The relation in between dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity is η = ρν and also ρ is the the density of the fluid.

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If ns soulibilise my polymer water. My inquiry is "can ns use density of water to calculation the dynamic viscosity ?"


Strictly speaking, you'd obviously need to use the solution's density. If the solution is dilute enough, its density will no be an extremely different from the thickness of water for this reason the latter may serve as a an excellent approximation.


Viscosity is a measure of a fluids propensity to flow. There space two kinds the viscosity generally reported, kinematic and dynamic. Dynamic viscosity is the relationship between the shear stress and the shear rate in a fluid. The Kinematic viscosity is the relationship between viscous and also inertial pressures in a fluid
Dynamic viscosity is measure of fluid's resistance to shear circulation when some exterior force is applied. Kinematic viscosity is ratio of dynamic viscosity to thickness of that fluid. That is measure of fluid's resistance to shear flow under the weight of gravity.
One method is to measure up a liquid resistance to circulation when an external force is applied. This is dynamic viscosity.
The other method is to measure the resistive flow of a liquid under the weight of gravity. The result is kinematic viscosity. Put another way, kinematic viscosity is the measure of a fluid’s innate resistance to flow when no exterior force, other than gravity, is acting on it.
I want to simulate a straightforward flow end an airfoil in Fluent- ANSYS, and was confused in between which model to choose, deserve to anyone tell the difference between them and which design is provided in what form of simulation?
Dear all i require the physical meaning of Prandtl number. Why greater values of the decreases the heat?
How could one fix the boundary problem with press inlet and also pressure outlet bcs at inlet and outlet in CFD simulation?
In CFD simulation of airflow from person airways through the instances of inhalation exhalation, how to resolved the boundary condition with pressure inlet and pressure outlet ? In my instance pressure is an altering with little amount because that both instances of inhalation and also exhalation i m sorry is not mean to vary. You re welcome someone aid me.
There space a different results for the 2 initialization methods (hybrid - Standard) as presented in the attached figures.
My question is pertained to the mesh quality generated in ICEM CFD. What is the minimum high quality (as presented in ICEM) compelled for solution? If mesh is of negative quality, will the equipment diverge or it will converge (continuity criteria 10^-5) to a not correct result?
I have actually been functioning on Solid functions for a warm exchanger model and now I have to mesh my surface. Ns couldn't able to income the version in the ANSYS 16 workbench. Kindly aid me in this problem . I have attached the .SLDPRT record for your reference
Do we require to examine the y+ values for SST K W turbulence model during post processing and if yes, have to the y+ value be `1’ almost everywhere on the wall?
In SST k omega model the circulation is addressed up to the wall. Because that this the y+ =1. However, in some situations where the systems is converged and also showing fairly an excellent results, the y+ values are different. 
Glucomannan is the main and important ingredient of salep. The other contents are called as impurities. In this study, the removed of them was accomplished by ethanol treatment to increase salep top quality (40%, 50%, 60%, and also 70%). The highest glucomannan and the shortest impurities components were prospered with the 40% ethanol therapy (SF40). Obvious vi...
This thing presents summary of making use of rheological nature to construct topical semisolid products. A evaluation of theoretical concepts and also practical applications is described to display that rheological nature are an important attribute in the advancement of topical medicine products.

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The contrast in rheological properties in between layers of different composition or texture, and between stubborn inclusions and also their matrix, provides rise come perturbations in circulation that result in structures. Theory and also modeling enable us to recognize the problems necessary for such structures to kind and, vice versa, we have the right to use the form of the structure...