I visited translation and also found 3 diffrent methods to speak "never mind".I"m really confused please aid me out.

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What confuses you? the there is more than one method to express a thought?

Probably one reason why you found several various ways of expressing the is that the phrase can have numerous nuances that meaning.

never mind=forget about it

never mind=don"t bother

never mind=never-the-less


So why would certainly you be puzzled that there are several means to interpret it?

Were "no dare preocupas" and also "Es igual" among your choices?

For never ever mind you might say: ¡pasa nada!

If negative words favor nada, nadie, nunca appear after the verb, you must include "no" prior to the verb:

¡No pasa nada!

If these words appear before the verb, the "no" can not be used.

thanks for that, ns realised later on that i should of said that, hope Sparkles has seen her correction, - kenwilliams, earlier 13, 2009

The expression "no hay de q" is only offered after thanks. Quite than "never mid", it would certainly be a son of "don"t mention it".

Me gusta a usar "Es igual." o "¡No pasa nada!" Con mi esposa y niños.


What around "no hay de que". So as you have the right to see sparkles many ways come express a thought, simply as in English. Wouldn"t books or conversation it is in boring if we simply used one speak or phrase.

I offered to use "nunca mente", because it seemed favor a literal meaning translation of "never mind". No idea exactly how that sounded, but I"ve long because switched to "no importa."

BlockquoteThe expression "no hay de qué" is only provided after thanks. Fairly than "never mid", it would certainly be a kid of "don"t cite it"

Could one not say "No hay de qué preocuparte" (or would certainly it need to be "No hay por qué preocuparte" or (I hope not) some other alternate that doesn"t also occur to me?

Lazarus said

The expression "no hay de qué" is only supplied after thanks. Fairly than "never mind", it would be a kind the "don"t cite it".

Thanks.I believed of don"t mention it yet I was additionally thinking along the lines, "I forgot to thank you because that the birthday card", reply "never psychic or don"t mention it". Yet this that course has actually the word thank in it. Any way, correction duly noted, hehe.

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