A dying oxygen sensor have the right to trick your engine into providing it more fuel as soon as it doesn"t need it, or much less fuel once it does.

This write-up uses to the Lexus RX (2007-2014).

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The oxygen sensor procedures the amount of oxygen current in the exhaust. The information check out from this sensor helps the motor change the fuel usage to maximize performance by giving the proper ratio of oxygen to fuel. If the sensor malfeatures and reads the oxygen level as also high, the computer will compensate by dumping in more fuel which leads to wasted gas. Conversely, if it reads as well low the computer will lower the amount of fuel which can result in performance loss and also possibly misfire.


Materials Needed7/8" wrench, oxygen sensor socket or spark plug socketFlat head screwdriverFloor jackJack stands

Tbelow are 2 sets of oxygen sensors on the Lexus RX. This write-up will cover rerelocating the 2 sensors that are situated just past the catalytic converters. The other two are situated on the exhaust manifolds before the catalytic converter. The one nearest to the radiator deserve to be quickly accessed with an oxygen sensor socket and a wrench. The other is situated on the rear exhaust manifold. The simplest method to remove a Bank is by rerelocating the exhaust manifold and the sensor together with it.

Figure 1. Bank Sensor areas.

Step 1 - Preparation

Depfinishing on which sensors are failing, you might or might not need to put the auto on jack stands. Park the vehicle on flat, level ground. Block the rear wheels. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Jack up the front of the auto and location it onto jack stands.

Figure 2. Jack under vehicle.

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Step 2 - Remove the sensor

You"ll must situate the sensor you"re replacing first. Bank 2 Sensor 1 will be close to the manifold accessible via the engine bay (Figure 3). Bank 1 Sensor 1 is behind the engine prior to the main catalytic converter (Figure 4). The two other sensors are situated after the catalytic converters.

Figure 3. Bank 2 Sensor 1.
Figure 4. Bank 1 Sensor 1.

Follow the wires on the sensor you"re removing to the wire harness clip. Using a level head screwdriver, pry up the clip tab and also unplug it (Figure 5). Following the wires ago, tbelow are little clips that store the wires from hitting the exhaust. Just wiggle these and they"ll come complimentary pretty conveniently. Now, remove the old sensor by unscrewing it via the 7/8" wrench or the socket.

Figure 5. Wire harness clip.

Removing the sensors can be difficult depending upon the amount of rust that"s developed on the threads of these sensors. Apply a generous amount of PB Blaster or something similar to the threading, and also permit it to sit for a few hrs. If you can not control to gain the wrench in area and don"t have actually a slotted socket to allow the wires to pass with, you can reduced the old wires ideal at the sensor and usage a normal deep socket on it.

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Tip 3 - Install new sensor

Apply anti-seize to the threading on the sensor, taking special treatment not to gain any on the actual sensor itself. Hand tighten the sensor in area and also then tighten it totally utilizing the wrench or tool. Plug the electrical connection into the wire harness you unplugged the old one from. Re-install any wire clips right into the places you removed them from. You deserve to currently reconnect the negative battery cable, reattach the plastic trim, and also take the automobile off of the jack stands.