydration might be another reason a leopard gecko may have a problem pooping. Without enough moisture, the stool i will not ~ be able to type properly come pass through the cradle system. Leopard geckos get a fair amount of humidity from the insects they eat, despite still need to drink water. Related post:  Do leopard geckos drink water?A dehydrated leopard gecko will have slightly sunken in eyes, and the skin look at wrinkly or creased. Absence of urates (the white part of the poop) room sometimes very early sign that dehydration.

Wrap up: How frequently does a leopard gecko poop?

The brief answer is, that depends. As with individual world have slightly various digestive cycles, every leopard gecko might vary through the frequency and amount the feces.How often leopard geckos poop mostly on the period of the leopard gecko and the amount of food they space consuming, despite you should look to be clean up after castle at the very least every few days.
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