Karate: The way of the north hand

Karate is a martial art discipline that involves kicking, striking, and also defensive blocking. The is practiced as an art (budo), self-defense and a sport.

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Originating from Japan, Karate was founded by Gichin Funakoshi in 1902. Karate means empty hand. Back empty-handed methods are practiced many of the time, sometimes weapons are practiced as well. A Karate practitioner is called a Karateka. Famous practitioners incorporate Jean-Claude van Damme, Jennifer Aniston, Luca Valdesi, bill (superfoot) Wallace.


There are no formal records of the early on roots of karate. Different fighting methods were practiced in the Ryukyu archipelago of Japan and it is assumed the these methods were affected by Chinese martial arts (Kung fu). Through time, part Ryukyuan families moved come Okinawa and the fighting systems started to spread. In 1609, there to be an intrusion of Okinawa and its residents were banned from owning any sort of weapons or exercise fighting techniques. This directly influenced the breakthrough of Karate.

In 1875, Okinawa officially ended up being a component of Japan and also the half was lifted. Soon the art began to spread across Japan. And also finally, in 1902, Gichin Funakoshi offered Karate its official form. And from there, Karate began to spread rapidly around the world.


Although Gichin Funakoshi is credited to be the founder the Karate, plenty of other practitioners teach Karate in their own flavor. This provided rise to different dialects the Karate. Just four styles of Karate space officially well-known by The people Karate Federation (WKF). Over there are an ext than 10 other unofficial layouts that exist.

Official styles

Styles known by WKF-


Shotokan is the most renowned style that Karate (founded by Gichin Funakoshi).

Unofficial styles

Among the unofficial styles, these room the most famous ones-

Kyokushin (most popular)Isshin-RyuUechi-RyuShorin-Ryu


A Karate practice location is referred to as Dojo. There room two main aspects of Karate- Kata and also Kumite. Kata literally means “shape” or “model.” that is a formalized sequence of motions which represent miscellaneous offensive and defensive postures. It deserve to be carry out alone or in groups. Examine out this exceptional kid performing Kankudai kata!

The other aspect, Kumite, literally method “meeting of hands.” that is just the Japanese name for sparring. The introductory video clip contains one Olympic Kumite the you deserve to watch. There space a lot of approaches used in Kumite. Uneven you are really interested to know the surname of techniques, you may skip the following.

KicksMae Geri (front kick)Yoko Geri (side kick)Mawashi Geri (roundhouse kick)Ushiro Geri (back kick)Hand strikesOi Tsuki (front punch)Gyaku Tsuki (alternate punch)Yoko Enpi (round elbow strike)Mawashi Enpi (side elbow strike)Nukite (finger strike)BlocksAge UkeUchi UkeSotto UkeGedam BaraiShitto Uke


Karate student wear belts of different colors (called Obi) which determine their rank. The belt system in Karate is adapted from Judo. There space 10 level of fancy belts (Kyu) and also 10 level of black color belts (Dan). Come get advocated to the following rank, a student has to obtain a specific skill level and pass an exam. The exams space usually taken in an interval the 3-4 months.

White - 10th KyuYellow - nine KyuOrange - 8th KyuRed - 7th KyuGreen - 6th KyuPurple - 5th KyuBlue - 4th KyuBrown(1) - 3rd KyuBrown(2) - second KyuBrown(3) - 1st KyuBlack - 1st Dan to 10th Dan

Not all dojos monitor the exact ranking. Some dojos may add or omit part colored belts.

Personal opinion

Karate is the most organic martial art. What I typical by organic is that there space arts, that have actually stances, punches, and kicks that carry out not come naturally. In Karate, the movements, strikes, and also kicks space simple, natural and comes intuitively.

Karate is also a very well rounded martial art. It focuses on weaponizing every component of the body equally. Taekwondo focuses mostly ~ above legs, and also Judo is all around throws. There is nothing favor this in Karate. Punches, kicks, throws, and also all other aspects have same value.

Although Karate emerged for the require of fighting in practical cases its performance in me defense is diminish gradually. That’s because it has become more of a sport than an arts of fighting. If you want to learn self-defense climate Karate will certainly not be worth the effort. Of course, this has actually exceptions and also there room some gyms will that will truly teach self-defense. However in most places, you will be taught how properly you have to punch to get a point.

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Despite questioning that is effectiveness, Karate is a an extremely beautiful and fun arts to learn. Over there is no factor why one have to not gain Karate. The is very easy and also beginner-friendly. The finding out curve, in the beginning, is no so steep as other martial arts. If you want to learn a martial arts for fun or physics exercise, girlfriend can definitely consider Karate.