i was currently using around 15 mods, however now once i began a brand-new game i have included some more. However suddenly in this brand-new game, mine pip-boy is kinda zoomed out and also its very tiny and difficult to see, still have the right to use it tho, yet you understand its an extremely annoying. Ns didn"t adjust my FoV and also my just pip-boy mod is greater resoltion map, which was functioning perfectly there is no any pest for weeks. 


I could try to disable those mods and test that in video game everytime, but it would certainly take ages just to fill saves and stuff...


Can you you re welcome look at screenshot what mods im using and what could possibly interfere with pipboy size?

P.S.: didnt uncover anything top top google, theres just civilization complaining around zoomed-in pipboy, thats not my case.


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Looks favor i solved it v fov 85 and also refreshini commands, thanks

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