Tejano music sensation Selena was on her means to the top of the charts when she to be murdered in 1995. Top top what would have been her 40th birthday, we present 23 facts about the talented young singer whose life finished at 23…

Tejano musical sensation Selena was top top her way to the peak of the charts as soon as she was murdered in 1995. She was simply 23 years old. Top top the singer’s birthday, we current 23 facts around the talented young singer whose life finished too soon.

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1. Selena’s provided name was Selena Quintanilla. She had actually no middle name – and her parents come up through her an initial name ~ above the fly. They to be expecting a boy and had just prepared the surname Marc Antony.


2. A performer indigenous the start, she began singing at period 3 and also was fronting her own musical group, Selena y los Dinos, by age 9.

3. Selena tape-recorded her an initial album in 1985, at period 14. Mis Primeras Grabaciones (My an initial Recordings) wasn’t offered in shop – and her father bought all the copies. It would be rereleased in 1995.

4. Together Selena began to tour through her band, she father traction her out of college in eighth grade. Selena ongoing to study and also earned she high college diploma via correspondence institution at age 17. In the years following, she often spoke in schools about the importance of earning a diploma.

5. Amongst Selena’s favorites: white roses, the colors purple and black, Chanel lipstick in the shade “Brick.”Selena likewise loved Whataburger, Jack in the Box, Pizza Hut and also Olive Garden (she was a fan of quick food).

6. An pet lover, Selena had five dogs and a python. She once paid $300 to save a hare she hit v her car.

7. In 1986, Alpha was released – despite it to be Selena’s third album, that was often assumed come be she debut, thanks to the title.

8. The following year, Selena won ideal Female Vocalist at the Tejano Music Awards. Through the exception of 1988 – once she shed to Laura Canales – Selena would take finest Female Vocalist every following year until her death… and beyond, winning posthumously in 1996.

9. In 1989, Selena landed a document contract through Capitol/EMI and became the label’s first Latin artist (they were excited to authorize her and also thought she would certainly be the next Gloria Estefan). Selena, she debut album v EMI, gave in her very first entry top top Billboard’s hot Latin monitor chart, “Contigo Quiero Estar.”

10. V her next album came her very first No. 1 warm Latin monitor hit, “Buenos Amigos.” It to be the first in a lengthy string the hits the would conquer the graph for seven years.

11. Selena’s fan club was started in 1990 through Yolanda Saldivar, v the blessings of the Quintanilla family.

12. Likewise in 1990, guitarist kris Perez joined Selena’s band. The two soon started dating. Selena’s dad didn’t provide of the relationship and also fired Perez from the band. The couple continued to view each other and married top top April 2, 1992. Needless to say, Perez rejoined the band.

13. Selena’s favorite singers included Garth Brooks, Gloria Estefan, Bonnie Raitt and Janet Jackson. That her very own music, Selena’s favourite was the single “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.”

14. Selena to be the an initial Tejano musician ever before to win a Grammy – for she album Live.

15. She filmed 3 Coca-Cola commercials, and in 1994, the agency issued distinct Selena bottles. They conveniently sold out.

16. That very same year, Selena began designing clothing and also opened a boutique, Selena Etc., with places in corpus Christi (her hometown) and also San Antonio.

17. Selena’s fame continued to grow exterior the Tejano world in 1995 – next up to be a cameo as a mariachi singer in the romantic comedy Don Juan DeMarco. She was likewise in talks about starring in a telenovela.

18. In early on 1995, Selena’s family uncovered that pan club chairman Yolanda Saldivar to be embezzling money. They removed her from her position.

19. 3 weeks later, throughout a meeting in between Saldivar and also Selena to transport some paperwork, Saldivar traction a gun and also shot Selena. The shot to be fatal, but Selena was able to identify her attacker to hotel staff prior to she died.

20. Saldivar to be sentenced come life in prison and is right now incarcerated in ~ the hill View Unit in Gatesville, Texas. She’ll it is in eligible because that parole in 2025. She receives frequent fatality threats indigenous Selena’s fans.

21. Selens’s funeral was attended by60,000 mourners.

22. V Selena’s death came she entry to the Billboard 200 – her album Dreaming of You, released just a few months after she death, debuted in ~ No. 1.

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23. Jennifer Lopez depicted Selena in the 1997 biopic Selena. The movie earned Lopez a golden Globe and also an MTV Movie Award, and also it released her movie career. And it helped ensure that Selena’s musical invernessgangshow.net will certainly live on.

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