Which heading finest completes the partial outline below?I. _____________________Suspension that habeas corpusSigning of Emancipation ProclamationElection of chairman Lincoln to 2nd terma. Wartime Propaganda Campaignsb. Boundaries on civil Liberties throughout Wartimec. Lessened Rights of Minoritiesd.Events during the polite War
"Uncle Tom"s Cabin Stirs Controversy""Kansas Rocked by Bloody Conflict""John Brown"s Raid Angers South"Which statement about the United states in the 1850s is finest supported by this headlines?a. The nation had get an impressive increasingly divided over the future that slavery.b. Americans had actually lost trust in the plan for Reconstruction.c. Northern and Southern voters were joined in support of famous sovereignty.d. Support for the abolitionist movement lessened during this period.

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In his first inaugural address, chairman Abraham Lincoln stated his main goal for the country was toa. Usage the vote to deal with the dispute over slaveryb. Totally free all slaves in the joined Statesc. Uphold the Dred Scott decisiond. Maintain the Union
The supreme Court decision in Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857) was far-reaching because ita. Enabled slavery in Californiab. Outlawed slavery in the southerly Statesc. Upheld the action of the underground Railroadd. Ruled that Congress could not ban slavery in the territories
Which instance was the many immediate result of Abraham Lincoln"s choice to the presidency in 1860?a. Kansas and also Nebraska joined the Union as totally free states.b. A constitution amendment was adopted to end slavery.c. Missouri gotten in the Union as a slave state.d. Numerous Southern says seceded indigenous the Union.
What go the term total war describe?a. Sherman"s policy of destroying everything in stimulate to display civilians the impact of the war.b. The truth that the Civil war battlegrounds stretched from north Virginia to Louisiana.c. Basic Winfield Scotts original plan to destroy the Confederacy.d. Grant"s destruction of the aboriginal Americans to save them indigenous coming right into American territory.
"A home divided versus itself cannot stand. I think this federal government cannot endure permanently fifty percent slave and half free."— Abraham Lincoln, 1858According to this quotation, Abraham Lincoln thought thata. Enslavement was immoral and also should be denomination immediatelyb. Sectional distinctions threatened to ruin the Unionc. The southerly states should be allowed to seceded. To save the nation, the North should compromise with the southern on slavery
Which difficulty did the Missouri Compromise, the weaken of 1850, and also the Kansas-Nebraska Act attempt to solve?a. Extension of slavery into the west territoriesb. Equitable circulation of frontier lands to the owner of little farmsc. Placement of security tariffs on foreign importsd. Need for internal improvements in transportation
What to be a major result that the United claims Supreme Court decision in Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857)?a. That strengthened the decision of abolitionists to accomplish their goalsb. It resulted in the instant outbreak of the civil Warc. It finished the importation of slaves right into the united Statesd. It raised the power of conference to exclude slavery from the territories
Which is a primary resource of information about the nature of enslavement in the united States?a. A tv program mirroring life on a southerly plantationb. A copy that the supreme Court"s ruling in Brown v. Plank of Educationc. The autobiography the Frederick Douglassd. A history of slavery written by a 20th-century historian
During the period from 1800 come 1865, the issues of says rights, the tariff, and also slavery led most directly to the growth ofa. Imperialismb. Sectionalismc. Nationwide unityd. Industrialization
Sectional differences emerged in the unified States greatly becausea. The federal Government embraced a plan of neutralityb. Financial conditions and interests in each an ar variedc. Only northerners were represented at the constitution Conventiond. Early Presidents favored urban locations over countryside areas
Sectional rivalries during the duration from 1820 to 1860 focused mainly about the problems ofa. International policy, the abolition the slavery, and also the currency systemb. Says rights, the expansion of slavery, and also tariffsc. Tariffs, the currency system, and also trust regulationd. Conservation, international policy, and women"s suffrage
In the duration between 1820 and 1860, Southerners want slavery extended to the Western territories so that the south coulda. Continue to elect southern Presidentsb. Continue to dominate the supreme Courtc. Keep enough strength in the Senate to protect Southern interestsd. Use servant labor to increase Southern industries
What was a major result the the polite War?a. The judiciary ended up being the leading branch the the commonwealth government.b. Congress passed an revised to carry out for the direct election that senators.c. The strength of the central government to be strengthened.d. Says were given the right to secede from the Union.
Base your answer ~ above I. Actions take away by president Abraham Lincoln throughout the polite WarA. Raising the dimension of the military without congressional authorizationB. Arrest and also jailed anti-Unionists without providing reasonC. Censored part anti-Union newspapers and had some editors and also publishers arrestedWhich explain is most clearly supported by this actions of chairman Lincoln?a. Wartime emergencies led chairman Lincoln to broaden his presidential powers.b. President Lincoln was impeached because that violating the Constitution.c. Checks and also balances effectively restricted President Lincoln"s actions.d. Chairman Lincoln want to abolish the bill of Rights.
A significant purpose the the Emancipation Proclamation to be toa. Give land to freedmenb. Finish Jim Crow legislations in the Southc. Assist the North win the polite Ward. Carry out for new state governments
What was crucial result the Gettysburg?a.Lee would never again strike the Northb.the Union army would not sustain any more lossesc.the Confederate army lost belief in Lee as a commanderd.Stonewall Jackson was fatally wounded
Why was the project at Vicksburg important?a. Offered the Union finish control the the Mississippi Riverb. Started the viewpoint of "total war"c. Was the bloodiest battle of the ward. Prove why the South had fought better in the war
What was the North"s rapid financial growth throughout the civil War engendered by?a. The elimination of taxes on defense industriesb. A reduction in the variety of immigrantsc. Increased government demand for countless productsd. Enslaved people filling commercial jobs
The polite War influenced the northern economy bya.causing a major depressionb.increasing unemployment ratesc.decreasing need for agricultural productsd.stimulating industrialization
Which statement best explains president Abraham Lincoln"s justification for the polite War?a. Together an abolitionist, chairman Lincoln want to finish slavery in the joined States.b. President Lincoln"s oath the office forced him come defend and also preserve the Union.c. President Lincoln want to store the South financially dependent ~ above the industrial North.d.To keep the support of great Britain and France, president Lincoln had actually to try to finish slavery immediately.

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Which situation was an immediate result of the United claims Civil War?a. Women gained the best to vote as an acknowledgement of their function in the conflict.b. Secession was no longer regarded together an alternative to be worked out by States.c. Sectionalism disappeared together a pressure in American economic and also political life.d. The South preserved its pre-Civil war economic and social structure.

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