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Don’t rigid at the sun,” for many, is a warning they prospered up hear from their parents. The dangers are apparent as shortly as who dares come look in ~ the sun. You immediately notification the concerns with her vision. Over there are ways to avoid the sun with hats and also sunglasses, but what deserve to you carry out if you desire to look straight at the sunlight without going blind?Can girlfriend look at the sunlight through a welding helmet? Information indigenous NASA indicates that you can use a welding helmet to look at the sunlight as lengthy as the helmet is equipped v a lens shade of 12 or higher. Looking straight at the sunlight is no recommended. If your job-related puts your vision in heat of sight through the sun, shot to use objects around you together a barrier.

Not all welding helmets room made the same (and in much more ways than just the repaint job). Different shade levels protect the eyes, making some welding helmets more secure than others once it pertains to sungazing.In this article, you will discover what wake up to your eyes as soon as you stare at the sun and also how certain welding helmets can allow direct sungazing.

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Yes you can look at the sun through a welding helmet… v the exactly precautions.AdvertisementsNASA’s safety Guidelines recommend making use of a unique solar filter to check out the sun directly. Your everyday sunglasses space not safe enough. If you desire to usage a welding helmet come look at the sun, they recommend welding helmets with a shade level the 12 or higher. If you space uncertain what the lens shade is top top the welding helmet the you intended to use, climate the safest point to perform is not look directly at the sun and also find a different helmet.

How carry out Welding Helmets protect Your eye from the Sun?

A welding helmet, follow to J. Welder with Welding Helmet Genius, is a piece the headgear welders use to protect their eyes, face, and also neck.Welders are came to with flash burns ultraviolet lamp (both can impact your eyes and also with enough exposure, her skin) sparks, and also heat. They usage helmets when arc welding to protect the eye by staying clear of inflamed corneas and retina burns.
The welding helmets have a window in front of the eye area through a filter dubbed a lens shade. The lens is there so the welder can see, however the shade protects your eyes.

The Lens Shade

Welding helmets have numbers assigned through their lenses. The numbers correspond v the capacity of the lens come filter out infrared and also UV rays. AdvertisementsIf you desire to use a welding helmet come look at the sun, girlfriend will want to make sure you use a welding helmet through an ideal shade number.At a minimum, you desire a the shade level the 12, yet a level 13 is better. Often, the level 14 is also dark because that viewing the sunlight in many situations.

Auto Darkening Helmets

Since the early 1980’s welding helmets that include an LCD shutter the adjusts to light instantly have to be available.Welders prefer auto-darkening welding helmets due to the fact that when they room working with different metals, a one-size-fits-all approach to a welding helmet is no useful.The auto-darkening the shade adjusts to varying levels the brightness, for this reason this feature helps defend their eye no issue the material on which they space working.If you decide to use an auto-darkening lens because that viewing the sun, note that no all auto-darkening welding helmets go approximately a lens shade of 14. Most have a range that ends at the shade level 13.Those who are using welding helmets come look in ~ the sunlight may find the auto-darkening attribute helpful.However, be sure to change the sensitivity up and also turn the delay down. This adjustment enables the lens will transition to a greater shade conveniently enough to safeguard your eyes.If the hold-up takes too long to transition, you run the hazard of damaging your eyes.

What wake up to her Eyes in the Sun?

When world think the sunburns, they commonly think of damage to the skin, not the eyes.However, the eyes can become sunburned, as well. according to NVISION, the ultraviolet rays native the sun cause eye damage.There space three various ultraviolet (UV) rays the can damage the eyes:Ultraviolet C (UVC) rays room damaging, but the ozone class blocks virtually all these varieties of rays.Ultraviolet B (UVB) space weaker rays, yet they reason lots of problem for both the eyes and the skin.Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays can damage the cornea and are believed to it is in what causes cataracts and also macular degeneration, but these rays are weak.
Long term eye issues that are led to by sun damage include cataracts, macular degeneration, and pinguecula, to surname a few.Unfortunately, plenty of eye concerns that an outcome from sun damages cannot be reversed, so it is crucial to recognize safe means to sunlight gaze.

Symptoms that Eye Damage

If your eyes ache in the sun, you have seen too much sun. There are some symptoms to watch out for that are indicators you have been overexposed. If you have these symptoms, that is essential to obtain out that the sunlight immediately.Symptoms of your eyes gift overexposed come the sun include:Your eyes feel uncomfortable.Your eyes start swelling.You watch halos, have actually blurry vision, or even loss that sight.Your eyes feel gritty or are twitching.

Welding Helmet Options

Not every welding helmet was developed equal as much as lens the shade goes (sometimes the shade requirements fixed, if it even worked properly to begin with).Companies make welding helmets in a range of shades. According to mar Constantine’s short article “Most Welder’s Lenses no Suitable alternative to Solar Eclipse Glasses,” the most common shade selected is a 10 or 11.These the shade levels are too short for sun viewing and should be avoided.Lenses perform not constantly have a noting to suggest their shading, so that is critical to have actually first-hand understanding of the welding helmet’s the shade level prior to using one come look at the sun.If you are unsure if the the shade level the the welding helmet you discovered is suitable for looking at the sun, girlfriend should think about buying a new one rather of risking your eyesight through an old helmet. There room several perfect welding helmets (see our recommended welding helmets here) to select from, however here room three choices to consider:One the the best in the sector is The Lincoln electric Viking 3350. This helmet gives users a broad field of vision and also has proven to carry out consistent eye protection. The Antra AH6-260-0000 is a budget-friendly and lightweight option. The see area is reasonable, and also this helmet is sturdy enough to handle wear and also tear. Jackson safety BH3 W70 is an additional sturdy option. It is lightweight and adjustable for added comfort. Check the end the remainder of our recommendations here.When analyzing welding hats, be certain to avoid options that execute not carry out the correct the shade coverage.The following are instances of welding lenses and helmets the are an ideal for welding tasks however will not defend your eyes from the sun.The YESWELDER True color Welding glasses could be a great choice in part situations, but because the shade only goes to an 11, friend will damages your eyes if you use them come look directly at the sun.
YESWELDER True color Solar powered Auto Darkening Welding Goggles, 2 Sensors Welder Glasses because that TIG MIG MMA Plasma
Great Welding Goggles for TIG MIG MMA,Apply to monitoring or a few quick tack weldsViewing size 4.29 x 1.28 inch v 2 Premium SensorsBetter clarity, True shade viewingCompact design enables users come weld in spaces where accessibility with classic welding helmets is limitedIdeal for use with difficult hats
This welding helmet by Miller electrical is one more example of a helmet perfect for certain welding choices but no safe because that looking in ~ the sun. The shade of this helmet just reaches 12.
Price For: every Headgear: Ratchet Material: Nylon Features: 1/10, 000 sec. Lens Speed, Sensitivity and hold-up Control 0.10 to 1.0 sec., TIG Rating 20A, Auto-On/Auto-Off Power manage Includes: (2) AAA Batteries, Magnifying Lens Holder, (5) Outside and (2) within Cover Lenses Grind Mode: No Color: black Lens Shade: 3, 8-12 bowl Width: 3-3/4 switching Speed: 1/10, 000 sec.Viewing Area: 5-1/5 sq. In. TIG AMP Rating: 20A key Height: 1-2/5 ADF Controls: Analog Graphics: nobody Battery Life: 2000 hr. Standards: ANSI Z87.1+2010, CSA power Source: Battery and also Solar Series: classic Battery Type: AAA Item: Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Electromagnetic Sensor: No variety of Arc Sensors: 2 country of origin (subject come change): southern Ko
Another example of a helmet with poor shade because that looking in ~ the sun is this helmet through Lincoln. This model has actually a shade regulate of 11, i beg your pardon is listed below the encourage 12 come 14. 
ANSI certifiedRugged & sturdy clamshell designComfortable headgear through 5 place tilt mediate & SweatbandLightweight with a huge viewing a

To Conclude

Eye protection is important when taking care of the sun. Also everyday exposure can reason medical problems, therefore intentional the town hall of the sun needs protection.

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Welding helmets offer protection for sunlight gazing, as long as you have actually a contemporary helmet through the correct lens shade.
Can girlfriend Look at the sunlight Through a Welding Helmet? How carry out Welding Helmets defend Your eye from the Sun?The Lens ShadeAuto Darkening HelmetsWhat wake up to her Eyes in the Sun?Symptoms of Eye DamageWelding Helmet OptionsTo Conclude