Are jet skis dangerous? world ask this inquiry all the time, especially beginners.

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The truth is that if you learn the basics the riding a jet ski, and also if that been appropriately maintained, you can definitely reduce the threats so that you’re not worried every time you ride a jet ski.

However, also experienced riders can reason jet ski accidents, but mishaps can likewise be because of mechanical problems. In a worst-case scenario, the jet ski can explode appropriate from under you. This would be a really rare occurrence, however it is a possibility. It’s more common though because that others to crash into you on the water!

Any one of these events could reason serious injuries, and even fatalities.

We, in ~, have actually compiled information on the dangers of talk jet skis, together with the many common species of jet ski mishaps and the injuries that deserve to result.

It would certainly certainly help you to have this information so keep analysis so the you have the right to lessen your chances of having an accident when riding your jet ski.

The most Commonly developing Jet Ski Accidents

The price tags on a new jet ski can be everywhere from $5,500 come $20,000, girlfriend can also keep the at residence in the garage, which means you don’t have to pay for the storage.

This goes along method to explain why about 11% of all vessels registered in the United says are an individual watercrafts. However, with an ext people the end on the water speak jet skis girlfriend cannot neglect the risk of jet ski accidents.

Reports it is registered to the U.S. Coastline Guard present that 30% of all boating crashes involved jet skis, as well as 36% of all reported boating injuries.

Jet ski riders and also passengers have little to safeguard them should there it is in a jet ski accident. Include the reality that jet skis are extremely agile, so any type of crash could an outcome in major injuries. The risks of being injured can be decreased if riders wore helmets and also life jackets.

There appears to be a regular pattern come jet ski accidents, one that involves an inexperienced rider that was uncovered to be in ~ fault. Let’s take it a look in ~ the most prevalent types of accidents:

Two vessels space often associated in a jet ski accident. What typically happens is the a jet ski will either bump right into a watercraft or another jet ski.Jet skis are also known because that bumping right into buoys, buildings, docks and the shoreline.PWCs occasionally hit world swimming close to the shoreline, causing serious injuries.Accidents take place when riders and/or passengers autumn off their seats.

Jet ski crashes are resulted in by a range of factors, but details ones stand out as bring about the most.

Typical causes of Jet Ski Accidents

Unfortunately, operator error is the one point that many often reasons a jet ski accident. What specifically causes the majority of PWC crashes are as follows:

RecklessnessExcessive speedDoing stunts and wave jumpingJet ski’s design/mechanical problemsInexperienced and/or distracted driverOperating under the influence of alcohol or drugsDangerous weather or water conditionsWatersports

Let’s comment on the many serious reasons in much more detail and include some advice on just how you deserve to avoid being involved in a jet ski accident:


Truthfully, many world either rental or purchase jet skis since of the thrill they offer, the rush of adrenaline and all the feasible tricks you have the right to do top top the water. If they weren’t out for the thrill, they will do be simply as happy v a kayak or dinghy, i beg your pardon would expense them practically nothing compared to the price of a jet ski.

Plus, they’re a lot less complicated to operate and certainly nothing pose the same risks. You can attract a an extremely fine line between someone who has a disciplined however thrilling layout of riding and someone that is just being reckless.

This is why recklessness is what causes most jet ski accidents. Once you use excessive speed, the reckless and this too regularly leads come an accident.

Excessive Speed

You have the right to compare a jet ski top top the water come a motorcycle on the roads. They’ve to be designed to advice fast and also get to exceptionally high speeds. As soon as you’re going 65-67 mph top top a jet ski, you’re having the thrill that a lifetime, but it can additionally be dangerous.

Going this rapid in any type if car or vessel can be dangerous, specifically out ~ above the water. A lot of beginning riders case that they’re most comfortable at speeds of no more than 35-40 mph!

Despite this, a many beginners rent 300 HP PWCs and on their very first try, speak at speed exceeding 65 mph. This is irresponsible and also dangerous when you consider that the only training they got came from watching a 5-minute video clip in the rental shop.

It is comforting to understand that some PWCs are now being constructed with braking systems, however there room still many brand-new models that don’t have actually them. The truth is that many older models room not equipped through these safety features, and many rental shops space still sending human being out on those enlarge PWCs.

It is much more dangerous to operate a jet ski without brakes, and also the peril is compounded once you have an inexperienced operator. You’re walking to have to pray the the operator have the right to maneuver well sufficient to stop collisions, or is able come jump turn off the jet ski before it crashes.

Therefore, it is very important come learn just how to run a jet ski properly.


Take it sluggish – high speed is a very common cause of jet ski accidents

Inexperienced or Inattentive Driver

Roughly 30% of every jet ski or an individual watercraft operators who’d been in an accident told authorities that they had actually only operated their jet ski or personal watercraft fewer than 10 times before the accident.

The significantly overpowered PWCs get out of regulate easily, especially when the operator is inexperienced or younger. This is not only dangerous because that the users, but for everyone else out on the water. The world most commonly influenced are young people who obtain hurt more often in jet ski accidents. Studies present that the highest possible rate the these types of injuries occur to young world just 17 and also 18 years of age.

Why is over there such wealth of young civilization riding jet skis these days? They’re easy to rent because every beach town appears to have a jet ski rental shop top top every block.

Practically anyone deserve to rent a jet ski since it needs no experience. This is why therefore many people on vacation space able to go down to the corner rental shop and get set up through a jet ski.

When you go to rental a craft, the a professional shop will describe the mechanics of the jet ski. They will certainly tell you just how it works, the rules on the water, and how come properly run it.

Unfortunately, plenty of renters disregard the instructions since they think they already know the all. Also if you room an skilled rider, always be really careful in overfilled areas. In particular designated travel paths prefer shipping lanes, if you execute not obey the rule you can very quickly discover yourself in a severe jet ski accident.

Doing Stunts to present Off

Beginners no the just ones causing jet ski accidents.

Even veteran jet ski riders offer in to the temptation to present off and also they frequently perform your stunts before an audience.

But where? where others can see their performance; in former of various other riders or vessels out on the water or close to the shoreline in former of beachgoers (or also in swimming pools!).

Rental shops perform what they have the right to to dissuade renters from performing stunts on their jet skis, yet a the majority of customers salary no attention and also get out on the water control dangerously do the efforts to get their adrenaline rush or impress onlookers. Once a rider becomes too many adventurous, people in the vicinity are at risk.

This is especially true if they space doing stunts in swimming locations or lock lose regulate of your jet ski. A speeding jet ski can cause major injuries. There have actually been instances in i m sorry jet skis have actually shot out of the water and also crashed into cars, lifeguard shacks and also even beachgoers watching indigenous shore!

Wave Jumping

Wave jumping is one of the many common causes of jet ski accidents resulting in injuries.

If you search YouTube, friend can find tons of spectacular jet ski videos v riders doing substantial jumps. After watching this videos, a lot of of civilization think how cool it would be for them to walk out and also do the same thing.

What is not seen in this videos (like a lot of film compilations that other excessive sports) space the jet ski accidents and the injuries that a solitary jump unable to do wrong deserve to cause.

In a worst-case scenario, the driver can quickly be thrown off their jet ski ~ crashing, finishing up in the water unconscious and face down:

The finest thing you have the right to do come play it for sure is to prevent the temptation to try large wave jumps!

Jet Ski’s Design

In part instances, the jet ski itself has actually been poorly designed and that can cause problems or malfunctions that put riders and also others at danger of injury.

Jet skis are typically grossly overpowered and provide riders v much less protection 보다 a watercraft would. As discussed earlier, plenty of models, older ones especially, do not have brake systems.

Furthermore, unlike autos or motorcycles, jet skis have to be increasing to do a turn. This is dangerous for inexperienced riders since they can’t revolve away indigenous potential peril without accelerating.

How it gained the surname “jet ski” in the very first place is from the water jet shooting out the earlier that propels the jet ski forward. The water jet goes side to side, i beg your pardon is what steers the machine since that doesn’t have a rudder.

When you prevent accelerating, friend have tiny or no capacity to command the jet ski. So, if you conference an emergency and you’re make the efforts to prevent crashing, you cannot let up on the throttle. If friend did that, girlfriend would have actually no method to command yourself out of danger. Instead, you need to keep increase your speed to turn and also escape the threat.

Mechanical Problems

Jet ski mishaps occur as a result of mechanical difficulties as well. These have the right to be brought about by negative maintenance and also even manufacturing defects.

Defective jet skis, one of two people in their architecture or from production mistakes, can easily failure and cause accidents. An additional issue that could reason your jet ski to failure is poor maintenance.

This can cause any variety of problems, including having your jet ski pertained to a avoid while the end on the water. (For such instances it’s an excellent to know just how to tow your jet ski appropriately with a watercraft or other PWC.) there have also been instances where negative maintenance caused an explosion on the jet ski!

You deserve to play it for sure by following the indict in your owner’s manual, scheduling regular maintenance services and also by winterizing her jet ski properly.

Dangerous Weather or Water Conditions

It is extremely unsafe to shot riding her jet ski out on the water when the weather looks choose it’s acquisition a turn for the worse.

Heading the end there in unstable waters deserve to be just as dangerous, especially if the visibility is bad or it’s starting to obtain dark. Moreover, many states have actually laws prohibiting jet ski riding native sunset come sunrise, which renders perfect sense. Jet skis are not made to it is in ridden in the dark!

If you examine the weather forecast prior to heading out and go well prior to days end, girlfriend will absolutely lower your risk of one accident.

Driving Under the Influence

Operating a jet ski under the affect of alcohol or drugs is just as dangerous and also illegal together it is when driving a car.

Because jet skiing and also boating room recreational activities people regularly think nothing of drink onboard. They carry along coolers filled v beer and other alcoholic beverages, plan a funny day relaxing v friends and also family end a couple of drinks.

This is regularly the reason of significant boating and also jet ski mishaps because the operator is impaired both mentally and physically. Driving a watercraft or jet ski under the influence is no different than a drunk driver behind the wheel of a car, and also it’s illegal.

In many states, the regulations governing alcohol use when operating a jet ski or boat are very comparable to the legislations that apply to driving a auto while under the influence. It’s essential that you uncover out what the applicable laws are in her state and any rules and also regulations enforced by your marina.

Some marinas are collection up v bylaws the govern the alcohol consumption of anyone operation a watercraft or jet ski out of that marina.

No matter what the laws, rules, or regulation are, we certainly do no recommend that you operate your jet ski after ~ you’ve to be drinking. Beside from how dangerous this is, the is very unlikely the your insurance company would cover any type of damages to her jet ski.

Operating a jet ski while under the affect does boost your dangers of bring about an accident and also of being injured, not to cite the truth that you would certainly be placing others at hazard as well.

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If she planning on wakeboarding or engaging in any type of of the various other tow sports, it’s likewise important that you prevent drinking any type of alcoholic beverages.