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Hashimoto Mayumi, a usual high school girl. She to plan on seek revenge on her classmate Kuroda Aya because that bullying and also torturing her. One day, she find a strange ad regarding sending tormentors to hell. Is this hotline come hell real? will she obtain her revenge?


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Yasuda-san is the helpless victim in this episode, and she is being bullied by a woman called Amiko Todaka-san whose husband operation a huge branch office. Unfortunately, she daughter is being bullied at institution as well and doesnt understand why everyone is so hostile towards her. Her husbands having a hellish time at occupational as well and blames his wife for beginning trouble with the bosss wife also though shes done nothing to reason this dilemma. As if that werent enough, Yasuda-san is accused of cheating on her husband with an additional man once in actuality she to be attacked and possibly also raped by the male that Todaka-san had actually sent to assault her. Yasuda-sans daughter doesnt recognize why her whole family is being victimized by Todoka-san, but she ~ no going allow it to continue any type of longer and also summons Enma Ai to aid her uncover past events that began this entirety mess.

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Cracked Maskclose

Ayaka is one aspiring actress that is adopted by Kurenai Midori since of she potential talent for acting, however its pretty noticeable from the an extremely beginning that she isnt nearly as talented or together gifted as her embraced mother had actually hoped for. Instead, she shows up to be rather clumsy and untalented since cant also get her duty as a weeping willow right, and she even has come endure one embarassing lecture indigenous her mom in prior of the whole class. She pathetically summons Emna Ai in wishes of to teach her mommy a class in mindset adjustment due to the fact that shes incapable of confronting her about it herself, yet she thinks twice about her decision in revenge after obtaining a glimpse the spending eternity in Hell.

quiet Acquaintancesclose

In this episode, Enma Ai meets a little girl that reminds her of something memorable. The girl"s dad is researching Jigoku Shoujo and also the Hell Correspondence, make the efforts to compose an write-up called "The Truth around the agent of Revenge" about them. His daughter however, acts weirdly as result of her encounter with Enma Ai, and also starts to view things related to the people seeking revenge. Meanwhile, Tanuma, a young woman, is out seeking revenge top top her former boss for harming her best friend and misrepresenting money.

Sweet Trapclose

Yuka Kasuga and her sister, Hiromi lastly fulfills their dream of opened a bakery, and allows one of their father"s friend, Shinya Morizaki come taste one of their father"s distinct creations. Morizaki stole the sisters" recipe, claiming it his own, leading to humiliation and bankruptcy. Yuka provides the Hotline to Hell to send Morizaki come hell.


Minami Shibuya intends to send her friend, Shiori Akasaka come hell. Shortly after, they came to be friends again and Shibuya made decision not to send Akasaka to hell. But, Akasaka was sent out to hell ~ accidentally pulling the cable on the straw doll.

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Masaya Kataoka seeks revenge versus journalist, Takashi Inagaki because that framing him and his so late father. Hajime Shibata is somehow associated as Inagaki to be his previous boss.

Overflowing Fragmentsclose

Akane Sawai quit going come school as result of emotional problems. Now, she locks herself up to her room and also only opens up up to she textmate, Yoshiki Fukasawa, that constantly visits she to check on her and also convinces her to walk to school. Sawai it s okay irritated through this, and is persuaded by she textmate come send Fukasawa come hell. She finds the end that her textmate is yes, really Fukusawa and also after coming to one understanding, Fukusawa convinces Sawai to send him come hell.

Purgatory Girlclose

Ai Enma, the girl native hell isn"t simply a recent event. This has been walk on for thousands of years. A man named Fukumoto send a man called Okawachi to hell using the Hell Correspondence, or The Hotline come Hell. Hajime Shibata witnessed him die before him for over fifty year ago.

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Sai Kirino looks for revenge because that the death of the father due to a an enig that exists in between him and also her major suspect, mayor Ryouzo Kusunoki. Hajime Shibata succeeded in making that apologize, however it was also late.

Island Girlclose

Mina Minato sends out her aunt, Fujie Minato come hell ~ finding the end that Fujie had murdered Mina"s mother. Mina and her friend was attacked by Fujie together well.

Night that The Itinerant Entertainersclose

Yumi and also Yuki, identical twin sisters, both work-related as circus performers. Yuki is lot favored 보다 Yumi. When Yuki is pampered, Yumi was abused, both verbally and physically. Since of this, Yumi sends her pair to hell by utilizing the Hell Correspondence.

Glass Scenaryclose

Hajime Shibata and his daughter were caught in a fog. They had uncovered themselves caught in an abandoned sanitarium. There, they uncovered the ghost of a vengeful girl called Nina.

bound Girlclose

Miki Kawakami finds herself and also her dogs enslaved by a rich and also evil women dubbed Meiko Shimono because Miki"s 2 collies bit her. Miki called Ai Enma v the Hotline to Hell when Meiko killed her dogs. It appears that Meiki had killed her very own parents as she wanted their inheritance.

Puppet Brideclose

An orphan, Inori Ujie was picked by she orphanage"s main benefactor, a doll maker, Kyogetsu Inori, to be she son"s bride. The requirements: Inori must act like a doll at all times. She is not allowed to execute anything, not even serve she husband breakfast. She was required to, for the sake of the orphanage. Inori sends Kyogetsu come hell, reasoning that she would have her time with her husband. But, it transforms out the her husband was no different than his mother...

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Television psychic, Gil de Ronfell aka L"Enfer cases himself as the Hell Boy, challanges Hell Girl, Ai Enma to a duel. It turns out to be a fatal mistake.

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Taking a break from their metropolitan lives, Yuko Murai and her father move to a farm. Your neighbor Ryosuke Sekine help them out on the farm. The father and also daughter"s crops turned out negative as they were overrun through pests. As result of alcoholism, Yuko"s dad dies. Yuko eventually found out the Sekine had sabotaged your crops and also attempts come send him come hell, however was persuaded not come by Hajime Shibata.

Rain that Regretclose

Heartbroken husband, Goro Suetsugu sends out his wife to hell after ~ finding out that she is cheating top top him. Hajime Shibata had failed to protect against him and he end up informing Goro a comparable tale top top his late wife, Ayumi.

The light of a Wardclose

Kanako Sakuragi, a kind and also sweet nurse was sent to hell by an unknown drug-addict. Hajime Shibata suspected the husband of a previous patient yet loses trail as soon as the human being he doubt is computer-illiterate.

The Twilight Villageclose

Hajime and Tsugumi Shibata room still searching for the Hell Girl. After finding out that they are concerned Sentaro Shibata, a previous friend of the Hell Girl, they are then faced by Ai Enma.

Hell Girlclose

It is revealed just how Ai Enma became the Hell Girl. It additionally turns the end that Ai Enma had been buried alive as a ritual sacrifice by Sentaro Shibata, her very own best friend.

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Ai Enma do the efforts to sway Tsugumi Shibata come send Hajime Shibata, her very own father, come hell. She urges Tsugumi to carry out so by using the situation of her late mother, Ayumi.