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Does everyone have access to a credible data source that perform the volume inhabited by a 50th percentile human being body?
Fill your bath tub up - submerse yourself and yell "Eureka".Clean increase the mess and measure the water.I beleive it was Archimedes that figured the out about 2,000 years back or so.Since we are something favor 96% water - at 175 lbs / 62.4 lbs water / cubic foot.... Something roughly 3 cubic feet??Seems a bit low as I look in ~ myself....
How exact do you need to be?Are you talking actual volume take away by the human body itself?I would think that would certainly be really easy come calculate, given that the SG that the human body is an extremely nearly 1 relying on the state the the lungs.50th percentile weight must be readily accessible from numerous sources.

-handleman, CSWP (The new, basic test)

I am not certain if your concern (short together it was) was targeted in the direction of someone with prompt data to provide an asnwer come you, or if girlfriend were questioning for potential data sources.Here space two of the latter:

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You much better factor in food and also alcoholic consumption, if applicable, prior to using the trusted equation belowvolume = massive (50th percentile person) /density (water)
If everyone is willing to go house tonight, send themselves to Mike"s experiment and report back in the morning that would be sufficient.My rapid tape-measure approximation of myself, approximating torso, arms and also legs as cylinders yields 2.3 cubic feet.I am sure that the army has subjected countless soldiers come a dunking, and the data is published - i don"t have access to any kind of human determinants info in ~ the moment.
Body volume of males in liters, V, might be approximated from body load in kilograms, W, by using the formula: V = -4.7573 + 1.0153 W
Darn Mint, friend beat me to suggesting something choose that.

KENAT, most likely the the very least qualified checker you"ll ever meet...

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Here"s the link to the PDF the the paper: the it"s older 보다 me, so some numbers might need to be revisited, because the average weight of the 404 topics was only 171 lb.

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Well, i think mine volume varies significantly from a Sunday afternoon (after a good weekend that praying come Baco
) come a Thursday (after paying my respects come the gym because that a mainly
). Now, I execute think that the mean volume varies a lot relying on your geography region, and really gender specific. Wherein is you "research" concentrated at? I have actually taken a newfie come Japan and trust me, the volume distinction is far from comparable (more prefer a 2 to one)Now, Civilperson got me thinking.... If i am floating ~ above my ago and happen gas, execute I acquire propelled or simply sink....? Gotta shot it.

will be sitting alongside you speak " Damn the was fun!" - Unknown>>