C’mon, that didn’t think, watching the auto driven by sublievenant Columbo, “Hey but…what the hell is that wreck?” think it or not, that automobile is a sister the the gorgeous auto submitted to us by that owner and seller and featured here.

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It is referred to as 403 Cabriolet grand Luxe and in this variation it has actually been developed in couple of more 보다 2,000 units starting from 1956. It’s equipped with an inline-four, 1468 c.c. Engine producing 60 h.p. And also capable to press this automobile up to 86 m.p.h. Claimed so, what’s important about this auto are not the numbers, that course, however its magnificent body designed and also built by Pininfarina.


This certain car features a stunning blue/cream color combo and also it benefitted through a total, intensive restoration job, plainly visible through more than 550 photos published here. The occupational performed top top this auto is, in ours opinion, a peak notch example: we’ve checked out worse work made top top million dollars cars. However, no one might describe it far better than exactly how the owner can, so right here there are his words: “It is thought that just 4 cars exist recently in USA. 2 on the global Studios, one in the hands of a exclusive collector in CA and also this one that I got it exit in Tucson AZ and also that was acquired by the seller by ahead owners amongst a 1962 Peugeot 404 cabriolet and one Citroen DS21.Because Peugeot was developed in Argentina too, we can find some parts usual to the other 403 heat to settle on the car. “


“Peugeot developed 1,200,000 peugeot 403 an unified between sedan, wagon, choose up and also they made only 2050 cabriolets with pininfarina design.On this details year, 1959, precisely the same model that Columbo choose to the television series named “Peugeot 403 cool de luxe cabriolet”, 541 cars were built approximately the world, this is number 473 on that year and also I have the certificate that originality indigenous Peugeot France through me.It to be a an obstacle to acquire this car back on the road, structurally wise, the auto stands in a dual floor with steel beams follow me the chassis. The was totally rusted and missing as you can see on the album.”


“Another genius we have in residence is the sheet steel guy, a 70 years old cuban capable to redo an entire car armed with a hammer and a torch.All this craftsmanship with each other plus my help choosing colors, product for finishing, parts roughly the people in german, french an spanish language do it possible to have actually this cars back to life”

This beauty beauty is for sale in Miami, FL. In ~ $140,000.

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