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Fire Emblem: route of Radiance Cheats for GameCube

get Stefan Stefan is a secreat swordmaster. You have the right to unlock the on Feral Frontier. To gain Stefan you need to move Lethe or Mordacai come a square in the in the top-right corner. Beginning from the top-right edge move 2 squares to the left and one down. If you relocate there Stefan will appear. If you move there with among your two laguz the will join your party. If you move there with any kind of Beorc than he will certainly appear and give you his S-Level Sword dubbed the pass out Katti. If you recruitment him that comes through the sword.

Contributed by: Thinkaman

acquire Ashera staff

The Ashera staff is a S level employee that heals every HP to every allied units. On the level v the priests, don"t death any and the priest will provide you the staff.

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Contributed by: Sessha99

article Ring

On level 19 girlfriend can obtain a mystery item dubbed the knight ring. To acquire do no kill the crows. Very first have among the hawks talk to the crow king and then the crow will talk to reyson. After ~ he talks to the falken he will not attack your units. If friend didn"t kill any kind of crows climate he will provide you a article ring and also then he will order the crows come retreat. If friend did kill a raven he will Not offer you the article ring but the crows will certainly still retreat. The items ring is one equip items that gives a unit extra activity like a knight.

Contributed by: Thinkaman

exactly how to achieve Rex Aura

In the last chapter a Bishop has actually Rex Aura equiped which friend cannot obtain in the game, however these 4 actions will assist you acquire this item. 1) quiet the Bishop 2) Wound the Bishop, till his HP is at the very least under half 3) The Bishop should use an Elixir come heal self (if not, try weakening him further). 4) by now, he should have actually de-equipped the Rex Aura, for this reason you have the right to steal it with a Thief.

Contributed by: materialweapon


After you finish the video game once and start a brand-new file, some characters will have bands. These bands increase some stat growths to the characters who equip them. You deserve to only equip one tape per character. The personalities that lug each band and the stat expansion bonus of every one is:

Unlockable Unlockable Shinon tote it. Muarim dead it. Boyd tote it. Gatrie carries it. loss the ceo in chapter 7. Oscar tote it. Marcia carries it. Rhys dead it. defeat the boss in thing 8. Mia tote it. loss the boss in chapter 3. Jill carries it.
Archer band (+5% SPD, +5% SKL)
Demi band (perm transform, laguz only)
Fighter tape (+5% HP, +5% STR)
Knight band (+5% STR, +5% DEF)
Mage tape (+10% MAG)
Paladin tape (+5% HP, +5% SPD)
Pegasus band (+5% LUCK, +5% RES)
Priest tape (+5% LUCK, +5% RES)
Soldier band (+5% HP, +5% DEF)
Sword tape (+5% SKL, +5% LUCK)
Thief tape (+5% SPD, +5% SKL)
Wyvern band (+5% STR, +5% DEF)

Contributed by: Lord_Kratos90, Astreiya

Unlock characters.

These personalities can only be play on attempt maps.

Unlockable Unlockable to win the video game fifteen time to win the video game ten times win the video game three time win the game seven time win the game five times

Contributed by: Cantius

Unlockable characters

Characters who join instantly will no be listed.

Unlockable Unlockable Speak to her with Ike read the Conversation before Chapter 20 Speak v Soren, Mist, Rolf, Tormod, or Sothe join if Dark items is not killed in chapter 27 Speak to him through Astrid must survive in thing 24 Speak v Jill Speak to her with Ike Let her speak come Ike free him and also speak to him in thing 10 read the conversation before Chapter 25 castle will join if they endure in thing 9 Speak come him with Marcia Speak to her with Ike Speak come her through Ike joins if Dark article is eliminated in thing 27 free them and speak to them with Ike in thing 10 review the Conversation prior to Chapter 18, complete Chapter 17, the expropriate his aid in thing 18 Speak come him through Rolf, then kill him v Ike. read the conversation before the thing move Lethe or Mordecai come the upper ideal area on the map Speak through Ike joins if you rental him in ~ the start of chapter 10 Speak to him with Lethe or Mordecai
Lethe and Mordecai(10)
Nephenee and Brom(11)

Contributed by: Get_Backer, Typh

display screen Bonus EXP

After beating the game on any difficulty setting, go to the alternatives menu upon beginning a brand-new game, once again that doesnt matter which difficulty. At the very bottom it says "Bonus EXP Display" this method that after every map, prior to you save your clearing data because that that details map it will certainly display an additional screen through a chart that adds increase your gained B.Exp for the level. Not only is this a great way to view what you can have gotten yet it tells you what they were worth.

Unlockable Unlockable beat the game Once top top Any difficulty
Bonus EXP Display

Contributed by: hikaruangel124

obtaining illustrations

By beating the game, you can get some illustrations

Unlockable Unlockable connect GBA v The spiritual Stones game pak affix GBA with the FE video game pak in the attach GBA v Fuuin no Tsurugi game pak complete the video game
FE: The spiritual Stones illustrations
Fire Emblem illustrations
Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi Illustrations (Japanese video game only)
Fire Emblem: path of Radiance illustrations

Contributed by: quezacotl68, ThunderMan

Fixed growth mode

Beat the video game once on any difficulty. Then start a brand-new game. As quickly as you start one, you will be able to play resolved growths mode, so your growths space fixed. That means that her growths will certainly go increase by a details amount, not random like before.

Unlockable Unlockable beat the game once.
Fixed growths mode

Contributed by: Marth9

trial Maps

To pat the attempt Maps, you need to beat the game and then select the "Epilouge" File. You can use the characters at the level friend left castle at with the weapons they had actually after the final Chapter (Endgame:Repatriation).

Unlockable Unlockable clean Story setting on any challenge clean Story mode on normal or difficult clear Story mode on an overwhelming affix GBA with an English FE game inserted attach GBA with the American Fire Emblem video game inserted attach GBA with spiritual Stones placed
Map 1- Hillside Battle
Map 2-Lonely Isle
Map 3-Strange Turn
Map 4-Desperation
Map 5-Escape
Map 6-Trapped

Contributed by: starindyford

Occult Scrolls

Occult Scrolls room items that grant characters certain skills depending on their class and also ONLY to advocated units. Because that example: one Occult used on a basic or Hallberbier will provide you Luna and also on a Sniper you"ll gain Deadeye. Over there are just 4 so be mindful on that you use it on.

Unlockable Unlockable chapter 13: The height left chest ~ above the Map. chapter 16: speak to Stefan ~ above the information at base if girlfriend recruited him. thing 21: recruit Tauroneo or Steal that from him. chapter 27: win the boss.
Occult scroll 1
Occult role 2
Occult role 3
Occult scroll 4

Contributed by: ThunderMan

Rotating character"s sprites

When you push Y on any unit and bring up their status screen, you have the right to rotate their sprite making use of the C-stick. This works on all varieties of units, also enemies. This can only be excellent after beating the game once on any kind of difficulty.

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Unlockable Unlockable win the video game once top top any challenge
Rotate character"s sprite

Contributed by: Dr. Citizens

Sound Room and also theater

The sound room hold the songs the you heard throughout the game and shows art job-related with every composition.The theatre shows all of the cinematics the you saw during the game.

Unlockable Unlockable finish Story mode finish Story mode
Sound Room

Contributed by: quezacotl68

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