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I want to state right here that I offered the search feature (read nearly 200 results), and i checked in FAQ"s.How plenty of cartridges in a flat? im pretty sure a instance is ten boxes of twenty five shells or cartridges each, totaling 250. How plenty of cartridges, and/or boxes of 25 every flat?Thank you for your consideration and understanding. Huntinbull
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The confusion concerning a instance or a level of shotgun shells goes ago a couple of years. Because that many, numerous years, a instance of shotgun shells had 20 crate or 500 shells. Then, a few years ago, the ammo companies dropped the 20 box case and produced a "case" v 10 boxes. United state old timers still describe a instance as meaning a container that 20 boxes and also began to speak to the lesser packaging a "flat" definition half a case. Hope this helps. Ns still have actually a few of the older containers the will organize 20 boxes. I need to admit, the "flats" are much easier to move around.Johnpe

Its all due to inflation. 1 level of 10 boxes today costs about the same as a instance of 20 in the old days. I still mental the very first case (20 boxes) of Rem RXP"s ns bought price $46.00. As soon as the price starts to acquire too high, they just make the package smaller.

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Thanks because that the info. Now I know. Because that some factor I had actually it in mine head the a flat was one layer turn off a pallet, maybe four cases. Could not imagine exactly how some the the folks on here might shoot for this reason MUCH. LOL
HuntinbullOhio Hunter Ed and Trapper Ed Instructor. Christian Outdoorsman, share the bounty and also glory God has made.
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