12. A network administrator is developing the layout that a new wireless network. I m sorry three areas of problem should be accounted because that when structure a wireless network? (Choose three.)


packet collision


mobility options

coverage area

substantial cabling

13. What is suggested by the term throughput?

the measure up of the usable data transferred across the media

the measure up of the bits transferred throughout the media end a given period of time

the moment it takes for a post to acquire from sender come receiver

the capacity of a specific medium to carry data

the guaranteed data carry rate available by one ISP

14. What is the role of the CRC worth that is found in the FCS ar of a frame?

to compute the checksum header because that the data ar in the frame

to verify the logical deal with in the frame

come verify the physical address in the frame

to verify the verity of the got frame

15. What method is used with UTP cable to assist protect versus signal interference native crosstalk?

pack a foil shield approximately the wire pairs

twisting the wires together into pairs

terminating the cable v special grounded connectors

encasing the cables within a versatile plastic sheath

16. I m sorry characteristic defines crosstalk?

the distortion the the sent message from signals brought in surrounding wires

the ns of wireless signal over too much distance from the access point

the weakening that the network signal over long cable lengths

the distortion of the network signal native fluorescent lighting

17. As data travels on the media in a present of 1s and also 0s exactly how does a receiving node determine the beginning and also end of a frame?

The transmitting node inserts start and also stop bits into the frame.

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The receiving node identify the beginning of a framework by seeing a physics address.

The transmitting node sends a beacon to inform that a data structure is attached.

The transmitting node sends out an out-of-band signal to the receiver about the beginning of the frame.

18. A network administrator notices that part newly set up Ethernet cabling is transferring corrupt and distorted data signals. The brand-new cabling was set up in the ceiling close come fluorescent lights and electrical equipment. I m sorry two components may interfere through the copper cabling and result in signal distortion and data corruption? (Choose two.)

prolonged length that cabling

signal attenuation




19. What is true worrying physical and logical topologies?

physical topologies are pertained to with how a network transfers frames.

physical topologies display screen the IP addressing scheme of every network.

The logical topology is always the exact same as the physical topology.

reasonable topologies to express to how a network transfers data in between devices.

20. I beg your pardon statement describes an extended star topology?

End gadgets are associated together through a bus and also each bus connects to a main intermediate device.

all end and also intermediate gadgets are associated in a chain to each other.

finish devices connect to a central intermediate device, which subsequently connects to other central intermediate devices.

Each end system is associated to its respective neighbor via an intermediate device.

21. Which layer that the OSI design is responsible for specifying the encapsulation an approach used for specific varieties of media?

data link




22. Fill in the blank.

The ax _bandwidth_ suggests the capacity of a medium to bring data and also it is generally measured in kilobits per second (kb/s) or megabits per second (Mb/s).

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23. What space two reasons for physical layer protocols come use structure encoding techniques? (Choose two.)

to recognize where the framework starts and also ends

to reduce the number of collisions ~ above the media

to provide far better media error correction

to rise the media throughput

to distinguish data bits from regulate bits

24. To fill in the blank.

What acronym is offered to recommendation the data link sublayer that identifies the network layer protocol encapsulated in the frame? LLC